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      I took it upon myself to create this channel/server for Simmania as an alternative chat room for us besides the unstable AJAX. I will give Admin/Moderator controller over to those who are currently Admin/Moderators on this site if they choose to get on board with this new style of gaming chat. Account registration is free. then after just follow this invite link and it should take you to the SIMMANIA channel.
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      I'm in chat now @bben
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    • wasn't hard to get working, that's the steam version btw, but the DVD/CD version works better out of the box.

      so buyer beware.

      has anyone else gotten it working? and what settings/setup do you use if so?
    • added that peg board.
    • Wow, Josh ! another super update here.. You did your typically great job with variety.. Kept us up to date on how the various communities are changing with population 's ( of course must areas are growing rapidly.) . Also  a very good report on the traffic situation through out the areas..I was curious though about how this works in CS or if you knew what were the typical causes for this - Bayberry has been the only municipality in the region to see a population drop, falling from roughly 1,100 to 772 (as of this post.) As most of the time we are used to seeing population increases in CS..
    • Thanks for all the comments! @bben I'm thinking of an extensive freeway upgrade, but this would require the acquisition of a large amount of ROW, especially near downtown. We will soon find out! 2.1 Of all the cities in the Twin Lakes region, Eagle Mountain has seen the fastest growth, increasing from a meager 2,000 residents to a staggering 12,231 (as of this post). Scenes like this are common as sprawling suburban developments overtake the forests and gently rolling hills south of town: The highway exit on the 320, Eagle Mountain shows little evidence of the rapid expansion... However, one doesn't have to look far. Regional Highways 261 and 1320 converge on the east side of the city, forming the single busiest at-grade intersection in the entire region. We also see a short-lived fire that recently took place here. Despite the rapid development, Eagle Mountain tries to balance small-town charm with big-city amenities. Looking northbound on the 1320, we see a traffic jam leading into the city center with the Tampere skyline in the background. Just south of Eagle Mountain on the 320 lies the town of Peden, which is beginning to feel the pressure of expansion.  Positioned on a densely-forested hill overlooking the rest of the region, Peden enjoys some of the best scenery Twin lakes has to offer. 4 miles west of Peden lies the small town of Peaster. This quaint village is safe from urban expansion - for now. But even Peaster faces traffic issues, especially on the two-lane road which directly connects Peaster to Eagle Mountain.  Now, we will take a look at Bayberry. Positioned about 5 miles west of Peaster (or 9 miles west of Peden), Bayberry has been the only municipality in the region to see a population drop, falling from roughly 1,100 to 772 (as of this post.) Let's wrap up with an aerial overview and another shot of downtown from my favorite perspective...  
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