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    Ceafus 88

    Ceafus tries to build a town.

    Well, here goes nothing! I am working on a small town in a new region, I hope I do not let you guys down! We will start out with a small wind farm that the city council approved last month! As well as a small shore side pic! I hope to be able to update this soon with some pictures of the town, but as of right now it is just too small to show off!
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    god_donut's CS

    @7499275 To my knowledge, the vanilla game does not allow networks to be placed onto other networks. A mod such as Sharp Junction Angles (with built in Road Anarchy mod) is required. However, I've found that SJA does not allow pillars to be placed over road networks even with Anarchy turned on. This is where NoPillars is needed. Network Skins lets you change the pillar to something that isn't positioned right on top of the network below
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    god_donut's CS

    Exquisite work, man! Have you tried working with the Metro Overhaul mod? @7499275 You can construct such an interchange even without the No Pillars mod. The mod just makes building elevated networks easier than in vanilla C:S. Also @ the last question, yes.
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    god_donut's CS

    @bben Thanks, more will definitely be coming soon. @7499275 It's regular CO rail. The No Pillars mod allows you to place it on top of other networks. Network Skins mod lets you change the supports to the overhead gate pillars.
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    god_donut's CS

    I've recently started working on a pre-made highway layout for a new city, here's a space-eating interchange and sunken stretch with el-rail over road through what will be the CBD: