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  2. Ya your doing a great job so far.. i look forward to see what the finished product will look like..?
  3. Guys did I tell you i got my old Vista PC up and running again ! Nice idea for a thread here !
  4. Nice and compact, I like it
  5. you can always frankenstein that beast lol
  6. I have the carcass of a 16 year old Compaq desktop in the garage, with a missing hard drive and CPU cooler
  7. do they still run? have you tried booting them lately? useful for playing old games lol
  8. what does your computer setup look like? what customizations have you made to make it your own? this is my setup, still in progress.
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  10. 4019 Getting this cranked up again as we roll toward our goal !
  11. This is interesting, wonderful work so far!
  12. looks nice, well detailed, everything I've come to expect from a simmania city journal
  13. great update Josh !! As you know being from Florida, I always appreciate the snow pics in your updates.. and there are plenty of snow pics to show ! I am wondering what you will do about the traffic - situation of highway 320 ? if thees is anything you can do about it..
  14. I've decided to start a player diary for my most recent endeavor, a region I'm calling Twin Lakes that is based on a heightmap of the Tampere, Finland area. This isn't a recreation of the Tampere area, but is instead a typical American city. I'm pretending districts are cities in their own right, but much like North American suburban sprawl you can hardly tell what suburb you're in because they're pretty much the same. 1.1 As of this original post, the region has a population of 111,117 spread across 9 individual municipalities (districts). The major city and most populous of these is Tampere (what else?) with a population of 67,543. Major suburbs include Aspen Park (15,935), Eagle Mountain (11,896), and Hemlock (8,188). Other suburbs include Peden (2,454), Bedford (2,315), and Preston Hollow (761) . Also located in the region are the small towns of Peaster (1,097) and Bayberry (855), which will be shown later. The metro area is served by two major highways - National Highways 45 and 320. 45 slices straight through Tampere with little access to local roads and businesses, and sees only light congestion at worst. 320, however, is one of the most congested roadways in the region. On the map below, NH 45 is shown in blue, NH 320 is shown in red. 1.2 An unexpected snowstorm moved in across the region overnight - leaving the entire city blanketed in snow and bringing temperatures into the single digits. Not exactly ideal for touring some of the prominent areas of Tampere, but alas... The city center has given way to high-rise condos and office buildings in recent years. The courthouse, cathedral, and some old Main Street businesses can be found here, along with the oldest residential development in the entire region. The city center also features the local college and a small shopping center. Located near the NH 45 and NH 320 junction is a large office park containing most of the city's high-rise office developments, as well as the region's largest shopping center. While traffic is always a headache on the 320 at 8 am, you'd think it would be worse given the snow and ice accumulation. Good thing the area schools and some of the area businesses are closed for the day. The coast is clear at this intersection along the 320 in Hemlock as what little slow plows the city had on call dig their way through the north side of the city. Gridlock, however, continues to plague the four-lane arterial as it runs adjacent to a severely over-crowded rail stop. Speaking of which, the trains still continue to to come and go through the railyard located in the oil districts between Hemlock and Tampere. To the north of the railyard and NH 45 is the region's largest Walmart and a random large condo development. Such developments are becoming increasingly common across the region. That concludes our tour, for now. Hopefully the weather will improve soon so we can take a look at Eagle Mountain, Peden, and the rural communities of Peaster and Bayberry. For now, we'll conclude with this stunning aerial photo.
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  16. you guys prolly know me by now.. But over the weekends , i tend to watch a lot of sports on the TV.. So pretty much a variety of sporting events, depending what is on that date.. Right now the big thing going is play off hockey.. But I always also enjoy watching PGA Golf..
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  18. Josh , thanks for the pic and traffic report,, Yes in some ways CS: is similar to the planning you need to do in SC4, in terms of knowing what areas of the city to space out development for future transit upgrades..
  19. it is close to there but the next intersection down more near the bottom of the pic. I left a TLA-7 Bus ( 3 X 2) station in there thats operating quite nicely.. Here is my main traffic congestion issue here : A lot of sims like to use this RHW-2 stretch to park there cars at the parking facility. and than use the train station just to the north, as part of there commutes.. So i may either widen this stretch to a rhw-4 or perhaps supplement this with a subway extension and see what that accomplishes..
  20. Some heavy traffic. The large junction and the smaller one at the far right of the picture both have manually timed traffic lights, but this doesn't do much to alleviate extensive traffic jams through here. I've considered upgrades to this road but the area is too densely built up to make any upgrades feasible.
  21. Very nice! SInce I spot a stretch of AVE-6 and TLA-7 in the middle of the pictuee, with 2 visible RTMT stations on the TLA-7 part: is this also where you test the new stations?
  22. Nice! I'm surprised traffic isn't too bad yet.
  23. Ocean View Surpasses ( 400,000) Population Surprisingly traffic still seems under pretty good control.. Just a few spots here and there are in the red. But no big network stretches are all that congested so far..
  24. Consternation - Katatonia
  25. Gets : Demon / Satan Inserts: Fake Holy water
  26. Gets fully cooked standing rib roast Inserts a Dodge Challenger Demon.
  27. gets : an under cooked standing rib roast Inserts: the left overs in a microwave to nuke them to done-ness
  28. Pierre, ... i felt this was one of your best postings in a long time my friend ! Thanks for the detailed history of the Paris subway system, it was quite the interesting read.. i especially enjoyed the last pic you provided under Place de la Republique . Also some very nice diagrams you provided to help the reader's understandings of this. Next we move on to your excellent subway systems., First off I am always impressed by the high subway usages your able to generate by the excellent engineering designs you use.. You have always been an impressive role model to other aspiring mass transit players. Second, I feel you use very good spacing between your subway stations.. Very recently I implemented the first cross-city subway link between Arcens and Deramey, because the 2x2 tracks railway link was saturated. I'll report later about that link, which is not yet fully operational. Other similar links are planned. I look forward to this report..
  29. Brian, thanks for your praising words. I think that you are doing me way too much honor by describing my ability to develop million+ population cities as 'legendary' (but it makes me feel quite good...). Today I'll describe my subway implementations, and this will be a sort of rant about the way that subways are handled in the game. In short, that handling is over-simplistic and primitive. Now for the longer story: My model is the Paris subway, the "Metro". It is a classical subway network (the first line opened in 1900), built with the principle of 'one tunnel - one line'. In other words, each line runs independently from any other, in its own tunnel. A few lines have branches at their extremities. There are service tracks between lines where they intersect, to allow for the exchange of rolling stock and its moving to and from maintenance yards. Crossings of lines are never at the same level; this would be both dangerous and inefficient. (On the busiest line of the Metro, trains follow each other at 95 seconds intervals during the peak periods). Here is an excerpt of a schematic map of the Metro: We can see that the blue line (Line 2) crosses the brown line (Line 11) at the station Belleville, and the green line (Line 3) at the station Père-Lachaise. A detailed tracks map shows that, at Belleville, the brown line passes under the blue line; the location of the respective platforms is also shown; on the blue line there is a short siding before the platform of the left track: These are simple crossings between two lines. There are more complex implementations. For example, when constructing Line 3 in the vicinity of the Paris opera in 1904, it was anticipated that 2 other lines would cross that line there. A 3-level construction was built. Schematically it look like this: Line 3 is on top level; Line 7 is in the middle, Line 8 is on the bottom level. A picture taken at the bottom level shows the 'bridges' of the 2 other levels: The most complex arrangement of tunnels and platforms is under Place de la Republique, where no less than 5 lines meet. A representation of the tracks - colored tracks for the regular lines, black tracks for the service links - illustrates the complexity of that setup: Ok, so much for the Paris metro. In the game, there is a single level for the subway tunnels, and there is no notion of 'stations' with platforms. All we have is the 'subway square'. By convention, I consider that this square is the station, and I run tunnels into and from that square. When 2 lines intersect in a station under a road it looks like this: I know that the tunnels intersect at a single level, but I 'assume' the integrity of the intersecting 'lines', just like in the above example of the Paris metro at the Belleville station. Route queries show Sims travelling from one 'line' to another, and I assume that they do that by changing trains in the station (even though there is, of course, nothing like that happening). I avoid the crossing of lines outside of stations (with very few exceptions), because of the unnatural flows in the tunnels. I am aware of the ESURE mod that was designed in part to overcome the problem of the level crossing of tracks; unfortunately that mod is restricted in its usage, and was insufficiently developed, so that I have found it quite difficult to implement in my cities. There are two cases where the restriction of only 2 lines crossing at a station can be lifted. 1. Avenue subway+ bus combo RTMT stations cover 2x2 tiles, and the 4 tiles are part of the station, even though the subway square only covers one of the tiles. This allows to bring more lines to the station, and also to lay 2 parallel tracks under avenues when the traffic warrants it. For example: 2. SLURP'ed railway stations act as large subway stations, since all tiles of those railway stations are subway-enabled. This allows to bring several subway tunnels to the railway station. For example: Finally, here are the pictures of subway networks in the CBDs of two cities in the Talaran cluster. I am still expanding the cities, and dealing with the traffic generated. In the above picture most lines link residential and industrial areas to the CBD, transitioning to GLR at the outskirts of the CBD. Some lines are limited to the CBD, like for example the short line from the train station, that may be extended later. The picture below illustrates that various section of subway lines have very different rates of usage, down to a section between two stations that is sofar not used at all: I have observed this in many cities. It is as if the traffic simulator deliberately ignores the existence of some subway tunnels. Presumably those sections are not attractive for the Sims, there are alternatives, buses for example. Very recently I implemented the first cross-city subway link between Arcens and Deramey, because the 2x2 tracks railway link was saturated. I'll report later about that link, which is not yet fully operational. Other similar links are planned.
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