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  1. Thank you, and yes. It's a map of Dublin. I did some terraforming around where Bull Island is in real life with the Airport.
  2. Just posting a few shots from a new nation project i'm working on. Will be modeled after the UK/Ireland. But I wanted to play around with Skylines before I got too far into the whole backstory. Haven't even named anything yet. Just determined that the capital city has some stuff in some places so far. Part of the interchange featuring the airport access road and the cross town tunnel. Full picture detailing the interchange between the ring road, Industrial complex,Retail Park, and main airport entrance. Small stadium for a lower division football side. Capital District National Police Headquarters. Shot taken from near the Large Stadium, home to one of the nation's top Premier League Clubs. Detailing much of the old city. Unnamed City International Airport Royal Palace in the Old City, home to the Royal Family. Overhead shot with all parts of the City. I'll be working on everything in the next few weeks and will get everything worked out.
  3. Glad to see ya'll again in chat. I'll hopefully be in there a fair amount heading forwards.
  4. Evening ladies and Gents. It's been a while. I got an email from an old pal from these parts and I thought i'd drop in and say hello, see how everyone's doing and just say i'm still alive. Will
  5. I think I have 4 for various reasons but I've ended up not using all but one a while. One was for sc4 stuff, one was personal, now I use the one linked to my gmail.
  6. Well, you asked...
  7. won't post my results but I'll say I have the fastest.
  8. Hello and welcome, here's your hotel key, you'll be staying in room 302, please call the front desk if you have any questions and enjoy your stay ------------- Hi Gorbag, it's will from csg, haven't been over there in a while. I hope you enjoy your time here though, I'm your friendly and inconsistently active mod of this forum.
  9. I'm looking into a new computer but I'm hoping to get it before 8 comes out. Windows 8 seems like Vista's evil twin, where Vista is the good one...
  10. I've been talking with some folks at my local speedway and there's a good chance that by the end of the season (15 September) I'll be running some Legends Car races out there. I'm really excited, it's something I've been dreaming to do since I was a little five year old kid and now, nearly 17 I can almost taste it. Working some stuff out is one reason i've been less active, also have been on my simulator, which i've heard first hand is the exact same as the real car except the seat of your pants feeling you can only get in the real thing, and devoting time to that to help reduce my learning curve. I should have some pictures to post when everything is going on and who knows where it will end up after that. Will
  11. Well I suppose since Jeff is my alternate ego, this is the introduction of Jeff
  12. Hi, I'm Jeff and I'm a photocopier salesman from Essex. You may more commonly know me as the Stig. JK, I just thought i'd say i'm back in an interesting way. Sorry i've been inactive lately, no real reason for it, I just haven't stopped by. I hope to be more active.
  13. I'm a hardcore Libertarian in that I believe Government is the problem not the solution. I also feel that the world is over regulated because alot of stuff stems from people doing stupid things and causing something to be banned or modified where I think if someone is stupid enough to get one thing banned, they'd be stupid enough to do something else to hurt themselves. However, if a true Communist World existed, I would honestly have no qualms about it, but I realize the human race will never achieve that unless we really as a unit change our thinking, so I am in favor of something drastically different.
  14. inop's kinda on the brink, ucos is kinda dead but also kinda on the brink.