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    transit mania- ville

    The sims must love driving on that freeway. Cars will fly with the enormous abrupt elevation changes!
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    The United Cities of Talaran

    Well, actually not, because: the region is 'Sambey', and it includes a first cluster of 6 cities, in which I tried the concept of 'specialized cities', with one city having only commercial zoning, another only industrial zoning, and the 4 remaining cities only residential zoning. This went rather well for a while, but as the cities grew, the inter-cities traffic became rather unmanageable, highways, rail ines, subways got saturated. I abandoned that cluster after the total population of the 6 cities has reached 2'207'792 Sims. The total population of the Sambey region is currently 9'037'800 Sims. When I subtract from that the population of the first cluster, I get, for the active one which I called 'Talaran' a population of 6'830'008 Sims - it grew by about 220'000 Sims since my previous post. I do not exclude returning eventually to the first cluster, and 'normalize' its cities by adding to each the missing zones, so that each city would have the regular R, C and I zones, which should alleviate the intercity traffic issues. Sambey being a large region, many more cities, clustered or not, could be added. However I don't think that I will ever be able to compete with your large region that has reached more than 15 Mio Sims. Time will tell....
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    transit mania- ville

    Onwards to 20 million!
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    transit mania- ville

    Another population milestone goal has come and gone.. 16 Million in the Florida region
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    Aldini's C:S Works

    Satellite views
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    Five Letters

    Never eat Xavier's unappetizing salmon. NEVER