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  1. What are you listening to? v2

    Seether - Fake it.
  2. What are you listening to? v2

    Black Stone Cherry - Me and Mary Jane
  3. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3989 I think so, yes.
  4. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3987 A million in about 10 more years
  5. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Driver: Rocky (7499275) Age: 19 Hometown: Rostock, Germany Preferred Truck Design: Peterbilt Current Operating Truck: Peterbilt 389 series, 2004. Engine Power: 840 horse power Torque: 2,300 foot lbs Transmission: Eaton Fuller 18 gear, 14.40 rear ends Fuel Tank: 237 Gal Purchased: Brand new So guys more or less I'm just gonna keep track of my ETS 2 game here. Hope you all enjoy
  6. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Cargo: Steam Boiler From: Mannheim, Germany Destination: Stuggart, Germany Weight: 15 U.S Tons Made pretty good time if I do say so myself. No damage as well I think I might just be qualified for this line of work! And surprisngly this truck handles well at high speeds. Not as good as the old peterbilt but because I couldn't find the exact same mod I gotta wait till I'm level 16 to get the Pete back.
  7. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    Brian, look at the top right corner of the GPS, it shows the current speed. That is what Josh was making a comment too.
  8. Euro Truck Simulator 2

  9. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    On the 2nd load with the Peterbilt, there was a "minor" accident which resulted in the truck being totaled with less than 5000 miles on it, driver hospitalization for about a month and completely drained the company bank account. After driving for other companies, paying off debts and another bank loan our driver is back! With a new truck! 1970 Mack Superliner. Details on the truck coming soon! (after work tonight.)
  10. The Banhammer

    I'm sorry bby Banned for staying.
  11. The Banhammer

    Banned for being a moderator.
  12. transit mania- ville

    Got a little something I'm curious about, is there an advantage to having farms before you zone commercial or industrial? Or are you doing it just for the story line of your CJ?
  13. Cartersburg: A City You'll Love!

    The road work you laid out looks good. However I'm concerned that intersections being that close together is going to cause some serious grid lock in the area. Do you plan on adding in mass transit in the area or?...
  14. Chapter 1: Old Boots, New dirt Well hello and welcome to Charleston, this newly founded town is just starting to get its roots along the Black Water River! Now as with any town there are certain necessities, water, sewer and power. Mayor 7499275 had to really pull some strings on the county level to allow dumping sewage directly into the Black Water. The river actually runs into a protected National Forest Further down stream so typically dumping raw sewage into it would be a big no no. However 7499 was able to pull some strings with some good ol American green. (No I don't mean that green ) Once the utilities are up and running we began building our first new houses. The first few houses proved to be no problem from the local Government. Although the contractors were complaining about not having enough water. Who needs water when you're right beside the river! Am I right? I mean come on now, go skinny dipping, live a little. I mean who knows, maybe one of those people moving in is a nice tall 21 year old blonde Once we had a handful of people moved in (and maybe two handfuls of those blondes I was talking about) we realized they had no jobs unless they wanted to commute over an hour! Now, no one, I mean no one likes that unless your job pays you for your gas. The next challenge to us was the fact no large manufacturing plants wanted to move into a town where they had to pay out the backdoor just to haul the goods to be sold. So after throwing in a few tax breaks and other incentives those manufacturers agreed to begin building in Charleston providing jobs for the locals. Now this is great news and all right? Well you would assume so, a growing economy is a healthy economy until one manufacturer decides to go rouge. More on that later, stay tuned! TEASER!! The next major challenge is connecting two major highways to allow for goods to be easily transported out of the city which was part of the incintives agreement to get the companies to move in. Only one problem, remember that rouge company I mentioned earlier? Yeah they don't like this idea.
  15. My Goodbye...

    Hey everyone, its currently Monday, after tonight I won't be back in chat for a while. I'll try to lurk the forums from my phone, but the whole reason for this is. My laptop is currently being bought from Rent-a-Center. I am in need of a vehicle as mine took a crap and is not worth fixing. I need to be cutting expenses that I don't "need" This is just bull shite to no end. I was really enjoying being back and posting in the forums and being active with the community... Anyway guys, like I said after tonight I'll be lurking, just not posting too much...
  16. The Great (not so great) City of Charleston

    So due to my upcoming leave I figured why the hell not... Didn't get a before and after pic because my game crashed when 15 asteroids struck the city... At the same time. Some people want to watch the world burn.
  17. The Great (not so great) City of Charleston

    So guys, I need some opinions, what should I do to this open "park" area to liven it up a little? Nice little shoreline progress, tax income is actually becoming crazy. This picture I really wish I had it set to night time for this shot, I think its my favorite picture out of this whole city of mine so far.
  18. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    @pupper_donut Yeah she can haul some ass @Towncrafter She has the power behind her I couldn't even tell the 14 tons were there. Next load is gonna be something much heavier. I did alerady replace the transmission. The Eaton Fuller 18 gear with 14.40 gear ratio maxed out at going 85mph. I need some more speed @bben Yeah this game is pretty amazing, hell I don't even have the graphics turned up all the way yet either.
  19. Euro Truck Simulator 2

    First load with the new beast. Cargo: M-48 (United States Military Anti Aircraft) From: Hamburg, Germany Destination: Odensk, Denmark Weight: 14 U.S Tons So yeah just go ahead and ignore the spped I'm going with this load. I mean... I got a bad ass engine under the hood so it happens In all honesty though, my dad, uncle and cousin have all been truck drivers and it's something I've wanted to do for a very long time. Once I turn 21 in a year and a half this is what I plan on going to school to do.
  20. The Great (not so great) City of Charleston

    So again, as soon as I opened it up we had a random earth quake hit the city. Striking near the Eastern side of the city. Take out some road ways, part of a roundabout and some rail track. However though, I really like the way the close up looks now with this small ditch dug into it with the trees. I'm considering running some canals and dig more ditches to allow more water flow in and around the city. Not sure, what do y'all think? After rebuilding So the following picture was actually taken minutes before the earth quake struck. You can see the way the roadways and railways were laying before they got destroyed. Also a new district is being built out here! And lastly I now have a metro running below most of the city that is all connected so citizens can travel almost the whole city via public transport!
  21. The Vending Machine Game

    Gets monies and gurls Inserts monies and gurls
  22. Ask A Stupid Question, Get a Stupid Answer

    cause you need to sing it... WERK WERK WERK WERK Why are we asking questions?
  23. The Banhammer

    Banned for having a green avatar!
  24. The Great (not so great) City of Charleston

    Being on that ship would have been one hell of a ride! Actually my population did not shrink any because the way that the river sits it only went about a block and a half inland at most. Only had to rebuild 3 buildings with it.