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  1. Life is Feudal: Frex's Home

    To build the hut you have to have 150 clay and 5 building logs I have found my first Fruits of the Earth which is a large vain of copper ore My small orchard is looking good and I'm about to harvest my first Batch of apples And lastly My small farm is planted and i hope for a bountiful harvest
  2. Life is Feudal: Frex's Home

    As a new day breaks I have completed a tiny plaster shack
  3. Life is Feudal: Frex's Home

    Thank you very much. It is a very challenging game that requires a little bit of time to advance in but over all one of the more fun games i have played (P.S) chat is very interesting at times on different servers
  4. This is my first post for my adventures in Life is Feudal Enjoy This is the begin of my settlement which is currently just a straw bed This is the start of my mine in which my settlement will flourish from.