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  2. 3988 Would you settle for 4,000 though ?
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  4. 3987 A million in about 10 more years
  5. 3986 We will reach 1,000,000 in no time!
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  7. 3985 .. and right back at cha Clayton !
  8. 3984 Unfortunately
  9. 3983 been awhile for this thread..
  10. Hockey game again tonight
  11. Eleanor Rigby - " The Beatles"
  12. REM- Losing My Religion
  13. thanks so much for your comments guys ! Right now im still in a break from the game play + CJ, due to the fact im back concentrating on RTMT modding again..But I hope to resume things here , soon
  14. She is really starting to grow!
  15. I am listening to the hockey Pre- game show on I- heart radio
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  17. I'm in chat now @bben

  18. Birthday tomorrow.... Getting older sux 

    1. bben


      Looking forward to the 2 - day birthday celebration in chat, which we already started today !

    2. OmniBLACK


      Yup and thnx :)

  19. Calm the Fire - Alter Bridge
  20. Open Your Eyes - Alter Bridge
  21. I fully agree with you, mayorm, expansions in crowded environments pose very interesting challenges, and it is great fun to deal with them. I seize this opportunitty to mention that I have currently resumed work on RTMT, and this means that I'll have less time to spend on my cluster of cities for a while: updates to this CJ will be less frequent, but I'll keep at it, for sure.
  22. Good update, Brian! I like the way you let those humongous condos grow in your city, even when they create extreme traffic challenges because of their numbers of residents. I'll be looking forward to see how you deal with those traffic issues.
  23. I never leave room for expansions like this and always have to rework areas of my city. However in a weird way I find that challenge fun. Try to look around for things you think could be improved along with the rail layout.
  24. Very nice milestone! Can't wait to watch the continued growth!
  25. Ocean View Surpasses 1/4 Million ( 250,000) Population !!!! One of the main reasons for the recent population explosion from 100 K to 250 K, has been after the 4 zoned condos grew in ( the 4 large 5 X 21 Park central''s ), is 2 of the 4 condos have already dilapidated from R$$ down to R$. The reason why this is significant , is this has the effect of nearly doubling the occupancy of these condos from roughly 20 K to 40 K ! ... Traffic has actually been handled fairly well so far. The main highway in the middle zones has been upgraded from RHW -2 to a - RHW -4. However now the 2 ends of the highway which are still RHW-2 are way over capacity , as well as this one main feeder RHW-2 which runs very close to one of the dilapidated Condos with the 40 K Sim residents needing transportation to and from work. So these will all need traffic solutions/ upgrades next..
  26. Good job! Glad you got it there in tip-top shape. 92 mph in a tunnel? You are brave and daring sir.
  27. Cargo: Steam Boiler From: Mannheim, Germany Destination: Stuggart, Germany Weight: 15 U.S Tons Made pretty good time if I do say so myself. No damage as well I think I might just be qualified for this line of work! And surprisngly this truck handles well at high speeds. Not as good as the old peterbilt but because I couldn't find the exact same mod I gotta wait till I'm level 16 to get the Pete back.
  28. Rocking (lmao) the old Mack I see ! You are gonna die in that corner nice knowing you my friend.
  29. I see 100 miles an hour in a 50, a curve, and an oncoming truck. I too see another driver hospitalization in the near future. I wanted to ask a question ever since I saw your first post. How did you get an American truck in Europe?
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