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    The United Cities of Talaran

    It is time to present a general overview of the current development of the Talaran cluster. Here is a general view, with the city limits removed for better clarity: (Since I used the Steam version of the game I haven't been able to use the full screen width, in spite of the specification in the start parameters, hence the cut on both sides). Now for some statistics. In the following table the cities are listed in decreasing order of population. The first 6 cities are growing 'in parallel', the others lag behind to various degrees, with Arcens at the bottom of the list. I also show the age, in game years, of each city, and the average yearly growth of its population, as well as the total population of the cluster: All cities are relatively 'young'. I play at slow speed, and I pause the game during large zoning activities and during the construction of large infrastructures (especially when this entals interrupting roadways or transit infrastructures). The city with the best developement rate is Prandergal, one of the youngest at 38 game years; it also has one of the best potential for further growth nd will surely exceed one million Sims when fully developed. On the other hand, Polsay has nearly no more room to grow and will probably remain low in the list.