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  3. What are you listening to? v2

    Great song, great band... Sad though we won't ever hear another album from them, unless they go the Alice In Chains route and hire a vocalist that sounds like Peter Steele. Even so, it won't be the original
  4. What are you listening to? v2

    Yes. Hag Me - Melvins
  5. What are you listening to? v2

    Life Is Killing Me - Type O Negative
  6. transit mania- ville

    Josh, thanks much for your reply.. Yes actually I was thinking more larger highway systems than the last city.. That was the one thing actually that disappointed me about the last city.,. was that I only had to upgrade to a basic elevated rhw-4.. ( some of that was because I over did the rails..) So the rail system ended up handling too much of the overall traffic than is to my liking.. But anyways yes that is one goal I have... And more of the NWM networks also ..
  7. transit mania- ville

    Looks like a good layout. Are you planning on trying any large highway corridors here?
  8. transit mania- ville

    Pierre, thanks for your reply I am planning those area to be all residential ( if you notice the big black R's scattered in those areas, this indicates the later conversion from farms to later residential areas..) So I am hoping for the large land area i have bordered off to be large enough for all my jobs ( both industrial + commercial).. But the way I have this set up for the remaining land areas to contain the sim residents, if you notice the 2 land masses on both sides of the job area are not too large I think, and I am hopeful that I can manage traffic needs .with just 3 main modes of traffic types ( car, bus + Trams).. I will hold subway in reserve until needed as I typically do with my traffic infrastructure .. Also if i stay with the plan I mentioned to you in our last chat meeting, of gradually increasing the density of the R zones from very light near the outside edges of the map to very dense near the job center, than the biggest traffic challenge of course will be more toward the center of the map in the future. And also will require the most precise planning for traffic networks..
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  10. transit mania- ville

    Brian, I like the way you continue to explore some concepts, like transit corridors and road-less job zones, in various city layouts, creating interesting challenges in traffic management, where you use a lot of creativity. Will you turn the farming zones into industrial ones at some point? I look forward to the development of that new city.
  11. transit mania- ville

    thanks Josh Okay so here is my first update of my new city called : CBD - Population 11,600 Various Highlights: 1) 2- main RHW highways 2) 3 -main GLR lines 3) all job zones centralized 4) Road-less Job zones ( GLR + PedMall)
  12. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    yup, just keep them . commin, they all look great !
  13. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Some more, more & more... "Broken" Matt Hardy "The Charismatic Enigma" Jeff Hardy "The Whole F'n Show" Rob Van Dam
  14. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Ya, your really on a roll with this for the time being... I like the different variations in each wrestler set.., Actually this particular model I like better than some of the others....
  15. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    A few more I've whipped up since the last update Edge "Double J" Jeff Jarrett "The Narcissist" Lex Luger Nevar Alexander
  16. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    ya thats is quite a bit of time to get these produced.. But i suppose for any quality work like this, you have to expect its going to take some time..
  17. What are you listening to? v2

    Cat Rapes Dog - How The Country Falls
  18. Life line Lost

    Do to an issue- the lifeline for the site is now lost- the site called Sim Mania is responsible for the life line loss, and therefor we may wind up shutting down unless a new chat can be acquired- The Chat is the lifeline of SCB and without it we can not function. This is a major blow to such a great site. It also places it on its deathbed as I, the site owner, can not afford a new chat. The Sim Mania administration refuses to face me like a man and deal with it, instead choosing to communicate in channels. Sim Mania Administration are the operators of the SCB Chat, and have shut down chat on a difference of issues, so I'm hoping that its not goodbye, but I may wind up that way at some point without chat to keep it running. --- Titanic's infamous post on his forums after his chat room got taken down
  19. What are you listening to? v2

    Periphery - Lune
  20. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    About 24 hrs for each. Usually I start one then save it and "sit" on it for a few then finish it up at later time... Original creations tend to take longer because you have to really think of how you want the character or wrestler to look and/or behave. anyways I'm glad you enjoy them even though it is from a stupid wrestling game, thank you.
  21. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Wow, this is more than just a "couple" to me.. I am sure a lot of time . work, and effort went into producing this quality product or result..
  22. What are you listening to? v2

    Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again
  23. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    A couple new ones from me.
  24. Ceafus 88 | BAT Thread

    Bank of Ceafus looks like a fine bank to finance with
  25. transit mania- ville

    I'll be looking forward to this new city!
  26. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Thanks Yeah I've been a bit busy on these Plus I figure if I post these periodically then I'll have more to share when I finally do post again.
  27. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Really nice uniforms, colors ,and textures also it really looks like you have accomplished a lot here since the last time you did an update for us....
  28. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    continued work on my creations for Fire Pro Wrestling World
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