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  1. I've decided to start a player diary for my most recent endeavor, a region I'm calling Twin Lakes that is based on a heightmap of the Tampere, Finland area. This isn't a recreation of the Tampere area, but is instead a typical American city. I'm pretending districts are cities in their own right, but much like North American suburban sprawl you can hardly tell what suburb you're in because they're pretty much the same. 1.1 As of this original post, the region has a population of 111,117 spread across 9 individual municipalities (districts). The major city and most populous of these is Tampere (what else?) with a population of 67,543. Major suburbs include Aspen Park (15,935), Eagle Mountain (11,896), and Hemlock (8,188). Other suburbs include Peden (2,454), Bedford (2,315), and Preston Hollow (761) . Also located in the region are the small towns of Peaster (1,097) and Bayberry (855), which will be shown later. The metro area is served by two major highways - National Highways 45 and 320. 45 slices straight through Tampere with little access to local roads and businesses, and sees only light congestion at worst. 320, however, is one of the most congested roadways in the region. On the map below, NH 45 is shown in blue, NH 320 is shown in red. 1.2 An unexpected snowstorm moved in across the region overnight - leaving the entire city blanketed in snow and bringing temperatures into the single digits. Not exactly ideal for touring some of the prominent areas of Tampere, but alas... The city center has given way to high-rise condos and office buildings in recent years. The courthouse, cathedral, and some old Main Street businesses can be found here, along with the oldest residential development in the entire region. The city center also features the local college and a small shopping center. Located near the NH 45 and NH 320 junction is a large office park containing most of the city's high-rise office developments, as well as the region's largest shopping center. While traffic is always a headache on the 320 at 8 am, you'd think it would be worse given the snow and ice accumulation. Good thing the area schools and some of the area businesses are closed for the day. The coast is clear at this intersection along the 320 in Hemlock as what little slow plows the city had on call dig their way through the north side of the city. Gridlock, however, continues to plague the four-lane arterial as it runs adjacent to a severely over-crowded rail stop. Speaking of which, the trains still continue to to come and go through the railyard located in the oil districts between Hemlock and Tampere. To the north of the railyard and NH 45 is the region's largest Walmart and a random large condo development. Such developments are becoming increasingly common across the region. That concludes our tour, for now. Hopefully the weather will improve soon so we can take a look at Eagle Mountain, Peden, and the rural communities of Peaster and Bayberry. For now, we'll conclude with this stunning aerial photo.
  2. As the region's population continues to climb toward 200,000, let's take a look at some transportation improvements and some of the new development. The new red line station in Eagle Mountain. A level crossing along the red line rail in Tampere. Green line trains cross Peaster Eagle Mountain Road outside of Peden. The green line station in Peden. The work-in-progress intermodal transit center in Hemlock. An extension of the Grand Parkway is also in progress. The extension, will loop around the west side of Peden and pass south of the new development in Eagle Mountain and connect to the existing terminus at Highway 1320. The incomplete stack interchange at Grand Parkway and Highway 320 in Peden. A new arterial road and housing development seen in Peaster. Similar developments can also be found in Aspen Park and Tampere.
  3. Great work, although I'm interested in knowing which network capacity setting you use for the traffic simulator (medium, high, ultra etc). The central highway is what I do in most of my cities, mainly to connect residential areas to industrial and commercial in order to create massive highway traffic jams . Have you resolved the congestion issue on the RHW-2 near the rail station as you showed a few updates ago?
  4. Not your desk, your computer desktop. Explains itself. Just click the link: LINK
  5. Thanks TC and brian! Today, a short-ish update. Rapid expansion has necessitated the reconstruction of Peaster Highway in Eagle Mountain. Previously a two lane road with turn lane segments, the roadway is now a 2+2 configured arterial roadway with turning lanes at each intersection. This has thus far significantly reduced commute times and has provided more reliable access for inter-city traffic. The upgrades also included a new SPUI at the junction of Peaster Highway and Highway 320. Meanwhile, overcrowding at the Hemlock Station continues to worsen by the day. Calls for additional passenger rail services as well as a city bus line have been steadily growing louder. This station is served by the Tampere BlueLine, a rail line with four stops connecting the oil district to the west side of Tampere, including the Aspen Park area. While usage has been fairly consistent, the need for additional lines, especially heading south toward Eagle Mountain and Peden, have been growing. A few routes have been proposed, but none have been approved as of yet. A proposed intermodal transit center, indicated by the light blue circle, would connect the BlueLine and proposed red line to Eagle Mountain. In addition, a green line would begin near Aspen Park and connect the west side of Tampere to Peden. In addition, city bus lines with a central hub located at the intermodal center have been proposed. Finally, here's a traffic map. Problem areas shown in red include the Energy Corridor as well as areas surrounding the Hemlock Station, in addition to the northern portions of Eagle Mountain and, as expected, central Tampere. If approved, will the proposed city bus network and rail lines relieve pressure in these areas? We will soon find out.
  6. New thread since the old one got cluttered with videos and was laggy. DO NOT embed videos, links only. Rhinoceros - The Smashing Pumpkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVfWx9282y0
  7. This city is growing quite rapidly! I'm surprised you're keeping traffic levels fairly low throughout. What sort of configuration are you using for network capacities?
  8. Today, a population update on each of the municipalities Twin Lakes comprises, and some of the new development taking place. From the previous population update, Tampere saw an increase from 67,543 to 74,191, an 9.84% increase. Much of this new growth can be attributed to the fast-growing condo developments cropping up on the edges of the city, some of which we will soon see. Eagle Mountain's population nearly doubled, seeing an 87.69% increase from 11,896 to 22,328. Eagle Mountain is now the second largest municipality in the region, behind Tampere. A massive, rapidly expanding suburban development just east of Peden, as well as the regional condo expansion, are the primary causes for such a massive increase. Aspen Park is no stranger to the condo expansion, seeing a 6.67% population increase from 15,935 to 16,998. Aspen Park's population was recently overtaken by Eagle Mountain, meaning Aspen Park is now the third largest municipality in the region. Hemlock has also seen a population increase thanks to new low-density subdivisions in the area. The municipality saw a 33.06% population increase, up to 10,895 from 8,188. If any municipality could be considered a boom town, it would, without question, be Peden. Once a quiet town just outside the reaches of suburban expansion, Peden has begun to see the rapid condo expansion as well as large new low-density subdivisions. Peden was the fastest growing municipality by percentage, with a staggering 200.20% population increase, from 2,454 to 7,367. Peaster has also seen some staggering growth thanks to the new bypass route and regional hospital. Up to 1,927 from 1,097, this municipality has seen a 75.66% population increase. Bedford was the only municipality to see a population decrease, down from 2,315 to 1,920. Earlier predictions suggested this municipality could soon be home to nearly 30,000 residents, but thanks to low land value and budget constrictions, this new development could end up being a total flop. Will the population recover and will Bedford see prosperity? Only time will tell. Bayberry's population has seen some recovery, rebounding to 977. However, this still does not compare to the four-digit population this municipality experienced years ago. Finally, the affluent enclave of Preston Hollow saw a marginal population increase of 53 residents. This translates to a 6.96% population increase, up to 814 from 761. Next, let's take a quick look at three rapidly developing parts of the region. Firstly, we have what is being called the Energy Corridor (yes, also named after an area in Houston). Situated near the Grand Parkway and NH 45 junction, this area has seen rapid high-rise office development, as well as the addition of new condominium parks and big box retail development. Near highway 6320 and the Old Peaster Highway lies a new municipality, Lafayette Heights. With a population of 578 it is the least populous municipality in the region, but it is unlikely to remain that way for long. Finally, along the Peaster Highway lies a gigantic new low density residential development within the Eagle Mountain city limits. This area will soon be home to several new arterial roads and businesses. Current estimates show the area could be home to nearly 20,000 new residents in the next 10 years.
  9. 4029 *complaining about how much Mondays suck*
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  11. The Meddler - Chevelle
  12. @Aldini10 the two left turns yielding was recently implemented at one intersection in north Fort Worth also, at Heritage Trace and Beach. However, the intersection is interesting in that it was built for dual lefts, however the second left turn lane was never used until recently: https://goo.gl/maps/XLgi9tn7i9G2 The dual right was also implemented further down that road, at Beach and 820: https://goo.gl/maps/Y33uebdeNAF2
  13. A thread to discuss the many aspects of traffic engineering in the real world, and how it varies across cities and countries. I'll get started with one of my favorite aspects, traffic signals and in particular, left turns at signaled intersections: Many metropolitan areas across the US, such as Las Vegas, Dallas, and Portland, are installing new signal heads which replace the solid green light with a blinking yellow arrow for permissive left turns. Most of the new signal heads are similar to the one on the left in the above video, but a regular doghouse signal head can also be seen which displays a blinking yellow arrow in addition to the solid green. In addition, a steady yellow arrow is shown in addition to the solid yellow, which normally indicates a protected left about to turn red, instead of a permissive left as shown in the video. Also interesting is some "protected-only" three-state signals in Fort Worth, such as the ones at Basswood and Riverside are being re-programmed to allow for permissive left turns, without replacing the signal head. The yellow arrow blinks when in permissive mode, and then changes to steady before the signal turns red, regardless of whether the signal is in protected or permissive mode. What are your thoughts on these new traffic lights, and what are some interesting traffic light and traffic flow configurations where you live?
  14. 4021 You can never have as many posts as me if you only post once a month (Dreams of Having as Many Posts as god_donut)
  15. Great work here, good luck on reaching 1 mil!
  16. Thanks for the comments! @Aldini10 traffic on this road has started to rebound, but traffic flow is still much more manageable than previously. A very short update today to show the new interchange at the Grand Parkway and 45. This five-level stack interchange has significantly improved traffic flow on the 6320. It is missing connectors from eastbound 45 to northbound 6320 and southbound 6320 to westbound 45 due to space restrictions. The initial corridor study found these connectors to be unnecessary, and would not be practical to construct anyhow due to space constructions. For the most part, the nearby 1320 handles this traffic.
  17. @bben Thanks for the comments! Lack of jobs, low land value, and steadily increasing vehicle traffic have led to the decrease in population here. However, it shouldn't take much for the population to increase once businesses, schools, and more reliable infrastructure are added. @Aldini10 Thanks man! I'm thinking induced demand is at least a contributing factor to many of the main roadways throughout the map, although I'm not exactly sure how that works (if at all) in C:S. 3.1 As traffic continues to increase in the industrial areas on the east side of Tampere, the need for new roadways and improvement of existing roadways continues to grow stronger. One of several projects planned for this area recently opened, Regional Highway 6320, aka the Grand Parkway (yes, this is named after the outer loop in Houston). Through the oil districts, Grand Parkway was built as a 4-lane elevated freeway, initially built with 3 service interchanges. The highway will be expanded northward to Bedford when existing infrastructure can no longer effectively handle the traffic. For now, the highway abruptly terminates in the far west portion of Hemlock. Usage of the new highway has been fairly minimal starting out. The addition of extra service interchanges and extension to Bedford could increase usage. Grand Parkway doesn't start at the 45, however. The highway starts on the rural stretch of the 1320 where further transportation improvements are expected. However, at the 45 the highway discontinues on both the north and south sides. In addition, a much needed connector, westbound 45 to southbound 6320, does not exist as of yet. The southern portion of the 6320, which runs through mostly rural areas, was initially built to relieve pressure on the 1320 by providing an alternate route to and from the industrial center, and eventually, easier stoplight-free access to and from downtown. Here 6320 is seen looking northbound. Shortly after opening this stretch of the 6320, the regional transportation board identified the need for a connection between RH's 261 and 6320. Direct connector ramps would be highly impractical in this area due to terrain and generally light usage of the 6320. Therefore, a creative solution would be required. The solution was to re-purpose the old Peaster Highway, which starts on the 261, runs through Peden and west to Peaster. This improvement is perhaps the most significant, as it almost instantly resulted in significantly reduced traffic volume on the 261, with the 6320 now handling most of the traffic headed to central Tampere. In addition to the new connector, a short stretch of the 1320 was re-built as a divided highway to allow for easier future expansion of the roadway in this area as Eagle Mountain continues to grow. Overall, the numerous transportation projects in this area have proven to be a huge success, with vastly improved traffic flow through the region's busiest intersection. Here, the 1320 is seen looking northbound from the same perspective as in the previous update, but with reduced traffic. However, as northbound traffic on the 6320 increases, congestion at the 45 where the highway terminates continues to mount. What will be done to resolve the discontinuity of the Grand Parkway and provide a stable and efficient connector from the southeast portion of the region to central Tampere? We will soon find out.
  18. It's been years but if I remember right I couldn't get the steam version to work at all. The boxed version had a few graphics glitched and was laggy but no major issues.
  19. Thanks for all the comments! @bben I'm thinking of an extensive freeway upgrade, but this would require the acquisition of a large amount of ROW, especially near downtown. We will soon find out! 2.1 Of all the cities in the Twin Lakes region, Eagle Mountain has seen the fastest growth, increasing from a meager 2,000 residents to a staggering 12,231 (as of this post). Scenes like this are common as sprawling suburban developments overtake the forests and gently rolling hills south of town: The highway exit on the 320, Eagle Mountain shows little evidence of the rapid expansion... However, one doesn't have to look far. Regional Highways 261 and 1320 converge on the east side of the city, forming the single busiest at-grade intersection in the entire region. We also see a short-lived fire that recently took place here. Despite the rapid development, Eagle Mountain tries to balance small-town charm with big-city amenities. Looking northbound on the 1320, we see a traffic jam leading into the city center with the Tampere skyline in the background. Just south of Eagle Mountain on the 320 lies the town of Peden, which is beginning to feel the pressure of expansion. Positioned on a densely-forested hill overlooking the rest of the region, Peden enjoys some of the best scenery Twin lakes has to offer. 4 miles west of Peden lies the small town of Peaster. This quaint village is safe from urban expansion - for now. But even Peaster faces traffic issues, especially on the two-lane road which directly connects Peaster to Eagle Mountain. Now, we will take a look at Bayberry. Positioned about 5 miles west of Peaster (or 9 miles west of Peden), Bayberry has been the only municipality in the region to see a population drop, falling from roughly 1,100 to 772 (as of this post.) Let's wrap up with an aerial overview and another shot of downtown from my favorite perspective...
  20. Nice and compact, I like it
  21. I have the carcass of a 16 year old Compaq desktop in the garage, with a missing hard drive and CPU cooler
  22. Same as the past two months. Sorry about the badges for April, I'll do them for May or work out an alternative Competition starts midnight EST Wednesday and ends midnight EST Wednesday next week . Good luck!
  23. I'll use this for misc. C:S pictures of mine. I'm about to start work on a large highway upgrade project. It will double or even triple the road capacity in some locations, fix weaving problems, and improve traffic patterns in general, as well as rebuild problematic interchanges. It will also include a large sunken section near downtown, similar to the Big Dig. Pictures of the upgrade will be coming as I build it. Here's some photos of particularly problematic areas:
  24. Some heavy traffic. The large junction and the smaller one at the far right of the picture both have manually timed traffic lights, but this doesn't do much to alleviate extensive traffic jams through here. I've considered upgrades to this road but the area is too densely built up to make any upgrades feasible.