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  1. I'd love to join in. Pictures are broken on my end though.
  2. Overwatch

    Do you play this? Who's your main? Mine is Reaper. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overwatch_(video_game)
  3. Post your Desktop!

    And I'm not even a D.Va main.... (that's the character in this image, from Overwatch)
  4. What are you listening to? v2

    Open Your Eyes - Alter Bridge
  5. Your internet speed

    Double post (apologies), but I tried a new service to test my speed (one that uses HTML5 for better accuracy), and it gave me a better speed:
  6. Cartersburg: A City You'll Love!

    I laid out the roads like that on purpose - that will be the older section of town, like a downtown section, if ya know what I mean. Thanks for the compliments on the sequence too! I planned to do it that way as well.
  7. Cartersburg: A City You'll Love!

    Chapter 2: The Town Is Here! It was hard work, but we finally got the town's roads in place! I think it's a good start on roads. The road system seems good for a small town... for now. The exit will go where the "double bridge" exists. Though, now that I think of it, we should probably make a few more roads to make the road systems look evener. Ah, and here's the exit too! The exit has been built! Now to get started on services.... soon. Here's how the road structure looks from the ground up: As every town needs, we need to put services in, to protect and service the townspeople. For a start, let's put a fire and police station and call it a day. I'm a little tired from building all those roads! The police and fire stations respectively, which look a little bumpy due to the hilly terrain the town sits on. Doesn't the view from the top look just lovely?
  8. Omni"s Modeling Showcase

    Pretty house. Loving the wooden texture on the front! And I also hope the plugin is inexpensive.
  9. Chapter 1: Roads Today is a new day. I, Mayor Carter, have just bought a large amount of land for a city I declare Cartersburg. Luckily, the land is right next to an interstate, so we can have access to major roads right away - no need to contract new highways yet. We plan to call this city a "city you'll love", and we believe it will be. The interstate that includes the land. What a wonder of land! While we're at it, let's go ahead and lay out some roads. Of course, the interstate exit is very important. We've also laid out a bridge over the existing Trans-Continental Railway, a cross country railway that is important to transporting goods, which we plan to utilize later - it's very important. The beginning of an Interstate exit, as well as the bridge over the railway. Will it be tall enough? We'll see. Up Next! Let's lay out some roads! Will they be grid, or a beauty of engineering? We'll see!
  10. How's the weather?

    It will be 54F tomorrow with rain and dense fog.
  11. What are you listening to? v2

    Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy
  12. The Banhammer

    Banned for being third place in the awards.
  13. transit mania- ville

    I agree, kick out the farmers for some transit. xD Nice work! Very good start.
  14. Power Problem

    Glad you got it fixed.