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  1. Word Association

  2. Three Word Story

    exacting craftsmanship and
  3. Five Letters

    For it surely has you. SRLHS
  4. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4079 Cauliflower! Yum
  5. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4077 White Sweet Corn
  6. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4074 bben, pupper and I are using the PLU codes for fruits and vegetables that are used at grocery stores to ring up the produce. 4074 = Yam
  7. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4071 Red Potato
  8. The Vending Machine Game

    Gets a pellet of sleet. Inserts a dish towel.
  9. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4066 Green beans!
  10. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4062 poisonous cucumbers (google plu 4062)
  11. The Vending Machine Game

    Gets two 9's. Inserts a Low Price sticker
  12. Five Letters

    Sue grows delicious green apples. APPLE
  13. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4060 The link is a kiwi? I didn't know kiwi's (the fruit) could be scary.
  14. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4058 I'm not clicking I'm not clicking...
  15. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 五)

    4055 Neat.