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  1. wow josh, this is a fantastic rail system you have already whipped together.. This is clearly beyond my own expectations of what this entailed ! How has this benefited ( effected), traffic congestion levels so far overall ?
  2. Thanks much for your comments and questions guys ! I will take Josh questions first : I have all custom settings for the traffic capacities. but the( overall/ average) difficulty can best be described as slightly more difficult than Z ( Medium) Yes I have,, I upgraded that highway portion to a RHW- 4 And now on to Pierre - Those are actually parking garages with underground subway station function
  3. this is my first ever CJ or DD Hope you all like it. let me start off with a routing pic. I enjoy transit and function of it. This is the underground view of a station which has complex transfers to many different networks. This is a new station from the NAM, which is called the Modern Arch rail station. Thanks Brian
  4. nice desktop image there Spook
  5. wow man, you have really improved this a lot !
  6. Josh, another suburb update ! If this is just a smaller update, well the amount of pics and your excellent descriptions still put my small sc4 updates to shame in comparison here.. Ya , i really wonder if those new turning lanes were part of the key to reducing traffic in your first pic. Of course I am hoping that is the case.. And jumping down to your last congestion pic, Yes it still looking we do have some further traffic congestion concerns to deal with here.. I will be curious of the great mass transit ideas you mentioned will play a major role later in the traffic reduction.
  7. wow, spook.. thanks for the additional links there.. remind me in chat when i have some time to explore all those
  8. Josh, thanks for your posting ! I think i have planned out a pretty good system to use here. So i will try to elaborate on your answer thru a few pics .. i think I posted a similar pic when i first started the city. but with a more recent pic its easier to see now how I staggered the zones in a North - South fashion, which i think is one of the better lay out ideas to try and control traffic routing in Sc4. Since traffic is reliant on a pretty simple system of ( home to jobs) / morning commute and than from( jobs back to home) / evening commute again. But the main idea was a central highway system that cuts North to south across the entire map, and than supplemented by 2 main rail lines- Than later on I decided to add a full- city wide subway system.. My pic here will show you at what stage of development that has grown to. I just recently connected just about the entire map , North - South with it -
  9. Aldini, it is great your back creating a new CS , city Journal again ! And it looks like your off to a good start here also... I look forward to frequent updates now on this new developing city my friend..
  10. Josh, your really doing excellent work with all these towns and cities.. I think only one town showed a small decrease.. Where as there has been some big time development that is very impressive in a couple of towns, But just about all of them are showing at least some increase in population...Keep up the good work and also your excellent CJ updates my friend..
  11. Ocean View Surpasses ( 600,000) Population !!! This is a view of the South CBD, which has really taken shape now.. with a nice collection of high rises , which you would expect in a city of this size- traffic is still surprisingly under good control despite the expanding population of the city.. So far there are just a few rail + subway lines that go into the yellow to orange congestion shading ranges,,This pic shows one such rail line -
  12. 4030 ya, the Monday Blues , Josh
  13. 4027 another lazy Sunday ...
  14. Looks like the same old Hockey playoff games for me tonight
  15. 4024 this is rolling again !
  16. Ocean View Surpasses ( 500,000) Population I have now reached my initial population goal of half million.. But I now feel I have done a good enough job with the transit infrastructure, I can go ahead and try for a million population level in this city. So thats now the new goal for ocean View !!
  17. Wow man a 5 stack interchange ... Be hard to do one in sim city 4, eh guys I forget now the traffic set up that was here previous to this, But it is prolly in your previous pics right ? Also I would not worry to much about the missing routes due to space.. So far this seems a big improvement here from your description..And as you know sometimes the missing routes are not of a high traffic priority depending on the rest of your city set up ..
  18. Wow !!, thanks for the creation of this new thread... Pierre, especially going to love this one when i point him to it .. But ya were using those left hand blinking yellow lights for left hand turns here also .. But I do not think there on a separate signal block here.. I think they just stuck them on the bottom of the main signal blocks here Josh. I will have to pay more attention when I am out driving to see if that is the consistant plan here or not with them oh I really like them so far.. They seem like they might make things a bit safer and cut down on accidents really ? Do you agree guys ?
  19. Thanks for the new cyber punk music links ! Shane is going to love this when he sees this man !
  20. Josh ,another great update man ! You put my 1 - pic CJ updates to shame.. Thanks for explaining the population decrease. Please keep us updated if the population begins to recover there.. But great set of highway pics again and the various traffic situations currently going on. Nice discussion on possible solutions that have already been implemented and of course those solutions that are planned in the future.
  21. Pierre, very intensive and educational posting on regional play and mainly its effects on traffic flows and routing in Sim city 4 !! First i am very happy you have posted this as you have more experience and know more about region play in SC 4 than i do my friend .. i liked how you set this up and to me it is a good city set up for region play with a lot of thought being put into the issues of the eternal commuter issues.. After reading your fine analysis on the issues concerning commuters using the borders, and the difficult issues of the traffic on those : To me it seems despite all the changes and improvements to the traffic Sim over time ( most of these have been implemented by Z ).. that none of these have effected how sims handle the border connections. So it is very much like how the original game worked concerning traffic.. Which i summarize by saying that it seems the sims only factor in chosing these connection tiles for their commutes would be the direct straight line number of tiles that exists between there homes and the connection tile, and nothing else it seems. So it does not seem to matter what the commute times are and how you construct your transit system to effect this. it is still based only on the actual straight line distance as a product of number of tiles .. But sure if this is correct, i can see how this would be very frustrating in a player's attempts to change there commutes and routing. But please keep us updated on the transit changes you are implementing to do the best you can with the traffic congestion situation ?
  22. your talking about a Linux version of SC 4 right ?
  23. wow, nice improvement here !
  24. Wow, Josh ! another super update here.. You did your typically great job with variety.. Kept us up to date on how the various communities are changing with population 's ( of course must areas are growing rapidly.) . Also a very good report on the traffic situation through out the areas..I was curious though about how this works in CS or if you knew what were the typical causes for this - Bayberry has been the only municipality in the region to see a population drop, falling from roughly 1,100 to 772 (as of this post.) As most of the time we are used to seeing population increases in CS..
  25. Ya your doing a great job so far.. i look forward to see what the finished product will look like..?