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  1. Where do you live in the world?

    North Pole... USA
  2. St. Francis: The City of Two Rivers

    Wow, the town grew up real fast! That airport looks a bit dangerous though haha
  3. CR's Creations

    Thanks Aco! The other players include Bagleboy, laosimerah (zdza), TheGameTrent22, FromOuterSuburbia, idiotaidiota, and Janbiya. Haha yeah I work a lot off-grid in my cities. That was the only one of mine that was any good, but there are some RHW masters playing with me, laosimerah and Janbiya in particular! I've learned a ton just playing with them and talking about stuff. Thanks TC! I learned all the shortcuts for smooth curves from Janbiya now as well, so they're looking even better and more natural.
  4. CR's Creations

    So, I've been in a multiplayer SC4 region for nearly two months now. Our first region, Cabalhacem Bay, has finally been reset due to prop pox. We're working on getting a bigger, better, more beautiful region started as I write this, but for now I'll just post some pictures of my work and the work of others in our collaborative region. Downtown Baltesia: Full Region Traffic View: Southwest Baltesia: Seabrook: Region Traffic Grid: Interchange in Baltesia: Region Mid-June: One Month Later: Hope you guys enjoyed! I'll probably come along with another update on the new region sometime in the future!
  5. SimCity Premiership

    Team Name: Salceda Town FC City: Salceda Country: New France Colors: red/white Team Logo: AS Monaco logo (lettering from ASM to SFC) Team Sponsor: FEDCOM Preferred Uniform Maker: Macron Real Life Team: AS Monaco Team Name: Inaia City AFC City: Inaia Country: New France Colors: blue/red/white Team Logo: PSG logo (words removed) Team Sponsor: Preferred Uniform Maker: Nike Real Life Team: Paris Saint-Germain Team Name: Olympic Lyon FC City: Lyon Country: New France Colors: blue/red/white Team Logo: OL logo Team Sponsor: Hyundai Preferred Uniform Maker: Adidas Real Life Team: Olympique Lyonnais Team Name: Greenbrier Hotspur City: Inaia Country: New France Colors: white/cadet blue/capri blue Team Logo: Hotspur logo Team Sponsor: Hewlett-Packard Preferred Uniform Maker: UnderArmour Real Life Team: Tottenham Team Name: Suton 04 City: Inaia Country: New France Colors: blue/white Team Logo: Schalke 04 logo Team Sponsor: Gazprom Preferred Uniform Maker: Adidas Real Life Team: Schalke 04 Team Name: AS Rockwell City: Sevier Country: New France Colors: red/yellow Team Logo: ASR logo Team Sponsor: none/unbranded Preferred Uniform Maker: Nike Real Life Team: AS Roma
  6. What are you listening to? (OLD THREAD)

    Goo Goo Dolls - Rebel Beat Wow those guys are so old now...
  7. Shushtrepistaz

    Everytime I read, I get transported straight to Japan and the world you create, very good work.
  8. CR's Creations

    From a project I've been working on, not yet released:
  9. Happy Birthday America!

    MURICA! Let's hope this country can be made a better place
  10. Holt: Night In The City

    Jesus Christ at all the towers man!! It's crazay!
  11. How long do you expect SC4 to last?

    I don't know about SimPeg, though. It's been down for the past couple days as well, and I don't think it was that active beforehand.
  12. SimCity Basketball Association

    They appear to be back now, and one of my teams won I thought it may have been two based on text, but I forgot that there are two Bears teams, and the Miami one isn't mine XD
  13. SimCity Basketball Association

    I unfortunately can't see the pictures. Is majhost down?
  14. Best RHW Interchange Contest

    Both beautiful, but as someone who just drove for hours on the highways of America this past week, I'll have to go with riiga's, if simply for driveability's sake. Titanic 3 - 2 riiga
  15. Leaving/ Returning Thread

    Indeed, a welcome back all around