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  1. REM- Losing My Religion
  2. She is really starting to grow!
  3. Rocking (lmao) the old Mack I see ! You are gonna die in that corner nice knowing you my friend.
  4. I really enjoy looking at your pics Aldini, nice work!
  5. It's growing really fast! Poor farmers.
  6. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Face Down
  7. I am also sorry bby. :c Banned for being amazing.
  8. Banned for leaving us.
  9. Banned for being a Hika
  10. Nooo not the farmers! Good start Brian, things are growing fast!
  11. Lovely transportation pics, I look forward to more!
  12. Looks like a great start bro! You have come a long way, I like it.
  13. Breaking Benjamin - Ashes of Eden
  14. Your cities are good! I love the highway work.
  15. To be honest I am not allowed to edit that, for some reason the option for it is gone... --------------------------- Banned for not fixing it for meeeee
  16. Gets even more drugs. Inserts Jester hat.
  17. Banned for having a blue signature.
  18. Because the admins told us too. Why are you QUESTIONING THEM!?
  19. Man, I loved your progress here it was great to follow, I hope to see you back soon stronger than ever!
  20. See you man. I hate to hear about the trouble, I wish you the best, come back and see us soon!
  21. Nothing like driving like a mad man with an AA tank strapped to the back.
  22. Well, here goes nothing! I am working on a small town in a new region, I hope I do not let you guys down! We will start out with a small wind farm that the city council approved last month! As well as a small shore side pic! I hope to be able to update this soon with some pictures of the town, but as of right now it is just too small to show off!
  23. Gets an ex presidential candidate. Inserts an electric guitar.
  24. Banned for not updating your avatar!
  25. Absolutely. A full ride to any college for a job in a sorta okay environment?