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  1. Definitely an interesting set of images...
  2. I've started working on a new city a while ago. Main soon to be downtown area. The main downtown school buildings with associated green space/parks. Cookie cutter subdivision in the middle of nowhere. More to come...
  3. 4025 Let it roll!
  4. I welcome this relatively new signal configuration, as now motorists have the option to go instead of waiting an entire signal cycle to pass before they are allowed to continue. It's a pain; however in major intersections it should be obvious that they have not implemented this system, especially with the 2 left turning lane intersections. The example signal heads shown with 2 left turning lanes yielding to oncoming traffic seems like a bad idea though. It's already dangerous enough while turning when someone cuts you off before you've finished crossing the intersection. There is a configuration of 2 right turning lanes in my city, where you cannot turn on red, with dedicated signal heads. I've never seen that type of setup done before.
  5. 4022 A dream is a dream... But you can make it a reality.
  6. Incredible traffic solutions! I especially like how much usage was removed from the 1320, it seems like a quaint quiet area now. I must say your map has so many things happening at once, it feels like every screenshot is a picture of a different city. You really do maximize your land usage along with making areas appear isolated. Immaculate effort!
  7. Failure - Wonderful Life
  8. I really love all your CJ updates, man! This is really a great series of posts. Do you think induced demand is what's bringing the main roadways to reaching gridlocked status?
  9. 4012 [insert more characters here]
  10. 4008 Well, how about YES!!
  11. Gets a balloon. Inserts a spray tan
  12. Song from SimCity 4 - No Gridlock
  13. Indeed it is an excellent song. Katatonia is very good. Katatonia - Costernation Had To Fall In Love - The Moody Blues
  14. Katatonia - My Twin
  15. Looks good. Excellent use of the asymmetrical roads!