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  2. Superb work on those farms! Ocean View sure is a fitting name for this city.
  3. Banned for not letting me know about it before
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  5. Ocean View reached 25, 000 !! Ocean View Population = 27.400 Ocean View is now at its peak in its evolution/ development . in terms of its city wide agricultural / Farm phase.. Farms have now expanded in the city to the point where they take up = 6,400 tiles and also farm workers have now increased city - wide = 1.385 workers , which now works out to be about 13.7 % of the total city's work force .. Farms are likely at there peak development and output , as the city begins its transition into urbanism..
  6. Aldini, I really like the look of your freeways. They look interesting and quite unique . I hope they hold up functionally as good as they look ! Nice update here, and please keep more of them coming in quick !..
  7. Breaking Benjamin - Ashes of Eden
  8. Your cities are good! I love the highway work.
  9. To be honest I am not allowed to edit that, for some reason the option for it is gone... --------------------------- Banned for not fixing it for meeeee
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  11. So with the departure of my other city thread I'll just be posting certain works on other cities I'm working on. I am only working on one city at the moment but that number will rise as I find suitable maps to build on. This is the town of Katakonia. I am currently working on re positioning the freeway, which is actually a larger project than I envisioned. Here is the original freeway positioning. I'd much rather have it built in such a way that it lines up with the roads so it is not awkward to construct future service interchanges. Notice how it very prominently cuts across the town. I have created an imgur album which shows the construction of this new freeway and how traffic was redirected during, which is something that I had never done before in-game. Here is the album, thanks for looking!
  12. New thread since the old one got cluttered with videos and was laggy. DO NOT embed videos, links only. Rhinoceros - The Smashing Pumpkins:
  13. this is my first ever CJ or DD Hope you all like it. let me start off with a routing pic. I enjoy transit and function of it. This is the underground view of a station which has complex transfers to many different networks. This is a new station from the NAM, which is called the Modern Arch rail station. Thanks Brian
  14. With Blake's permission, The Banhammer, a new and improved version of "If You Could Ban Someone" is now here. The original game has been locked as it seems that the two cannot coexist. Rules: You simply state a reason for banning anyone in the forums. The twist is, the person or people who has the best reason for banning will be "banhammered" and will be unable to play during the next round. And will have this on their profile. And in their posts: The last person to have received the banhammer will determine who it falls on next. The banhammer falls randomly most of the time outside of a time frame. It just likes to randomly go splat! [/endquotingsimlink] The idea came after Blake saw this game on another site (namely CSGforums) where it was very popular. Alright, so let's start. Someone ban me, don't be shy, come on...
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