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  1. Oh yes, my biggest traffic challenge in most of my cities in SC 4 , is a large and dense CBD But i will be interested in your further reports on this...
  2. Ocean View Surpasses ( 900,000) Population !!!
  3. Cool looking desk top there, hika !
  4. Ya sorry, i have never played the game i am still playing the same old 2 games i have been playing forever LOL In fact I have not played Civ V , for quite some time now. So really it has just been Sc 4. lately.. but i did give you a + 1 rep point for a super posting here my friend..
  5. Thanks !, Donut This is my 1,500 posting ! And also Both Hika + Aldini have made postings today So we must be still doing pretty well for July posting total for the site ?
  6. Aldini , I agree that really looks super ! What a lovely developed CBD, WOW I think I especially like the night shot pic, that has to be my favorite man. Do those super towers cause a lot of extra traffic like they would in SC 4 ? Or perhaps traffic dose not work the same in CS ? Thanks for the superb update, Brian
  7. congrats aldini ! As i also near. 1.500 postings !
  8. No, I have not played MC for so long now,, But I know if i was still playing it, sure sounds like an interesting update to try
  9. ya those look great Omni ! new game eh ?
  10. Yes , it looks very nice Aldini Also I noticed , that you always have a great suburban sprawl.. Did you realize also your only + 1 rep points away from 100 ? A remarkable milestone you should be very proud of my friend !
  11. a collection of beatles and post beatles solo efforts
  12. Sure, thanks for starting the new topic.. also as I mentioned to you in chat, these are really great and your continuing to show a lot of improvment in your work with these + 1 rep
  13. 4073 pina colada
  14. 4069 Sam , great to see your post here !
  15. Just a short Update here : I am hoping to continue with my CJ , some time late next week when I return home