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  1. Nice city journal best one so far that I have seen.
  2. Nice job there keep it coming nice rail way.
  3. Nice but only 3 pictures ?
  4. Nice work but possibly maybe add more pictures in the near feature
  5. Not much to say on this city journal but good work I plan to play cities skylines once I get my new gpu this week after the holidays
  6. Nice city I plan to play Cities skylines once I get my new gpu in the mail this week
  7. Hello I am HitM@N known as Greg glad to be back on the site.
  8. as you can see I took a screen shott of the Wind you can see its blowing with this view
  9. As you can see I have started to creat a trade depot for all my good stuff such as Iron and coal and oil and metal.
  10. Indeed it is horrible looking the rail bridge I did not make that lol.
  11. there big streets so when u get higher lvl you get sky scrapers. thanks K50
  12. Welcome to my Simcity 2013 City a small town not very larg but but as we move on it will grow larger.
  13. LOL this was a good Aprils 1st fools joke you had me going I almost started to like sc2013 again lol good one
  14. one of the best regions since I seen so Far I ever seen very nice story line too it also .... again very nice indeed