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  1. Beautiful pics Aldini!
  2. Nathan eats very even rocks. SGDGA
  3. Gets a cowboi. Inserts two 6's
  4. 4061 Yeah, it is an odd looking kiwi for sure.
  5. This is beautiful!
  6. This is interesting, wonderful work so far!
  7. Hinder- Without You
  8. Gets a flower that speaks German while it shoots its pollen violently at on coming traffic. Inserts dog.
  9. Thank you guys! It's very much appreciated! ------- There will be two versions of the building: The real thing: And the fictional "bronze" version:
  10. A work in progress.
  11. 4018 That we must B.
  12. Good to see that it's still growing B
  13. Mine comes in a different form. None the less, interesting desktop!
  14. Nice work, I cannot wait to see how things develop around it as well as how the stations will affect it.
  15. Gets, well, never mind you guys know. Inserts an iceberg.