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  2. If I understand what you're saying, something like this wouldn't exactly be feasible, simply due to the sheer complexity of the templates, and not to mention all of the minuscule details. However, if a majority is really interested in a redesign, I'd be more than willing to accept input from the community and do a more gradual redesign/reorganization, like we did with SM3 all those years ago
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  4. gets Chicken Linguini Inserts Nitrogen Oxide
  5. Gets shepherd's pie Inserts chicken fettuccine
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  8. We need some kind of community or group activity, I think that might help revitalize the forum (not the chat, the forum), and maybe give us something we can all be proud of, plus people who see it have an increased chance of being interested in simmania and might want to join themselves thoughts, ideas, comments? let's hear em!
  9. 2653 LOL, I'm not sure I even have any clue what's going on
  10. The Vending Machine Game is a game I saw on the AFDES site, I thought it was an intersting concept so I thought I'd bring it here. Here's an example of how the game works: User 1: I insert a penguin User 2: You get a Lion. I insert a dollar. User 3: You get 100 pennies. I insert Howie Mandel. User 4: You get Deal or No Deal. I insert a tank. So lets start! I insert a hockey puck
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