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    god_donut's CS

    I decided to spam one of my new cities with EF5 equivialant tornadoes and thunderstorms, here are some pictures:
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    The United Cities of Talaran

    The Rail Triangle Upgrade project in Deramey was finally brought to a satisfactory completion. It was not easy. Some citizens, supported by the Chamber of Commerce which complained about disrupting the commercial area next to the rail tracks triangle, proposed an underground solution, that got rejected mainly on account of the immense cost. Eventually a solution was proposed which was accepted by all parties concerned. Once the project was accepted, work proceeded swiftly and with a minimal amount of disruption. Only two commercial buildings needed to be demolished, and their owners were suitably compensated. Rail services had to be temporarily suspended and replaced by buses. The completed upgrade, with 3 commercial lots to be rebuilt, is shown in the following picture: The mayor inaugurated the new layout by riding on the first train using the upgraded rail triangle. Rail service resumed on the same day, with a new schedule featuring more trains.
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    The Great (not so great) City of Charleston

    So I went to go build some more when a 8.7 tornado (I really which CS used real life scales for disasters...) struck the city. And no my pictures aren't as nice as Josh's
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    What are you listening to? v2

    My roomate - Whine and complain.
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    Pine Forest

    CHAPTER II: ANOTHER SUBURB SECTION I: LONGSIDE VIEW After careful thought, I decided i was getting WAY ahead of myself with the CBD. I simply don't need it. So, i built (another) suburb. Here's an overhead view of Longside View... ... Remember this ...? ... a few additions to get on and off ... ... this too ... ... is that an industrial (I-HT) zone i see ...? ... yes it is... but it's not growing ...! ... moving on ... ... more stuffs ... ... and more ... ... and that's it! STAY TUNED FOR NEXT CHAPTER!
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    transit mania- ville

    Thanks much your replies and advice ! I think I ended up using a combination of both Rocky and Josh ideas for # 2.. To handle the situation with # 1 I simply ran a new MIS route all the way into the CBD.. So let me show you all some pics of the new changes - 1) I opted for a branch off MIS route from the northern most ramp 2) as Rocky suggested I maintained 4 lanes for the RHW, headed north where it eventually crosses a rhw-2 as a OWR-4. Nam 35 was helpful here in providing a RHW 8s - OWR-4 transition . Also I was unsure if the rhw -2 X oOWR-4 was supported by NAM. But i tested it and apparently it is ! 3) Here is the extra MIS network which runs all the way into the main CBD. So the effects in reducing traffic congestion I felt were fairly dramatic- .. and finally a further zoomed out shot shows now 7 MIS networks feeding into the CBD. But traffic congestion is now more manageable there..
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    The United Cities of Talaran

    This is an interim report on the highway upgrade. I found out in which city this was required, and I proceeded with the upgrade. Here is a more global view of the 'before' state: The part of the highway to upgrade from 6-lanes to 8-lanes stretches between points 1 and 7 in the picture. The avenue underpass at 2 doesn't require upgrading, since thre the highway has already 8 lanes. Other roadways that are affected by the upgrade are: 3 and 4 - road underpasses 5 - railway overpass 6 - avenue underpass The 90 degrees curve gave me a bit of trouble, but eventually I got it together and it is now in place. Most of the rest could be stitched back, including some subway tunnels that got partly demolished, along with 3 or 4 buildings. I got in trouble with the parclo (7). A merge of 2 RHW.4S into a RHW-8S, originally done with puzzle pieces, needs to be redone with another method, presumably with flexing, a technique that I haven't used yet. Until this issue is solved, the work remains incomplete and the city is at a standstill.
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    transit mania- ville

    THE ISLES Population = 264, 000 Hello everyone ! I have found some time this morning to do a shorter update With the Isles population still gradually increasing, as we continue into what is known as the " Condo Growth Phase", , .. of course new areas of traffic development will always be an issues. Especially, in this dense city where we have just the one main highway artery, and also originally not much was planned in the way of mass transit. . So the rail networks have been expanded, but little room is available for further expansion there. So predictably, we have now run into some new areas of heavy car congestion on Isle's highway. I have created a screen shot of the 2- main new traffic issues and than I will try to explain what is planned next by way of highway construction .. Okay so the red .. 1 ) Here traffic has gotten out of hand because the CBD has grown.. And so many workers now prefer to take this route into the CBD. A new traffic solution will be worked on there soon of course. with 2)... here this is a bit more simple cause, as we have a 4 lane highway which reduces down to 2 lanes here. In this case a traffic solution should be more easily constructed than in 1)... But than these will be my next 2 main highway projects to reduce traffic congestion ..