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  1. Nothing like driving like a mad man with an AA tank strapped to the back.
  2. Gets an ex presidential candidate. Inserts an electric guitar.
  3. Banned for not updating your avatar!
  4. Absolutely. A full ride to any college for a job in a sorta okay environment?
  5. You need land for that! Go conquer some. Why can't I get this to werk?
  6. Lets jump aboard the cruiseship Your population is about to shrink with that tsunami! Nice update though, I look forward to more!
  7. The weather today has been up to 74! In January! Although, it snowed 5 inches this past weekend, and we have an icestorm warning for this coming weekend! Oh boy.
  8. Deal! A hawk talon for a ride on a bald eagle?
  9. You can, just eat a few shrooms. Why is this homework never ending..
  10. Thank you @Aldini10 @7499275 and @bben I really appreciate it! ---------------- Among all of the farm growth... A small town begins to take shape..
  11. 33,000 Total Posts A milestone for the forum.
  12. Continuing to improve I see! I enjoy the rail, never can have too many rails.
  13. Godsmack-Cryin Like a Bitch
  14. I like the way you have this all laid out for us, I do look forward to seeing how you implement various transit types in the corridor. Are you planning on having a large amount of El Rail, Rail, or highways?
  15. You haven't been wanting to consume food because you are saving room for the big hunt later tonight with the one and only Jim Carey. <3 Why are cheetos orange, puffy and enjoyed by thousands of Call of Duty players around the world, when they could be enjoyed by the beautiful Saiga antelope that could feast on their incredible cheesy puffy heavenly goodness sent to us from the gods of the great barrier reef on the planet of "The Sun" that was lit by one my mixtapes?