SBT-Assateague Lighthouse 1.0.0

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About This File

This one is a lighthouse based of the Assateague Lighthouse. It comes in 4 varieties listed below:

1. Grass Version
2. Sand Version
3. Transparent Base Version
4. Island Water Version

The lot is 4x4, and blank with grass, sand or transparent. The reason I left them as a blank lot with no props, is so people could make it fit in with their city, how they needed to either through LE, or MMP, it lets them tell the tale of their city, their way. :)

The lots will be found under the rewards menu, just look for the lighthouse icon!

It requires no power to be ran to it, so it could be easily placed in remote areas, and flora put around it without the dealings with power lines, or windmill's obstructing the scene.

If you do not see it light up at night, there are a couple reasons:

*You plopped it at night
*You don't have the update patch

So make sure you have the patch (as most do), and that you plop it during the day. It will take a minute to light up, so it is recommended to put the speed on cheetah for about 3 seconds, then turn it back to your speed, and the lighthouse will be lit up.

Thanks for downloading, rating, and commenting! :)

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Yes, i recall this bat well from our SBT days..

I always felt it was one of the best bats Clayton ever did really..

I had installed this in game long ago..but hope others will add this to there sc4 games soon..

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