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  1. WOW
  2. Some of those things seem unnecessary.
  3. I'd drive on that highway so hard.
  4. Moody Blues + of course you're always listening to REM Roy Harper for me. Amazing folk artist.
  5. Your city's very realistic looking, I love it. And those highway corners... such soft curves... so.... sensual...
  6. Nurn Grows Day by Day As everyone probably wants to see, here's some growth... just a little though. Can't let anyone get too excited now. Wow, what the hell is this? These farmers are funny, thinking they can last much longer as the pollution and noise interrupt their day to day operations. Their crops yield less with each passing season, the dirt farming a plight upon the ritzy wealth of central Nurn. .. ...well would you look at that, they've already abandoned their homes! Not looking too bright for agriculture. Immigrants want some of that prime downtown land before this place gets too populated! Some of them see the potential. Finally they sold out...! It's about time too, marina expansion propositions are starting to pop up down at City Hall. Residents are starting to wonder why agricultural zoning and those nice down to earth farmers still think they have any business and gall trying to operate on Nurn island. While it's not a farm, many agreed to keep the rare block of redwoods that still grow this far within the city limits. It's a miracle they're even still alive! As Nurn's first official park, residents are appalled to see unused land fall into government hands under the premise of... ugh... "beautification" as they call it. Although once the planned paths and parkland is built the others will be happy to have a place to sit read books like Atlas Shrugged in public so that they can prove how intellectual and informed about capitalism they are to all the other sims. Despite their differences the Sims will have to learn to deal with each other some day. They all live on the same island (not "technically" an island) after all. That's all for now! Tell me what you want to see of Nurn and Gorgoroth in the future.
  7. Brian, thanks, eventually urban land and roads will spread, but this is such a rare sight development probably wont touch the islands pierreh: Yes a park is what I was thinking. The fields are tilled by the gnomes. No one's ever seen them though...
  8. Brian and donut, don't worry, more growth further inland and near the mountains shall come soon. Thanks frex and mayor M! Pierreh, an island eh? Well lets visit lake Linnaewen then! Lake Linnaewen Lake Linnaewen is pretty far off the beaten path. But there's almost two whole islands in this lake! In the treeless tundra of the NW, very little action occurs aside from the usual Caribou migrations. and yet here lies a curious little place. Some little abandoned settlement leaves its remains on two islands. The lost village has no vestige of its past. Nor any memory of the adjacent island. Both remain shrouded in mystery, as any evidence of what happened to this colony was lost long ago. However the towering stone monument has a strange ancient aura about it... Thats all for now. Let me know what of Gorgoroth you want to see in the future/
  9. Just share pictures of your favorite cities towns, or anything even architecture related. Wallpapers, random pics or your own photos, it doesn't matter. Edinburgh's a beautiful city for example.
  10. Appreciate the comments! pierreh, I know what you mean, what Im going to end up doing is probably get some mmps to make my own beaches, and I haven't figured out a way to fix that glitch either... Nurn Lighthouse Let's visit Nurn's first lighthouse on the edge of the central island. It's home to some fantastical trees. The trees are a critically endangered species due to tree poaching for black market furniture. The island is the last place on the planet this peculiar species exists, and will probably be extinct in the wild within the next few years. Scientists took seeds for preservation however, in hopes to revive them. The coastline of the region is rocky and rugged, trashed through the ages by countless tides and ocean waves. The wealthier residents enjoy their leisure time. More and more moor their boats in the tiny inlets and bays that dot the coastline. A lot of snobs live here... Nurn's growth rate has tripled in the last year. There's much to be done in order to upgrade Nurns infrastructure in the coming years, and not enough money to do so. That's all for today. Tell me what you want to see next time!
  11. The way the cities are set up remind me of cities out of the old Pokemon games for some reason. I like it.
  12. ty m8
  13. I'm down. May or may not play but I at least want to check out the world.
  14. Thanks frex Update 2: Waith Townships So if you refer to the image in the last update, you can know this area is south of Nurn down the coast. Waith is not one town, but three towns and the rural areas on this coastline. Instead of registering themselves as three separate towns the residents almost unanimously decided it'd be simpler to just incorporate a whole area rather than clumps of houses. Lets take a trip down and visit these collections of hovels. First we arrive at Waith One. This town has developed into a nice retreat for the wealthier citizens of Nurn to visit on the weekends. Now aside from the occasional matrix glitches the beach is usually a nice place to go. (Sorry about the mini-maps and other crap, Ill try to be more professional in the future.) Waith Two is the largest town in the Waith area. Due to its central location the the school and church are located above this town. Finally here is Waith Three, the southernmost village in the whole county. There is currently a bill going through the government offices to have the monopoly kown as Pedrina Agricultural Business Conglomerate LLC ™ banned, or at least severely limited in the region put forth by YIMBY advocates. The whole area is proving very provocative for farmers and ranchers immigrating into the region. The region is being mapped more and more by explorers sent into the wilderness. After viewing the windswept near Tundra like region to the NW, and the rugged fjords of the east, it seems this treed peninsula was the perfect place to set up a colony. (Full 4800x3000 image > ) That's it for now. Be sure to tell me what I'm doing wrong, right, or what you want to see more of in future updates.
  15. TC and ben: Thanks guys! This region is developing very fast due to it's small size atm, I already have more pics lined up. pierreh: thanks for commenting! I also always built in mostly flat regions along with past cities being mostly eye-candy while now I'm just trying to play the game and have fun, so this is a learning experience for me too! And yea, I usually take names from the real world, though this time I have a map of Middle Earth and Beliriand I've been taking names from. (Look out for other references too later on!)