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  1. Mayorm, I thank you for a great community taht has allowed my to build upon my SC4 skills, but has also gave me skills I can carry to other hobbies. I can go on an on, but thanks for starting a great community full of great friends. -Tom H
  2. West of the Mississippi?
  3. Colorado?
  4. North Dakota?
  5. How about right here? Tomei Expressway looply thing? If I'm right, I would like to give the turn to who ever posts next (besides TC), I need to find some really good ones, and that can take some time, and I wanna give someone else a chance. Is that okay?
  6. North or south of the center of Tokyo, or is it in Tokyo?
  7. If not the UK, Japan or somewhere in Asia?
  8. Yup, that's it! I was driving down that road, and I thought this would make a good one. Your Turn TC!
  9. It is north of I-70 if you consider the location of it around DC. It is an even number, and it is nether a one or two digit highway. The Northeastern U.S. is not all New England, but I understand. I think it is far enough along this one to say that the winner has to give a location of where the street view picture was taken? Once you guys figure out the highway, you have to narrow down to where along the 130.23 mile stretch of the highway is this. I think this is fair?
  10. No, No, No, and No. Look back, it is not in New England.
  11. No and No.
  12. Here is a hint, it is a U.S. Highway.
  13. No.
  14. No.
  15. Yes.