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  1. transit mania- ville

    Josh, thanks much for your reply.. Yes actually I was thinking more larger highway systems than the last city.. That was the one thing actually that disappointed me about the last city.,. was that I only had to upgrade to a basic elevated rhw-4.. ( some of that was because I over did the rails..) So the rail system ended up handling too much of the overall traffic than is to my liking.. But anyways yes that is one goal I have... And more of the NWM networks also ..
  2. transit mania- ville

    this is my first ever CJ or DD Hope you all like it. let me start off with a routing pic. I enjoy transit and function of it. This is the underground view of a station which has complex transfers to many different networks. This is a new station from the NAM, which is called the Modern Arch rail station. Thanks Brian
  3. transit mania- ville

    Pierre, thanks for your reply I am planning those area to be all residential ( if you notice the big black R's scattered in those areas, this indicates the later conversion from farms to later residential areas..) So I am hoping for the large land area i have bordered off to be large enough for all my jobs ( both industrial + commercial).. But the way I have this set up for the remaining land areas to contain the sim residents, if you notice the 2 land masses on both sides of the job area are not too large I think, and I am hopeful that I can manage traffic needs .with just 3 main modes of traffic types ( car, bus + Trams).. I will hold subway in reserve until needed as I typically do with my traffic infrastructure .. Also if i stay with the plan I mentioned to you in our last chat meeting, of gradually increasing the density of the R zones from very light near the outside edges of the map to very dense near the job center, than the biggest traffic challenge of course will be more toward the center of the map in the future. And also will require the most precise planning for traffic networks..
  4. transit mania- ville

    thanks Josh Okay so here is my first update of my new city called : CBD - Population 11,600 Various Highlights: 1) 2- main RHW highways 2) 3 -main GLR lines 3) all job zones centralized 4) Road-less Job zones ( GLR + PedMall)
  5. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    yup, just keep them . commin, they all look great !
  6. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Ya, your really on a roll with this for the time being... I like the different variations in each wrestler set.., Actually this particular model I like better than some of the others....
  7. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    ya thats is quite a bit of time to get these produced.. But i suppose for any quality work like this, you have to expect its going to take some time..
  8. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Wow, this is more than just a "couple" to me.. I am sure a lot of time . work, and effort went into producing this quality product or result..
  9. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Really nice uniforms, colors ,and textures also it really looks like you have accomplished a lot here since the last time you did an update for us....
  10. transit mania- ville

    Just a quick update: Of course I am going to continue to work on Ocean View until it surpasses 1 millions Sims at a minimum population level. But I am also planning on starting a new city in the Florida region soon..
  11. it looks good and everything looks well set up and ready to go.. now we just need players !
  12. sweet man and thanks ! summers are for MC ! lets get these MC players crackiin out here !
  13. Aldini's C:S Works

    Oh yes, my biggest traffic challenge in most of my cities in SC 4 , is a large and dense CBD But i will be interested in your further reports on this...
  14. transit mania- ville

    Ocean View Surpasses ( 900,000) Population !!!
  15. Post your Desktop!

    Cool looking desk top there, hika !
  16. Overwatch

    Ya sorry, i have never played the game i am still playing the same old 2 games i have been playing forever LOL In fact I have not played Civ V , for quite some time now. So really it has just been Sc 4. lately.. but i did give you a + 1 rep point for a super posting here my friend..
  17. Milestone Thread

    Thanks !, Donut This is my 1,500 posting ! And also Both Hika + Aldini have made postings today So we must be still doing pretty well for July posting total for the site ?
  18. Aldini's C:S Works

    Aldini , I agree that really looks super ! What a lovely developed CBD, WOW I think I especially like the night shot pic, that has to be my favorite man. Do those super towers cause a lot of extra traffic like they would in SC 4 ? Or perhaps traffic dose not work the same in CS ? Thanks for the superb update, Brian
  19. Milestone Thread

    congrats aldini ! As i also near. 1.500 postings !
  20. 1.12 - World Of Color Update

    No, I have not played MC for so long now,, But I know if i was still playing it, sure sounds like an interesting update to try
  21. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    ya those look great Omni ! new game eh ?
  22. Aldini's C:S Works

    Yes , it looks very nice Aldini Also I noticed , that you always have a great suburban sprawl.. Did you realize also your only + 1 rep points away from 100 ? A remarkable milestone you should be very proud of my friend !
  23. What are you listening to? v2

    a collection of beatles and post beatles solo efforts
  24. Omni's FirePro Wrestling Showcase

    Sure, thanks for starting the new topic.. also as I mentioned to you in chat, these are really great and your continuing to show a lot of improvment in your work with these + 1 rep
  25. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part δΊ”)

    4073 pina colada