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  1. Gets : A Very old KFC Inserts : Chicken Pot Pie
  2. 4009 thanks for all your efforts
  3. Ocean View Surpasses ( 275,000) Population Hello everyone , I am happy to be able to return to my CJ. I have recently passed the 275 K population barrier. But I also wanted to present my new developmental section of my city, where the main feature will be the AVE-6 network and the new RTMT AVE-6 stations are planned into this area as well !
  4. Yes, Pierre has been one of the few players that i am aware of who has explored the region play aspects of SC-4 in the depth fashion that he has accomplished. In addition his ability to churn out one Million + population cities is legendary in the community..
  5. 4007 We just have to stay at it
  6. 4005 we will reach 5000 before you know it !
  7. Thanks, I had some idea of course what cyber punk was, because it had come up in the forums before. But I needed some help from your additional links also. When I have more time , I think I still need to read those links in more depth. At that point I can try to give your questions a more definite reply.. But meanwhile thanks for starting a new and interesting thread here.. !
  8. Grabs Jester's hat from Clayton Inserts ; "The Fool"
  9. hockey game tonite. face off is at 7:40 East
  10. Another Hockey game tonight, I- Heart radio online..
  11. Pierre, thanks for the extra city stats. Yes. i had no idea you had this many cities surpass one million in population. And even one city that has more than 1.5 million. Excellent job here and accomplishments.. !
  12. Pierre, thanks for your update here ! Yes, you are starting to get close to that 1 million sims now. I was curious if you have ever had an individual city reach this milestone of 1 Million population before ? i also look forward to hearing some of these aspects you have discovered about regional play in sim city 4. You have played the game using regional play as much as anyone I have heard of.. So I think this would be an interesting posting for all of us.. When you are ready to do so of course
  13. yup, this is a nice set of highway pics here josh .. Also like the 2 different zooms Nice perspective here on what your working on .
  14. 4003 Still rolling toward 5000
  15. ya I think thats quite possible that one of the non- staff might be able to handle this.. I am thinking of a couple guys that could do it without mentioning any nicks.. Nice point here...