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  1. Fantastic as always. Love the curvy streets in the neighborhoods.
  2. 4028 Sunday Sunday
  3. 4023 Oh but I will... just not this century
  4. 4020 My monthly post.
  5. Neat simple interchange there. I like all the different road textures you use.
  6. 3996
  7. Neat maps. Ceafus's castle in the water looks closer on the map to everything than what it seems like when going to it from the main town of Pupperton.
  8. 3991 9 more to 4000
  9. Good job! Glad you got it there in tip-top shape. 92 mph in a tunnel? You are brave and daring sir.
  10. I see 100 miles an hour in a 50, a curve, and an oncoming truck. I too see another driver hospitalization in the near future. I wanted to ask a question ever since I saw your first post. How did you get an American truck in Europe?
  11. This looks good. I like how you're starting out with grid in the older section of town. The gentle slopiness of the land looks good.
  12. You make such good looking ramps. Your city layout is great.
  13. Great looking city and very nice freeway. Those long ramps look so leisurely for motorists to have plenty of time before merging into traffic.
  14. It was good having you back, and I hope you can return soon.
  15. I play this game a lot. Nice powerful truck there. That's a high speed for those curvy ets2 autobahns, I hope you didn't flip that tank.