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  1. Glad you got it fixed.
  2. Good luck! I'll join in on this again.
  3. Prosilver. I'm lazy.
  4. http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/envelope/cotown/la-et-ct-charter-time-warner-cable-20160517-snap-story.html I know I'm late, but what do you think of this? I'm excited for the 60mbps speed increase myself, from 15mbps.
  5. Default. Didn't even know there were others.
  6. LIKE I WOULD by Zayn Don't ask.
  7. THIS!!! is good. Thanks!
  8. Hello, welcome and enjoy here. Come into the chat if you want at http://donutdev.xyz/smchat/
  9. Middle by DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine
  10. We did it, congrats everyone!
  11. I need to get C:S on my Steam again.
  12. Oooh! I'm definitely gonna use this once I install SC4 again.
  13. Because stupid is as stupid does. Do you know what movie that's referencing?
  14. Aw, that stinks! Stupid computers, corrputing files....
  15. Here's a picture of one of my city's many projects, The Palladium Carmel. It's a concert center built a few years ago: