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  1. How's the weather?

    School has been cancelled three times this week due to snow. We have like at least a foot and a half.
  2. Pine Forest

    CHAPTER III: MORE SUBURBAN SPRAWL Sorry for the lack of updates, i ended up playing the region more than documenting it. SECTION I: Longside View As you can see i ditched the industrial zones in the north-west... ... a closer view... Here is the newest development in the north-east... ... a closer look... Here is some rail development... ...and some more! SECTION II: NEWPORT BRIDGE Here's a city you haven't seen yet... it's been the backbone of my region even before i started documenting it. It just wasn't "ready"... LARGE image: That was a short section... zoom in to see it's hugeness SECTION III: SHORT BEACH This suburb is pretty stagnant... it has no more room to grow. More rail... That's it guys! STAY TUNED FOR NEXT CHAPTER!!
  3. Pine Forest

    Aha, I-HT... sorry for the clarification issue.
  4. Pine Forest

    CHAPTER II: ANOTHER SUBURB SECTION I: LONGSIDE VIEW After careful thought, I decided i was getting WAY ahead of myself with the CBD. I simply don't need it. So, i built (another) suburb. Here's an overhead view of Longside View... ... Remember this ...? ... a few additions to get on and off ... ... this too ... ... is that an industrial (I-HT) zone i see ...? ... yes it is... but it's not growing ...! ... moving on ... ... more stuffs ... ... and more ... ... and that's it! STAY TUNED FOR NEXT CHAPTER!
  5. Pine Forest

    1. I know how grid based it is. It's kinda supposed to resemble an old town that has grown over time, with repurposed zones and such. 2. Thanks 3. There's a hill in the middle which would make things slightly more difficult. Cloverleaves tend to be lower capacity due to weaving.
  6. Pine Forest

    CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION I've been working on a region for a couple of days now, called Pine Forest. It's a modified version of a region i downloaded awhile back. SECTION I: SHORT BEACH A nice, sprawling suburb... Looks good so far... ... it's being abandoned in droves There's some abandonment going on around Short Beach, which can be fixed by relieving some CO demand. SECTION II: LONGSIDE VIEW A nice, open highway... ... ripe for building a CBD another suburb, but what about that old, crusty interchange? This interchange shall do it. STAY TUNED FOR NEXT CHAPTER!
  7. What are you listening to? v2

    Master of Puppets - Metallica Jailbreak - AC/DC
  8. Game Weekend Idea - SC4 CO-OP

    SpookyZalost: The central folder is on Google Drive, mods and the region are included. I also used to cluster concept to prevent save errors, since a city tile saves each tile next to it. So if a player has a cluster of 6 tiles, then another cluster could be a tile away. Connecting the clusters for regional demand and such could be an option, given you reload the tile every 15-30 minutes just to keep demand sort of in sync. If you feel you need to add a mod, go ahead. You can put it in the ZZZZZ_PLAYERMODS folder.
  9. Hey guys, I have a good idea of a game weekend activity: SC4 CO-OP. Here's how it works: Somehow give me your Google name or email (either through chat whispers or PM) so i can add you to my SimCity 4 Drive folder. Assuming you have Google Drive installed on your PC, change your user directory to the folder which i shared with you. Rules: This is a large region, so there's plenty of space here. Each player gets a cluster. You can have up to 9 city tiles in your cluster (i may increase this in the future seeing as this is such a large region). One cluster per player. To prevent save errors and rollbacks, do not open up anyone else's city. There should be at least one city tile between your cluster and another player's cluster to prevent rollbacks. You can either have your city cluster isolated or you can have them connected to to each other through the one tile space. If you want to have them connected, I'll be the one to connect them, initially using RHW-6S for the connection. Let's see how this pans out.
  10. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    Thanks guys! This interchange is located in eastern Washington State.,-119.1391982,1093m/data=!3m1!1e3
  11. Show Us Your Interchanges!

    I tried to replicate a local interchange to say i did it. Created in a sandbox tile for proof of concept.
  12. How Big Is Your Plugin Folder?

    1.17 GB here.
  13. New Members Introductions

    Hi, i'm Bryan1998, from ST. I usually have loads of typos in my posts.