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  2. What are you listening to? v2

    Great song, great band... Sad though we won't ever hear another album from them, unless they go the Alice In Chains route and hire a vocalist that sounds like Peter Steele. Even so, it won't be the original
  3. What are you listening to? v2

    Yes. Hag Me - Melvins
  4. What are you listening to? v2

    Life Is Killing Me - Type O Negative
  5. transit mania- ville

    Josh, thanks much for your reply.. Yes actually I was thinking more larger highway systems than the last city.. That was the one thing actually that disappointed me about the last city.,. was that I only had to upgrade to a basic elevated rhw-4.. ( some of that was because I over did the rails..) So the rail system ended up handling too much of the overall traffic than is to my liking.. But anyways yes that is one goal I have... And more of the NWM networks also ..
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