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  1. 4006 At this rate 5000 will take about 10 years
  2. Gets a certain person. Inserts helium
  3. Cherub Rock - The Smashing Pumpkins
  4. Everything You Do Is A Balloon - Boards Of Canada
  5. @Aldini10 That one is also great, I'll have to listen to the entire album soon. Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  6. @Aldini10 Nice song! Had To Fall In Love - The Moody Blues
  7. Thanks, bbys. I have done some highway upgrades on that dual left segment, as well as preparations for new development across the river.
  8. Silversun Pickups - Nightlight
  9. NExt has released some new network types making dual left turn lanes possible. I've been wanting this for a while now so I'm quite excited about it. The main highway in the next shot, as you can probably tell, is quite crowded but traffic flows fairly smoothly other than the signaled intersections creating long backups. I've also set the speed limit to 80km (about 50 mph) on this stretch as well.
  10. I think a large part of the low activity levels is because a lot of people (myself included) have been in real life. If everyone really wants a re-design we can try it, but this sort of thing takes a lot of work and time which I don't think any of us on staff really have right now unfortunately.
  11. 3999!
  12. Long overdue update:
  13. 4000-3993 = 7
  14. 3986 We will reach 1,000,000 in no time!
  15. I think you're about to face another driver hospitalization