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  1. Aco's Minecraft Pics

    Thanks, it is even more interesting when you find out about the world's ideological spread among the various nations lol
  2. Aco's Minecraft Pics

    Not minecraft, but since I've been absent for a while I wanted to have something to show for it. A little alternate history scenario for a game I have been modding on:
  3. Aco's Minecraft Pics

  4. Aco's Minecraft Pics

    My little shack on TC's server.
  5. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3913 That's gonna be great
  6. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3910 Same man.
  7. god_donut's CS

    Great highway shots there. I need to play some more C:S it seems
  8. Aco's Showcase

    Thanks y'all. I will try to get in chat some time later. Lots of catching up to do it seems ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Some more progress, so why not throw in another pic for y'all?
  9. Aco's Showcase

    Just got back into SC4 lately so here's a town I've started working on called Visevar.
  10. Hey guys, do any of you remember me? XD It's been so long since i've visited SM. I apologize for such a long unannounced absence. I guess I ought to explain myself now... My disappearance wasn't something that was completely unexpected, in fact it was inevitable it was going to happen. I have lost a lot of the passion I had for SM way back when because SM (and SimCity in general) has really taken a back seat when certain things in my life (namely, my religion and spirituality) took precedence. As these things took over I found myself no longer interested in visiting the site every living moment of my life. Thus, I gradually started disappearing, as days between visits turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into the point where you have really forgotten about even thinking about checking the site every once in a while. Indeed, I have found new things to occupy my time, especially in the last year or so as I have become more and more invested into spirituality and religion (whether that's a good thing or not is up to you, but as far as I know it's the best path I could take.) So, after this Summer while I resolved myself to return to posting to SM regularly, I found myself having to force myself to do so and because of that, I felt that it was futile. I hope all of you understand where I am coming from here. But anyways, I've said hello and explained myself. Before we get to the most important part of this post, I'd like to congratulate all of you guys for your longevity, to be honest I did not think Simmania was going to last much longer if y'all didnt find a breakout solution to get new members in, I thought everybody else was gonna eventually lose interest and fade away like I did. But alas, y'all have proved me wrong, and I am happy about that. So now for the final, and perhaps the saddest part of this message. I would now like to make my retirement from SM affairs official. I know I still have the moderator rank here and while that's good and all, I feel like since I am now officially moving on, my services as a moderator are no longer needed. (NOTE: While I am moving on, it doesn't mean I'm gonna lose all care for SM, I will be sure to visit every once and a while and check out how things are going.) I am electing for either someone else to take my position (whoever it is is up to you) or for the position to be retired, for now. I don't even require to be honored as 'retired staff', because really I don't deserve that that much because I kind of abandoned y'all. But anyways, enough with that, I guess that is my final goodbye and official retirement from Simmania. I will be sure to pop in time to time, but right now I am going to focus on other stuff in my life. Best wishes, Aco.
  11. Snapshot 15w31a released

    Yep, it only heals half a drumstick though. However, you can make Beetroot stew out of it (6 beetroot + 1 bowl) which heals a lot more (3 drumsticks!) A screenshot of the new dual wielding system: It will probably be more useful once shields are implemented!
  12. Snapshot 15w31a released

    It seems our year long snapshot drought has finally ended, with the newest snapshot 15w31a being finally released today! Instead of being told what is in the snapshot, the blog post for the snapshot tells us what's not in the snapshot. I have already noticed a few things after a few minutes of playing, most notably a new enderdragon mob head and "purpur" blocks: In addition, a new food, beetroot, has been added. You can find it in NPC village farms.You can view the blog post for the snapshot here, with instructions to get the snapshot.:
  13. Leaving/ Returning Thread

    I am back once again from a 2 month "summer break" from SM. Looking forward to getting back into the general scheme of things here.
  14. Aco's Paradox Glimpses thread

    Started a CK2 game as Unruoch, Duke of Friuli in 867. A century later and the Unruochinger now rules everything from Frisia to Southern Italy