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  1. Rennmont County

    I usually don't mind, but this update dealt almost entirely with MacOS and Linux stuff, and since I'm a Windows user, it did almost nothing for me except for break my mods. I may start up a Guild 2: Renaissance journal in the mean time...
  2. Rennmont County

    Thanks guys. CO just updated the game about 4 or 5 days ago and broke just about every mod in existence in the process. I'm waiting for all the ones I find important to be updated before I load up the game again.
  3. Rennmont County

    I hadn't been down to Hemdale since taking the pictures of the farming area with the crops growing, but apparently, after they were ready for harvest, traffic started to get BAD on that fancy raised roundabout interchange. It was backed up for miles. This required immediate remedy, so I set out to exchange the interchange with something that would handle the traffic better. This is what I came up with... It handles all the traffic the area throws at it pretty decently. On the way back home, my driver took a wrong turn and we ended up over by the rail yard. It's really the first time I've been over there in a long time. It's completely full up now, and working very efficiently in getting goods to and from Rennmont County. I have received word from the Governor that he's actually mulling the idea of asking me to put a cargo port to the south of the rail yard, still just hearsay at this point though. I'd definitely be up to the task though. If you look at the picture I took of the checkpoint at the rail yard, you'll see the "easter egg" in the background, that being the primordial CBD, Renault Park. Here's another early stage photo: We enticed lots of bigger business by lowering office and commercial taxes. Right now we're flush with cash, so taking a hit on the income isn't killing us (yet). Here's another excellent photo of Renault Park at night... It looks so nice lit up like that. The influx of office jobs demanded a much higher level of education than many residents of Rennmont County had, which prompted us to commission an accredited university. This was a major project, and took time away from further developing Renault Park, which may have been a good thing, as doing this first allowed citizens to get their education squared away before we threw more jobs their way. The university was christened Emerson University. We're still deciding on a mascot for the university, but here's a picture of the main campus. You can see the college even has it's own sports arena off to the right. The university caused a suburb to spring up, in what seemed like overnight, we called the new suburb Burnsborough. Burnsborough then gives way to a new high density residential area Emerson Park, which quickly turned into an upperclass neighborhood housing over 34,000 residents. Here's a photo or two of the new neighborhoods. Here's a more recent shot of Renault Park, it's grown up quite a bit since the previous picture. Here's a shot of the Rennmont Regional Hospital, located in the heart of Renault Park. Don't worry, I wasn't visiting for anything serious, just wanted to get a shot of the skybridges between the two hospital buildings. Since I generally leave you guys with one of these, here's an aerial shot of the developed region so far... Pretty nice, eh?
  4. Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

    Really nice. Love the look of this's too bad the executions falls short...
  5. Rennmont County

    I played for about 6 hours I have a rather large update coming. Anyone figure out what the upcoming big project was based on the last set of photos?
  6. Rennmont County

    It very well may, but I haven't figured out a way to do it that is efficient. Remember, Traffic Tool does it once, on command, a mod like the toll booth one would have to do it every single simulation step update. It also requires the use of a mod that was broken in the last update and hasn't been updated, the Building/Asset AI changer. Without this, it's pretty useless, as it's a custom building AI.
  7. What are you listening to? v2

    Grand Belial's Key - Judeobeast Assassination
  8. Rennmont County

    I actually wrote a mod that allowed for toll booths to collect money. The only caveat is that the amount is figured from the total amount of cars on the map, because there's no efficient way to figure out how many cars are on a particular type of road.
  9. Rennmont County

    I finally got some shots of the industrial area while it wasn't dark or raining, it's separated into two distinct regions, Industrial Park East is entirely warehouses and small manufacturing, while Industrial Park West is home to more traditional factories. Here's a picture of IP East from the overpass that leads out to the train yard. and here's a picture of IP West from the same overpass: Here's the entrance to the train yard, with the weigh station, and inspection lot. Everyone entering the train yard must go through this checkpoint. Both Colossal Mills and ZCo Manufacturing leased the empty lots within the train depot and set up factories there. The lease revenue was a tremendous boon that allowed us to stop worrying about finances for the immediate moment. We also finished the beautification projects within Fenswick Park, so it's looking a lot less bare. I also managed to get out to Franklin Farms and Hemdale Farms for pictures of the farms after the crops started showing... If you look closely at the pictures, you'll be able to spot Rennmont County's next big project, financed by the Colossal Mills and ZCo. leases...
  10. Life is Feudal: Frex's Home

    LiF has more in common with Wurm Online/Unlimited than it does with Minecraft. While they both allow for you to "survive", that's pretty much were the similarities end. LiF is more punishing and definitely more of a grind than Minecraft, which is a pretty casual game (not using "casual" as an insult here).
  11. Rennmont County

    Here's a link to the main piece... There's a steam collection with all the required props and assets in the description.
  12. Rennmont County

    So quick update about the train station and industrial area, The cargo yard was a huge success, and trains from all over have been using it regularly. The road system seems to hold up nicely even with the increased stress of traffic. The industrial area hadn't been piped yet in that photo, so no buildings had developed, however once we got basic services laid down, the area took off. Unfortunately, it kept raining and raining, and I couldn't get a good photo. I'll head back over there soon and snap one for you guys. The additional manufacturing creates additional waste, and our current waste management facilities were just not up to the task of taking care of it, so we invested heavily in a green option and built a gigantic recycling facility to manage all the waste. This facility is capable of processing large quantities and produces very little in the way of pollution, which is exactly what we were hoping for when we invested in the facility. Unfortunately, it's not cheap to run, so we'll have to keep an eye on the budget for the time being. However, the influx of manufacturing jobs should balance out the cost of such a huge recycling plant. There's a developed Hemdale Farms. The fields are newly planted, so there's not a lot of visible evidence of them yet, but trust me, they're there. And here's Franklin Farms, same deal, not a ton of evidence of planting yet, but give it a few months... I'll leave you guys, as usual, with an overhead shot of the developed region. You can see that the industrial district did indeed take off (I promise, pictures are coming), you can also see the relative size of the new recycling facility, just outside of Fenswick Park, by the coast. While waiting for the budget to stabilize after the construction of the recycling facility, the city counsel thought it would be a good idea to make some beautification jobs top priority since they should be relatively inexpensive while we wait for things to even back out.
  13. Rennmont County

    Thanks, I also really liked that high school shot. The angled parking lot is a pretty neat effect that I really didn't "intend" to get, it just sort of happened due to the way the parking lots fit on the road. I hope to work more on the industrial area tonight, but it depends on what's going on with the family tonight.
  14. Rennmont County

    I tediously concreted and graveled the area myself, otherwise it would be all open grass, which looks really bizarre to me. It's probably about 150 cells x 80 cells (don't have the exact specifics off the top of my head), so even with the sub-building enabler to allow for larger footprints, it's still much too large to be a custom asset. It's also a WIP, right now I just put the basics down to sort of give me a working footprint, there will be other stuff going on, and it won't be so "bare".
  15. What are you listening to? v2

    Not a problem, I'll keep it to text links in the future.