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  1. If I understand what you're saying, something like this wouldn't exactly be feasible, simply due to the sheer complexity of the templates, and not to mention all of the minuscule details. However, if a majority is really interested in a redesign, I'd be more than willing to accept input from the community and do a more gradual redesign/reorganization, like we did with SM3 all those years ago
  2. Gets shepherd's pie Inserts chicken fettuccine
  3. 4010 @Aldini10 https://youtu.be/-Tdu4uKSZ3M
  4. Belong - R.E.M.
  5. New thread since the old one got cluttered with videos and was laggy. DO NOT embed videos, links only. Rhinoceros - The Smashing Pumpkins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVfWx9282y0
  6. Gets a baked potato Inserts a chicken
  7. 4006 At this rate 5000 will take about 10 years
  8. Gets a certain person. Inserts helium
  9. Cherub Rock - The Smashing Pumpkins
  10. Everything You Do Is A Balloon - Boards Of Canada
  11. @Aldini10 That one is also great, I'll have to listen to the entire album soon. Lucky Man - Emerson, Lake & Palmer
  12. I'll use this for misc. C:S pictures of mine. I'm about to start work on a large highway upgrade project. It will double or even triple the road capacity in some locations, fix weaving problems, and improve traffic patterns in general, as well as rebuild problematic interchanges. It will also include a large sunken section near downtown, similar to the Big Dig. Pictures of the upgrade will be coming as I build it. Here's some photos of particularly problematic areas:
  13. @Aldini10 Nice song! Had To Fall In Love - The Moody Blues
  14. Thanks, bbys. I have done some highway upgrades on that dual left segment, as well as preparations for new development across the river.
  15. Silversun Pickups - Nightlight
  16. NExt has released some new network types making dual left turn lanes possible. I've been wanting this for a while now so I'm quite excited about it. The main highway in the next shot, as you can probably tell, is quite crowded but traffic flows fairly smoothly other than the signaled intersections creating long backups. I've also set the speed limit to 80km (about 50 mph) on this stretch as well.
  17. I think a large part of the low activity levels is because a lot of people (myself included) have been in real life. If everyone really wants a re-design we can try it, but this sort of thing takes a lot of work and time which I don't think any of us on staff really have right now unfortunately.
  18. Thursday, 10/24:
  19. 3999!
  20. Long overdue update:
  21. 4000-3993 = 7
  22. 3986 We will reach 1,000,000 in no time!
  23. I think you're about to face another driver hospitalization
  24. With Blake's permission, The Banhammer, a new and improved version of "If You Could Ban Someone" is now here. The original game has been locked as it seems that the two cannot coexist. Rules: You simply state a reason for banning anyone in the forums. The twist is, the person or people who has the best reason for banning will be "banhammered" and will be unable to play during the next round. And will have this on their profile. And in their posts: The last person to have received the banhammer will determine who it falls on next. The banhammer falls randomly most of the time outside of a time frame. It just likes to randomly go splat! [/endquotingsimlink] The idea came after Blake saw this game on another site (namely CSGforums) where it was very popular. Alright, so let's start. Someone ban me, don't be shy, come on...
  25. New registrations were somehow only allowing the characters "2" and "0" to be used in usernames over the past week or so due to a misconfiguration. Sorry for any inconvenience. -pupper