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  2. Superb work on those farms! Ocean View sure is a fitting name for this city.
  3. Banned for not letting me know about it before
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  5. Ocean View reached 25, 000 !! Ocean View Population = 27.400 Ocean View is now at its peak in its evolution/ development . in terms of its city wide agricultural / Farm phase.. Farms have now expanded in the city to the point where they take up = 6,400 tiles and also farm workers have now increased city - wide = 1.385 workers , which now works out to be about 13.7 % of the total city's work force .. Farms are likely at there peak development and output , as the city begins its transition into urbanism..
  6. Aldini, I really like the look of your freeways. They look interesting and quite unique . I hope they hold up functionally as good as they look ! Nice update here, and please keep more of them coming in quick !..
  7. Breaking Benjamin - Ashes of Eden
  8. Your cities are good! I love the highway work.
  9. To be honest I am not allowed to edit that, for some reason the option for it is gone... --------------------------- Banned for not fixing it for meeeee
  10. Great looking city and very nice freeway. Those long ramps look so leisurely for motorists to have plenty of time before merging into traffic.
  11. Hey Clayton, I just wanted to thank you for including me on your list of people your following now :)

  12. Banned for not updating your text to say you are green instead of red.
  13. It's been some time now, so once again an update is needed. The city has developed quite a bit. I constructed a new freeway following the river for local traffic traveling to the industrial and office sections. Residential area interchange. I'm really happy that citizens are using this expressway. Not a lot can use it since it's on the edge of the city but I anticipate more traffic once the city sprawls farther out. Office area feeder ramps Industrial district. Latest aerial view. I'm planning on rezoning the lots on the right adjacent to the river since homes won't build there for some reason. It looks like a good area for another industrial district. What do you think? Thanks for looking!
  14. Orange Crush - REM
  15. New registrations were somehow only allowing the characters "2" and "0" to be used in usernames over the past week or so due to a misconfiguration. Sorry for any inconvenience. -pupper
  16. Gets even more drugs. Inserts Jester hat.
  17. Banned for having a blue signature.
  18. Because the admins told us too. Why are you QUESTIONING THEM!?
  19. Last week
  20. Man, I loved your progress here it was great to follow, I hope to see you back soon stronger than ever!
  21. See you man. I hate to hear about the trouble, I wish you the best, come back and see us soon!
  22. Indeed, it's been great having you around again, come back and see us soon!
  23. Thanks for returning and all the quality company and content you've given us. It was a pleasure to have you around here frequently. I am optimistic that we will have you around like before!
  24. So due to my upcoming leave I figured why the hell not... Didn't get a before and after pic because my game crashed when 15 asteroids struck the city... At the same time. Some people want to watch the world burn.
  25. It was good having you back, and I hope you can return soon.
  26. Rocky I wish u all the best my dear friend !! it will be sad of course your absence from chat . But I hope you are able to work things out so you can return to us very soon !!
  27. Hey everyone, its currently Monday, after tonight I won't be back in chat for a while. I'll try to lurk the forums from my phone, but the whole reason for this is. My laptop is currently being bought from Rent-a-Center. I am in need of a vehicle as mine took a crap and is not worth fixing. I need to be cutting expenses that I don't "need" This is just bull shite to no end. I was really enjoying being back and posting in the forums and being active with the community... Anyway guys, like I said after tonight I'll be lurking, just not posting too much...
  28. Ya i guess because i dont play CS, it would be kinda hard to give you much advice on the ? but otherwise Rock, I really do appreciate the lovely set of pics you posted from the game and also the way you are so dedicated to making your CJ entries and the regularity in which you do so my friend..
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