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  1. Eleanor Rigby - " The Beatles"
  2. thanks so much for your comments guys ! Right now im still in a break from the game play + CJ, due to the fact im back concentrating on RTMT modding again..But I hope to resume things here , soon
  3. I am listening to the hockey Pre- game show on I- heart radio
  4. Ocean View Surpasses 1/4 Million ( 250,000) Population !!!! One of the main reasons for the recent population explosion from 100 K to 250 K, has been after the 4 zoned condos grew in ( the 4 large 5 X 21 Park central''s ), is 2 of the 4 condos have already dilapidated from R$$ down to R$. The reason why this is significant , is this has the effect of nearly doubling the occupancy of these condos from roughly 20 K to 40 K ! ... Traffic has actually been handled fairly well so far. The main highway in the middle zones has been upgraded from RHW -2 to a - RHW -4. However now the 2 ends of the highway which are still RHW-2 are way over capacity , as well as this one main feeder RHW-2 which runs very close to one of the dilapidated Condos with the 40 K Sim residents needing transportation to and from work. So these will all need traffic solutions/ upgrades next..
  5. Rocky, another nice pic here. Really like the look of the graphics here at duck. I guess I do not understand the game well enough to understand Josh's comment. so .my apologies..!
  6. Rocky, Nice story line here ! and even nicer pics my friend. I am not as familiar with this game, but the graphics really look stunning.. Hope to see you in chat later for our Game Weekend !!!
  7. Pierre, thanks so much for your update here : Yes indeed as you noted reserving the required space for expansion in SC 4 is one of the hardest lessons to learn. it requires a great deal of time and many hours of playing experience. And much like yourself, i too am in the process of learning this Please keep us updated on how some of the proposed solutions work out for you my friend the CBD.
  8. Lately I have been back doing some Sets from the Moody Blues + doing some REM mixed in as well
  9. Ocean View Reaches 100,000 Population !!! A couple of updates : ** So far the main corridor set up of the central RHW-2 + the 2 outside main rail lines have been able to handle traffic..with no traffic congestion reported . ** The CBD has continued to expand and slowly grow... ** The city is now ready to enter the " Condo" developmental stage, where population of the city can rapidly increase .. ** The farms of course have continued to decrease as the urban nature of the city takes shape. Going from the last population update of 50 K Farm tiles have decreased to : 5,045 and farm workers have shown a big drop from 1,202 workers at the 50 K update to now 896 workers !
  10. aldini, Really nice T- interchange, I tend to build a lot of those in sc4 myself.. but I really like the "look" of it next to the river there. Interesting set up !
  11. Thanks for the question here Rock ! There are a couple advantages in the way one of my city typically evolves over time froma small community to a large thriving metro area.. 1) early on most of your sims that move into a smaller town are usually r $ Farms are a good job source for these early R$ residents.. 2) the farms act as place holders sometimes for some important urban planning zone areas..that come later on in my city development plans..
  12. Shane, beautiful update man ! I give you a 9 outta 10 for this update.. Very wise to lay out some of the transit first ! I think you learned this from playing Sc 4 ? But the road lay out looks fine.. Maybe later when you get your feet wet more with this game you can transition away from the grid system of road layouts. And perhaps try some more complex transit lay outs.. But a lot to look forward for you with this game my friend .. But that is also great you had chance to get started with city services before you ran out of gas there.. Just keep going along with this in stages as you have gotten off to a logical and good start for this city. nice job building this up in the correct sequenced manner my friend I am looking forward already to more and frequent updates from you ..
  13. thanks for your comments guys ! Yes the farms are an interesting aspect always of my cities.. Some people are anxious to see them go, in the interests of urban progress . But than others like the look of my farms and are sad to seem gradually shrink in number as the city grows + develops..
  14. Aldini, I am both impressed by your appearance of your highway systems + also the way you handle the functionality. That sharp engineer mind of yours is very impressive really in providing solutions to your traffic-related issues. Josh has a similar ability.