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  1. Besides CBDs, industrial districts create by far the highest concentrations of traffic in C:S, due to combining both the insane amount of trucks as well as commuters onto the same roadways. Your CBD is coming along really nicely, I'm looking forward to seeing this new metro!
  2. Brian is nearing 1,500 and I recently passed 5,500.
  3. Updated to clarify some important points.
  4. This update adds a variety of new colored decorative blocks, including concrete (light gray concrete is fantastic for roads) available in all colors as well as new "glazed terracotta" which looks like patterned clay. Oh, and stained clay is now called terracotta. Anyone else tried the update? What other new stuff has been added?
  5. Your skyline is really coming along and looking more full and mature (for lack of better terms ) I'm also liking your freeway-less arterial thoroughfares. How is congestion on these roadways?
  6. July is on track to be the most active month since January :)

    1. bben


      that is really great news Josh !

      see, there is still some life in the old site yet !

  7. Kaiser Chiefs - The Angry Mob
  8. Alice in Chains - Man in the Box (again)
  9. 4078 Yellow corn.
  10. 4075 Red leaf lettuce
  11. 4072 Russet potato.
  12. 4070 Celery!
  13. 4067 Zucchini!
  14. Gets chicken strips Inserts a hailstone
  15. 4064 Some variety of tomatoes