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  1. Yes - Starship Trooper
  2. Satellite views
  3. Gerry Revolved Every Egregious Nerd NEXUS
  4. Melvins - At The Stake
  5. Yes, I will attempt to reach 250,000 citizens eventually. The CBD is a bit naked right now so that pop increase will add a proper urban sprawl surrounding the towers. I'm working on that asap.
  6. The sims must love driving on that freeway. Cars will fly with the enormous abrupt elevation changes!
  7. Thanks. I have another set of screenshots.
  8. Thank you! I will indeed continue to work on this one. This one's mostly pictures. The population has increased to 24,680, nearly double the amount since the last update. This has prompted the construction of a health district. Downtown is coming up nicely now, with there being a pocket of land having incredibly high value now has developers building high density and immense towers that juxtaposes the landscape tremendously in certain areas. More pictures included in this album: Thanks for looking!
  9. 4034 Loading Cities:Skylines again!
  10. Thank you for your excellent comment, @bben. I'm really glad with this city, it's more aesthetically pleasing than my last one. Anyway, since you are deeply intertwined within the transit part of things, here's an update for you! First, the city has grown to a modest size of 12,453 as of this post. A few towers have spring up in the downtown area, creating a high density location. I actually have not given this city an official name yet. I'll begin with this outer suburb village that has expanded and contains 2,779 citizens. They had the luck of only having one road linking them to the outside world until the city built a new city wide train line. This picture shows the bus line which serves the suburban village arriving at the train station. This bus stop (the one with 114 people waiting on the list) usually has about 90 passengers waiting for the next bus. In an effort to bring the buses to pick up as many people as possible, I've dispatched 8 buses to this line. This will require many more buses, or an upgrade to a few double decker buses which I am sorting through at the moment. Aside from this bus line, the train station services the Red and Blue lines. The Red line takes passengers to the city core and newly established college, while the Blue line takes passengers straight to the airport. On average, this station services 231 passengers a week. Here is the central train station, where the Red and Green lines meet. On average about 360 passengers are serviced here, where the Red line moves over to the college and Green line links the city core to the airport. In the future, when this city expands father out hopefully this station will become more of a Grand Central Station type hub, and it's already becoming such with only 12k citizens. A few bus lines meet here to take passengers to their final destinations. Here you can see the bus lines and the ridership of this station, with there currently being 313 passengers waiting for the Red line train. Off in the distance are the airport train hub and a deactivated train station built for future expansion. Here's an aerial view of the newly established city college campus and the end of the Red line across the boulevard. This hub currently only services the Red line. However, since people love their education, ridership of this station is somewhat high, taking about 314 passengers a week. The convenient location of this allows students from across the city to arrive in time for class in less than 15 minutes, with the train lines spanning over 10km at the longest point. And here's the end of the Green and Blue lines, at the airport station. There was once just a bus line taking riders from this location to a central bus stop in the city, which proved to not be feasible thanks to the airport being over 8km away from the city. Long wait times prompted people waiting to become impatient and summon cabs and hitchhike, however they could get to the city fast enough. The maximum wait time at this station is about 15 minutes, however that time can be enough to have over 300 passengers fly in and end up waiting for a train of a capacity of only 240. Typical ridership is about 360 passengers a week. I forgot to mention that this airport is the only outside connection into the city, so everything in this city is purely local. This is why there is a typical surge of people waiting at the train station trying to make their way into town. Here's a view of the underground train lines along with a view of most of the bus lines in the city. According to the transport window in the top right, approximately 6% of citizens are utilizing the mass transit offered in this city, which is more than I expected so I'll continue with this trend of providing more transportation options for the city. Traffic in the city, as a result, has been lowered much more than anticipated. Usage for the road linking the suburban villa to the main city has dropped almost 30% from 220 to 160 drivers a day. Traffic was not an intense issue to begin with, which is why I'm not including a traffic map as everything is now green. Thanks for looking!
  11. I am really loving your new suburb developments, especially the one in Peaster. That's one very smooth looking interchange, even if left undone. I like it!
  12. Definitely an interesting set of images...
  13. I've started working on a new city a while ago. Main soon to be downtown area. The main downtown school buildings with associated green space/parks. Cookie cutter subdivision in the middle of nowhere. More to come...
  14. 4025 Let it roll!
  15. I welcome this relatively new signal configuration, as now motorists have the option to go instead of waiting an entire signal cycle to pass before they are allowed to continue. It's a pain; however in major intersections it should be obvious that they have not implemented this system, especially with the 2 left turning lane intersections. The example signal heads shown with 2 left turning lanes yielding to oncoming traffic seems like a bad idea though. It's already dangerous enough while turning when someone cuts you off before you've finished crossing the intersection. There is a configuration of 2 right turning lanes in my city, where you cannot turn on red, with dedicated signal heads. I've never seen that type of setup done before.