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  2. 4048 Large limes
  3. Another population milestone goal has come and gone.. 16 Million in the Florida region
  4. Yes - Starship Trooper
  5. 4047 Small ruby/red/pink grapefruit
  6. 4046 Small avocadoes
  7. 4045 We had a little rain this morning.
  8. 4044 and the tropics are really picking up now..
  9. wow , this is the first time ive seen Satellite views in CS, This looks like a very cool feature here. I really like it.. Thanks for posting these, Aldini !
  10. Satellite views
  11. 4043 We're expecting a big rain overnight with lots of thunder and lightning.
  12. Gets a speeding ticket. Inserts a hat.
  13. Mammoth afterthoughts invent sweetly. Giant downtowns whisper unbearably. Spotty observations scare sedately. Boundless beginners trouble scarcely. Thoughtful snails bang roughly. Barbarous coals turn yearly. Languid cars boast absentmindedly. Chunky winds sin anyway. Dizzy airports deceive frankly. Unsightly insurances force properly. Sore mornings launch justly. Fallacious arithmetics preserve loftily.
  14. Never eat Xavier's unappetizing salmon. NEVER
  15. Gerry Revolved Every Egregious Nerd NEXUS
  16. Larry ate revolting green eggs. GREEN
  17. Earlier
  18. Large uniformly chunky koalas yawned. LARGE
  19. Pizza and spaghetti taste awesome. LUCKY
  20. Small caterpillars ate my pasta PASTA
  21. Quickly move Alan's ancient xylophone. SCAMP
  22. wow Aldini ! a 1/4 mil sounds like a lot for CS ? how is that comparable to a city population in sc4 ya think ?
  23. Melvins - At The Stake
  24. Yes, I will attempt to reach 250,000 citizens eventually. The CBD is a bit naked right now so that pop increase will add a proper urban sprawl surrounding the towers. I'm working on that asap.
  25. The sims must love driving on that freeway. Cars will fly with the enormous abrupt elevation changes!
  26. These are some great photos here, your CBD is quite heavily developed for being such a small city. Do you have any population goals in mind for this area?
  27. I like the traffic levels on the elevated highway, it gives this freeway a very realistic look indeed. Do you predict that traffic levels will continue increasing here as the population grows?
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