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  1. Calm the Fire - Alter Bridge
  2. Thanks a lot guys. I appreciate it. I've built an interchange right over the river and I think it looks very nice. Imgur link to prevent a jpg attack. Thanks for looking!
  3. Reminds me of the movie Up. You have an excellent array of farm types. Sad to see them begone
  4. So I've done some more zoning and have extended the highway quite a bit. This new development prompted finishing up some service interchanges. Expressway usage is now much higher than before, with most vehicles (about 85%) being cars. This image shows the new highway extension, finally connecting the local freeway to the regional roadway. Obviously, it's under construction. The parkway leading south is intended to incite more development on the other side of the river. More work will continue later on...
  5. @bben, what you're seeing is a mash up of both data views you mentioned from SC4. The pie chart is a mod that I've installed, which shows the total amount of traffic using the selected segment of roadway in the instant you clicked on it. The red lines are the paths of the vehicles that are shown on the chart. The data view shown where everything is white is part of the vanilla game. This shows the volume of traffic. If you look on the top of the picture you can see my highway there is reaching moderate traffic volume (orange).
  6. Small one today, I'm glad to update you with this traffic report on the local expressway. As you can see, it brings most residents to their jobs and back home. This is the highest amount of vehicles on the freeway so far, and checking it now the morning commute doesn't dip below 60 vehicles/hr from 5-11 am. It's usually a very steady stream of 80 vehicles per hour at those times. An increase in residential zoning within the next few years will really help to bring more attention to this roadway. This is only eastbound, but I imagine the numbers must be similar westbound for the evening rush hour.
  7. Superb work on those farms! Ocean View sure is a fitting name for this city.
  8. Banned for not letting me know about it before
  9. Banned for not updating your text to say you are green instead of red.
  10. It's been some time now, so once again an update is needed. The city has developed quite a bit. I constructed a new freeway following the river for local traffic traveling to the industrial and office sections. Residential area interchange. I'm really happy that citizens are using this expressway. Not a lot can use it since it's on the edge of the city but I anticipate more traffic once the city sprawls farther out. Office area feeder ramps Industrial district. Latest aerial view. I'm planning on rezoning the lots on the right adjacent to the river since homes won't build there for some reason. It looks like a good area for another industrial district. What do you think? Thanks for looking!
  11. Orange Crush - REM
  12. Thanks for returning and all the quality company and content you've given us. It was a pleasure to have you around here frequently. I am optimistic that we will have you around like before!
  13. Gets drugs Inserts a RATM album
  14. Gets dial up. Inserts a villain.
  15. Banned for not inviting me to ban members.