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  2. Besides CBDs, industrial districts create by far the highest concentrations of traffic in C:S, due to combining both the insane amount of trucks as well as commuters onto the same roadways. Your CBD is coming along really nicely, I'm looking forward to seeing this new metro!
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  4. Oh yes, my biggest traffic challenge in most of my cities in SC 4 , is a large and dense CBD But i will be interested in your further reports on this...
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  6. Ocean View Surpasses ( 900,000) Population !!!
  7. Beautiful pics Aldini!
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  9. Cool looking desk top there, hika !
  10. The tall office towers actually do cause a lot of extra traffic to materialize in the vicinity. I don't remember about SC4 stats because I never got that far, but it's a fair amount. I introduced metro to combat road traffic, so now downtown has formed enormous amounts of pedestrian traffic. I will create a post outlining this situation very soon.
  11. Ya sorry, i have never played the game i am still playing the same old 2 games i have been playing forever LOL In fact I have not played Civ V , for quite some time now. So really it has just been Sc 4. lately.. but i did give you a + 1 rep point for a super posting here my friend..
  12. Thanks !, Donut This is my 1,500 posting ! And also Both Hika + Aldini have made postings today So we must be still doing pretty well for July posting total for the site ?
  13. Aldini , I agree that really looks super ! What a lovely developed CBD, WOW I think I especially like the night shot pic, that has to be my favorite man. Do those super towers cause a lot of extra traffic like they would in SC 4 ? Or perhaps traffic dose not work the same in CS ? Thanks for the superb update, Brian
  14. I've gotten some higher density towers to be constructed on my downtown land as part of the city's master plan. It's coming out great!
  15. Do you play this? Who's your main? Mine is Reaper.
  16. And I'm not even a D.Va main.... (that's the character in this image, from Overwatch)
  17. Brian is nearing 1,500 and I recently passed 5,500.
  18. congrats aldini ! As i also near. 1.500 postings !
  19. Just hit 100 reputation points. @bben pointed out I'm also nearly at 1,000 posts!
  20. Thank you @bben, I didn't notice thanks for letting me know. This is excellent! @pupper_donut thanks, I have known the skyline wasn't too interesting but it's coming well enough now. I was trying to focus on the undeveloped land around to make it look like it's not just a downtown area. As for the traffic, there are no major issues. Traffic flow hovers around 86%. Perhaps the only place I see future trouble for is the intersection in a post I made a while back. The road connecting the outer suburb villa to the inner city takes 160-180 vehicles per game instance. More growth is expected to occur in that area. Hopefully this does not create a Katy Freeway scenario. I am working to see how well this city can handle vehicle traffic without freeways, and when the time comes, I will split off this city with another saved game file where I construct freeways and check the differences. This should be an interesting experiment.
  21. Updated to clarify some important points.
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  23. So with the departure of my other city thread I'll just be posting certain works on other cities I'm working on. I am only working on one city at the moment but that number will rise as I find suitable maps to build on. This is the town of Katakonia. I am currently working on re positioning the freeway, which is actually a larger project than I envisioned. Here is the original freeway positioning. I'd much rather have it built in such a way that it lines up with the roads so it is not awkward to construct future service interchanges. Notice how it very prominently cuts across the town. I have created an imgur album which shows the construction of this new freeway and how traffic was redirected during, which is something that I had never done before in-game. Here is the album, thanks for looking!
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  25. this is my first ever CJ or DD Hope you all like it. let me start off with a routing pic. I enjoy transit and function of it. This is the underground view of a station which has complex transfers to many different networks. This is a new station from the NAM, which is called the Modern Arch rail station. Thanks Brian
  26. This is the place to brag about your milestones, related to Simmania! I'll start with... 100 POSTS! EDIT: A quick pic... And for lulz...
  27. Not your desk, your computer desktop. Explains itself. Just click the link: LINK
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