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  1. New thread since the old one got cluttered with videos and was laggy. DO NOT embed videos, links only. Rhinoceros - The Smashing Pumpkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVfWx9282y0
  2. I think you're about to face another driver hospitalization
  3. With Blake's permission, The Banhammer, a new and improved version of "If You Could Ban Someone" is now here. The original game has been locked as it seems that the two cannot coexist. Rules: You simply state a reason for banning anyone in the forums. The twist is, the person or people who has the best reason for banning will be "banhammered" and will be unable to play during the next round. And will have this on their profile. And in their posts: The last person to have received the banhammer will determine who it falls on next. The banhammer falls randomly most of the time outside of a time frame. It just likes to randomly go splat! [/endquotingsimlink] The idea came after Blake saw this game on another site (namely CSGforums) where it was very popular. Alright, so let's start. Someone ban me, don't be shy, come on...
  4. New registrations were somehow only allowing the characters "2" and "0" to be used in usernames over the past week or so due to a misconfiguration. Sorry for any inconvenience. -pupper
  5. Indeed, your ramps are so clean and smooth. Nice work.
  6. Time to kick out the farmers and replace it with transit corridor Looks good, what are your near-future plans for this city? Do you intend to use a lot of RHW here like in the previous city?
  7. Indeed, it's been great having you around again, come back and see us soon!
  8. 84 mph while carrying a MBT.. oh my Looking forward to more of this!
  9. What a lovely quaint small town! Can we see a zoomed-out view of your area next?
  10. That cruise ship in the first picture is about to have a wild ride
  11. We got a light dusting of snow last week, and now it's up to 76 again. Rain the next 5 days or so.
  12. Song 2 - Blur
  13. Monkey Gone To Heaven - Pixies
  14. Because you keep telling yourself that. Why have I not eaten anything substantial today?
  15. Down - Yuck
  16. I'll use this for misc. C:S pictures of mine. I'm about to start work on a large highway upgrade project. It will double or even triple the road capacity in some locations, fix weaving problems, and improve traffic patterns in general, as well as rebuild problematic interchanges. It will also include a large sunken section near downtown, similar to the Big Dig. Pictures of the upgrade will be coming as I build it. Here's some photos of particularly problematic areas:
  17. @7499275 To my knowledge, the vanilla game does not allow networks to be placed onto other networks. A mod such as Sharp Junction Angles (with built in Road Anarchy mod) is required. However, I've found that SJA does not allow pillars to be placed over road networks even with Anarchy turned on. This is where NoPillars is needed. Network Skins lets you change the pillar to something that isn't positioned right on top of the network below
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  19. Updated 1/11/2017, please re-read.
  20. @bben Thanks, more will definitely be coming soon. @7499275 It's regular CO rail. The No Pillars mod allows you to place it on top of other networks. Network Skins mod lets you change the supports to the overhead gate pillars.
  21. I've recently started working on a pre-made highway layout for a new city, here's a space-eating interchange and sunken stretch with el-rail over road through what will be the CBD:
  22. Excellent work on the rail interchange. I particularly like something about the landscaping in this area
  23. It will be quite difficult given the terrain, but good luck
  24. I agree with Aldini about the parclo, nice work