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  1. Alright folks, your medals should be up if you received them! I have discovered that there are a few glitches on certain themes. If you are on the default theme you should be able to view this no problem. To do this, access your user control panel ("My User CP" in the top right corner), click "Edit Options" on the left side, and under Other Options, select "Use Default" for Board Style, and you'll be good to go! If you have questions feel free to contact Blake or Link (not me) about it. Thanks again folks!
  2. The results are in! Thank you all very much for making my fourth and final time running the SMPCA's a great one, we have some very well-deserving winners this year! We are displaying the results a little differently this year. With that said... Click here to view the results! As always we encourage all of our winners to post their acceptance speeches and thank-you's in this thread. We encourage everyone for everyone to congratulate this years winners in this thread as well. If you won a medal, you should see it very soon on your profile! We are also working on making the medals present on every post like we used to on the old site so any previous winner will see their colorful array of medals soon. You may receive a private message confirming that the medals are on your profile when this happens. Thank you again for your participation, and for the winners, on behalf of the administration, we applaud you for your noticeably prevalent positive impact you have made on the site for the past year, and congratulate you on winning one of Simmania's most prized awards.
  3. Exceptional song Link John Newman - Love Me Again
  4. We haven't had any new nominations in several days folks! I would love to see a last-minute surge in nominations like we had last year, there's just over 18 hours left to nominate! THIS IS IT until next year! Nominate! Hurry!
  5. That's almost longer than the essay I wrote for English this weekend! But I'm looking forward to your edgier new Hold District... are you going to trademark this BOLDER NEW HD ?
  6. 32 nominations now folks! You have just over a week to nominate, let's see how many we can do EDIT: You were previously unable to nominate anyone for "BATer of the Year". Please go nominate users for that category, as it has been put back onto the form. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, I just noticed it. :\
  7. Your Union Party description is definitely not centre-left as much as it is right Oh and your descriptions are very nice by the way
  8. 3330 Because you like potatoes, obviously
  9. 15 nominations currently in as of early this evening... that's a good start, let's have another 15 submitted in that same amount of time again!
  11. 3327 And yes, that is Simlink in the picture (not really)
  12. Wow Cheese, there's a lot going on there
  13. Since the holiday season in 2010, Simmania's members have been recognizing the best accomplishments by their fellow members in an annual event known as the Simmania People's Choice Awards (or the SMPCAs). For the fourth straight year, this fun event will occur, and it all starts today! This is a big event, but we need YOUR help to make it happen. Over the last three years, we have received 176 nominations and given out 33 awards. 13 of those awards and 108 of those nominations were last year alone, so we are hoping to live up to last year's standards. I cannot say this enough - every nomination counts. That one nomination for an award could very well decide who will win it. We encourage all of you to join in this event and nominate. The deadline for this event has been set for SATURDAY, 16 NOVEMBER 2013 at 20:00 GMT. Click the link to make sure you convert the time to your current location so you can make sure it doesn't pass you by! NOMINATING NOMINATIONS HAVE NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO PARTICIPATED! CLICK HERE, and read the directions on the page you end up at. PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING WHEN YOU NOMINATE â€â€Nominate users by their username on Simmania. Don't use nicknames or real-life names. â€â€You must have a registered username on Simmania to nominate for the SMPCAs. You also must have a registered username on Simmania to be eligible to receive an SMPCA award. â€â€Pushing people to nominate for the awards is acceptable and encouraged: pushing people to nominate for one person specifically is not. "Campaigning" for an award will be shut down by the administration. We'd appreciate it if you not observe a user asking people to nominate them or someone else. â€â€To maintain the integrity of the awards, any nominations in which you nominate yourself will be discarded. Further, you may not create an account for the sole purpose of nominating your main account. Those nominations will not count either and the second account will be made indefinitely inaccessible. â€â€Do not send your nominations via private message to any account on the website - this includes staff members! In 2010 and 2011 we did this, but we have not done it since. Please make sure to use the form. â€â€Your nominations are confidential. You should not disclose your nomination to anybody who solicits you about it, even if they seem official. The Simmania staff will not ask you about your nominations. â€â€The form will not prevent you from nominating the same person twice for the same award. You are only allowed to nominate a user for a particular award one time. If you nominate the same user for the same award twice (or more than twice), only your first one will count. THIS YEAR'S CATEGORIES They are all the same as every other year. If you would like to introduce a new category, we encourage discussion for new ideas in this thread or on twitter to @SimmaniaForums The categories that are currently on the form are as follows: â€â€The Pro Gamer | Nearly half of Simmania’s posts are from forum games. This award is awarded to the community’s favorite forum-gamer. â€â€A Newbie's BFF | The aspect of a welcoming community is one of Simmania's primary things to gloat about in regard to other fansites. This award goes to the member who is the friendliest in welcoming our new members. â€â€The Community Center | The Community Activities forum (amongst others) are a unique place with many events for members to take part in, from contests of the best picture, to sports leagues to compete in. This award goes to the member who is a staple in the community of Simmania. â€â€Teacher of the Year | We all learn something from someone. Whether it's constructing a BAT or remodeling your house, this award goes to our favorite teacher in the Simmania community. â€â€The One Who Can't Shut It | A fan favorite, this adequately-named award goes to the Simmania member who just loves to talk (this is a compliment - not an insult!) â€â€Employee of the Year | A lot has happened in Simmania this year that has required the presence of our fabulous staff members. This award goes to the all-in-all best member of the staff. â€â€Developer Diary of the Year | The Developer Diaries are the heart of Simmania, and all the other city simulator fansites. The writer of this standout developer diary this year will earn this coveted award. â€â€Most Aesthetic Developer Diary | This award goes to the developer diarist whose work looks the nicest and "flows" the best. â€â€Most Helpful DDer | The only thing better than an awesome Developer Diary is a helpful writer who gives advice and answers the questions they get. This award will go to the most helpful and inspiring Developer Diary writer on Simmania. â€â€BAT Team of the Year | This award will go to the BAT team that has made the greatest impact on the Simmania File Cave this year. â€â€The Year's Best BAT | The Simmania File Cave is home to some great BAT's created by our members. This award will go to the creator of the BAT creation the community deems the best this year. â€â€BATer of the Year | Simmania is a game that would have ceased to exist many years ago if custom content creators did not exist. Simmania's most inspirational and creative BATer will claim this award. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Who runs the SMPCAs? Primarily K50 and Simlink. When will the winners be announced? The winners will be announced after all of the nominations have been organized, counted, and verified to be legitimate by the organizers of the event. This will be a short while after the deadline. What color are the medals this year? As always, this thread has a few hints... but we keep that a surprise! Who receives awards in a tie? After all of the award categories in which a member with a winning plurality have been counted, awards in categories in which there is a tie between two or more members are given to the member that has received less awards outright. In other words, lets say two members are nominated for a category, and one of those members will already be winning two awards, and the other member will be receiving a number less than two, the latter will win the tiebreaker. We don't slip in nominations "under the table" to force a winner in tiebreakers. How do I know how many nominations were cast for an award? Also, how do I know how many nominations I received this year overall? That information is withheld by the organizers of the SMPCA. We will release the number of total nominations received on the date of the deadline. What is the Jack of All Trades award? The Jack of All Trades award goes to the member who had the highest ratio of total nominations to awards won. Basically if a member got a lot of nominations and was always barely beat out, they will probably end up winning the Jack of All Trades award. Something else? Ask it in the thread below.
  14. I have a facebook and an instagram. And I'm not sharing anything about them right now