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  2. Actually my region now has 16 million now, you must have missed my last update But thanks for your explanations on your populations. of course its more than just how many sims you can get in a region, that makes a nice region.. You have always had quality cities, Pierre.. and thanks for your update here my friend !
  3. Well, actually not, because: the region is 'Sambey', and it includes a first cluster of 6 cities, in which I tried the concept of 'specialized cities', with one city having only commercial zoning, another only industrial zoning, and the 4 remaining cities only residential zoning. This went rather well for a while, but as the cities grew, the inter-cities traffic became rather unmanageable, highways, rail ines, subways got saturated. I abandoned that cluster after the total population of the 6 cities has reached 2'207'792 Sims. The total population of the Sambey region is currently 9'037'800 Sims. When I subtract from that the population of the first cluster, I get, for the active one which I called 'Talaran' a population of 6'830'008 Sims - it grew by about 220'000 Sims since my previous post. I do not exclude returning eventually to the first cluster, and 'normalize' its cities by adding to each the missing zones, so that each city would have the regular R, C and I zones, which should alleviate the intercity traffic issues. Sambey being a large region, many more cities, clustered or not, could be added. However I don't think that I will ever be able to compete with your large region that has reached more than 15 Mio Sims. Time will tell....
  4. Onwards to 20 million!
  5. 4048 Large limes
  6. Another population milestone goal has come and gone.. 16 Million in the Florida region
  7. Yes - Starship Trooper
  8. 4047 Small ruby/red/pink grapefruit
  9. 4046 Small avocadoes
  10. 4045 We had a little rain this morning.
  11. 4044 and the tropics are really picking up now..
  12. wow , this is the first time ive seen Satellite views in CS, This looks like a very cool feature here. I really like it.. Thanks for posting these, Aldini !
  13. Satellite views
  14. 4043 We're expecting a big rain overnight with lots of thunder and lightning.
  15. Gets a speeding ticket. Inserts a hat.
  16. Mammoth afterthoughts invent sweetly. Giant downtowns whisper unbearably. Spotty observations scare sedately. Boundless beginners trouble scarcely. Thoughtful snails bang roughly. Barbarous coals turn yearly. Languid cars boast absentmindedly. Chunky winds sin anyway. Dizzy airports deceive frankly. Unsightly insurances force properly. Sore mornings launch justly. Fallacious arithmetics preserve loftily.
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  18. So with the departure of my other city thread I'll just be posting certain works on other cities I'm working on. I am only working on one city at the moment but that number will rise as I find suitable maps to build on. This is the town of Katakonia. I am currently working on re positioning the freeway, which is actually a larger project than I envisioned. Here is the original freeway positioning. I'd much rather have it built in such a way that it lines up with the roads so it is not awkward to construct future service interchanges. Notice how it very prominently cuts across the town. I have created an imgur album which shows the construction of this new freeway and how traffic was redirected during, which is something that I had never done before in-game. Here is the album, thanks for looking!
  19. Here's what you do: First word from here: Plural form of first word from here: First word here: Finally, first here: Put them together to form a sentence. Then use the second word from each list, then the third and so on. Then post the funniest nonsense sentences you come up with. Even baits preserve continually. Modern papers spell questionably. Right skates glow too. Hollow giants empty painfully. Spooky sacks float already. Private achievers harass deliberately. Industrious scarecrows fax boldly. Exultant bottles exist unexpectedly. Addicted pies drag wrongly.
  20. New thread since the old one got cluttered with videos and was laggy. DO NOT embed videos, links only. Rhinoceros - The Smashing Pumpkins:
  21. Welcome to my new DD: "The United Cities of Talaran". As I explained briefly in a last post in my previous DD "The Region of Sambey", in late October 2014 I halted the development of the 6-cities cluster that had occupied me for many months, because the traffic issues raised by my choice of development (specialized cities) were becoming unmanageable. At the same time I started on a new development. It is again a cluster, this time of 9 cities. Each city will be developed in the normal way, with the classic residential, commercial and industrial zones. The cities will be linked, primarily by highways and rail lines, in a way that will prevent the dreaded Eternal Commuter syndrome. Physically, the 9 cities are placed in another area of the large region of Sambey, but to distinguish them from the previous development I have settled on the global name of 'Talaran'. After the initial preparation of the terrain, the area of the 9 cities, still totally empty, looked like this: The links between the cities are planned in the following way: I spent a long time laying down the basic highway and railway networks, as well as some structuring avenues in each city. All neighbor links have been prepared, but left inactive (connectors deleted) during the initial development of the cities. I want the Sims to look for employment locally in their respective cities for a while. Inter-city links will be 'opened' gradually. Currently all 9 cities have been started and have populations of around 1000 Sims each. Progress is slow, partly because my time for the game is limited, partly too because I want to grow the cities as concurrently as possible, and, well, playing 9 cities at the same time is 9 times slower than playing a single one. Here is the current view of the cluster, city and mayor names removed for better clarity. I can't guarantee frequent updates of this DD, but I'll try to keep at it with regularity.
  22. this is my first ever CJ or DD Hope you all like it. let me start off with a routing pic. I enjoy transit and function of it. This is the underground view of a station which has complex transfers to many different networks. This is a new station from the NAM, which is called the Modern Arch rail station. Thanks Brian
  23. 2653 LOL, I'm not sure I even have any clue what's going on
  24. The Vending Machine Game is a game I saw on the AFDES site, I thought it was an intersting concept so I thought I'd bring it here. Here's an example of how the game works: User 1: I insert a penguin User 2: You get a Lion. I insert a dollar. User 3: You get 100 pennies. I insert Howie Mandel. User 4: You get Deal or No Deal. I insert a tank. So lets start! I insert a hockey puck
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