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  1. This is interesting, wonderful work so far!
  2. Hinder- Without You
  3. Gets a flower that speaks German while it shoots its pollen violently at on coming traffic. Inserts dog.
  4. Thank you guys! It's very much appreciated! ------- There will be two versions of the building: The real thing: And the fictional "bronze" version:
  5. A work in progress.
  6. 4018 That we must B.
  7. Good to see that it's still growing B
  8. Mine comes in a different form. None the less, interesting desktop!
  9. Nice work, I cannot wait to see how things develop around it as well as how the stations will affect it.
  10. Gets, well, never mind you guys know. Inserts an iceberg.
  11. 4004 Indeed
  12. I love the region play here! You have had a lot of cities surpass 1 mill also, so that is cool!
  13. Wow! I might have to try my hand at C:S again after seeing this, it motivates me.
  14. 4002 Here goes nothing.
  15. Matchbox Twenty- Unwell