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  2. Ya your doing a great job so far.. i look forward to see what the finished product will look like..?
  3. Guys did I tell you i got my old Vista PC up and running again ! Nice idea for a thread here !
  4. Nice and compact, I like it
  5. you can always frankenstein that beast lol
  6. I have the carcass of a 16 year old Compaq desktop in the garage, with a missing hard drive and CPU cooler
  7. do they still run? have you tried booting them lately? useful for playing old games lol
  8. what does your computer setup look like? what customizations have you made to make it your own? this is my setup, still in progress.
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  10. I collect a lot of old pc's so the idea behind the thread is obvious, do you have any old pc's that you still own and keep running? and if so what are they running? I have about a dozen or so and most of them run either dos or linux, though I've been slowly putting command line linux distros so I can build from the ground up and make them more compatible, it's fun to learn this way! so what do you guys do with your old pc's, and do you have any still around that you toy with from time to time?
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