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  1. Ocean View reached 25, 000 !! Ocean View Population = 27.400 Ocean View is now at its peak in its evolution/ development . in terms of its city wide agricultural / Farm phase.. Farms have now expanded in the city to the point where they take up = 6,400 tiles and also farm workers have now increased city - wide = 1.385 workers , which now works out to be about 13.7 % of the total city's work force .. Farms are likely at there peak development and output , as the city begins its transition into urbanism..
  2. Aldini, I really like the look of your freeways. They look interesting and quite unique . I hope they hold up functionally as good as they look ! Nice update here, and please keep more of them coming in quick !..
  3. Hey Clayton, I just wanted to thank you for including me on your list of people your following now :)

  4. Rocky I wish u all the best my dear friend !! it will be sad of course your absence from chat . But I hope you are able to work things out so you can return to us very soon !!
  5. Ya i guess because i dont play CS, it would be kinda hard to give you much advice on the ? but otherwise Rock, I really do appreciate the lovely set of pics you posted from the game and also the way you are so dedicated to making your CJ entries and the regularity in which you do so my friend..
  6. Thanks for your Q , Pierre..! No actually I build in mayor mode.. Because in this case with the money cheat installed, i have just about unlimited funds to work with for the city.. Ocean View has reached its first population milestone having surpassed 10 K Population is 13,300 So i thought i would show how the area near the future proposed CBD are coming along.. Right now farms are expanding quickly and popping up all over the place.. The city currently employs 443 farm workers.., which works out to be a rounded off estimate of about 10 % of the total work force.. The transit corridors ( TC ), have been opened up for new farms now. And there is heavy farm development also in the proposed CBD areas, where they also act as " place - holders" for future CBD development Finally both R1 + R2 areas are increasing fairly quickly in density and populations ..
  7. Thanks Pierre for your recent update... I really enjoyed this one from you my friend .. Your " visuals" with the diagram is very nice and sharp work . And you know how to put together and do these diagrams quite well and better than myself. So very "sharp" work with that . But the best part for me was the reasoning you had that you so well articulated to us, in your posting and, for how the zones were laid out, originally . But more so the additional modifications you had to make as the city progressed and developed, And it shows the complexity of a city building game so well . The reasoning and examples that you cited in your posting..
  8. Wow Rocky ! I have not seen that many pics from this game - ETS 2 It is another game I have never before.. I didn't realize the graphics were quite this stunning in this game also. I hope you will find the time to keep us updated on this game periodically my friend.
  9. Yes , I really like this idea.. Again a nice set of both before and after disaster pics showing the effects of an earthquake in CS I think the new Metro you built should have a global positive effect on traffic overall in the city now.. But please continue to keep us posted on your traffic situation, Rock , Thanks Brian
  10. wow rocky, that is quite an accomplishment the 124 K population in :CS For that game, that is getting up there for sure.. so congrats there.. I really like the idea also for getting moving on a more dedicated CBD at this point, given the city size now. I know you will keep us updated on this interesting aspect of your city's growth stages. Also, a nice series of pics there , depicting one of the better disaster scenes in CS
  11. Clayton,, great looking farms you have shaping up here.. and already its interesting you have some solid development going + some good usage of our great NAM content , that your clearly able to use and take advantage of its various network building options
  12. Thanks, to everyone's comments Ocean view, now has its first residents.. = 671 sims So for this update I thought i would show my overall zoning plans for this city, in the form of a zone layout pic. In addition , i have constructed the location of the main transit corridor which splits the long narrow city into 2- halves. So the pic first and than i will provide further explanations - As one can see from my pic the city is split up into 10 total zoning areas, so 4 of these at the ends of the map will be a mix of farms, industrial areas and commercial services .. these are the IND + C areas 4 more have been dedicated to residential areas, and are designated on my pic as either R 1, or R 2.. And than this leaves the 2 center boxes for areas which will have the main CBD with possibly some commercial services mixed in ..These are the CBD + C areas The main transit corridor ( which runs the length of the entire city tile ), for the time being is comprised of 2 outside rail lines ( RRW) + a centralized RHW- 2, which will of course need to be widened and updated as the city grows + develops over time. Than finally on the ocean side, i will have the option later on of expanding those land areas out into the water.
  13. Clayton, i still recall your playing style from simtropolis.. I liked it than and I still like it now ! it is great to have yet another sc4 Cj active on the site here.. I am hopeful you will now continue to update this regularly i think your off to a very fine start here my friend..
  14. Wow josh ! Amazing pics here ! I didn't even realize you could do an el rail / road in CS. Of course as you know we had that 1 in sc4 But your plans for the new highway system look grand. And it is nice your back to building highway systems again in CS.. I look forward to future postings as this develops..
  15. really a superb update here Bryan.. nice variety of pics showing various aspects of the growing city... I had no idea you were this good at this game man !! well friend..