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  1. 4047 Small ruby/red/pink grapefruit
  2. 4045 We had a little rain this morning.
  3. Larry ate revolting green eggs. GREEN
  4. Pizza and spaghetti taste awesome. LUCKY
  5. Quickly move Alan's ancient xylophone. SCAMP
  6. Gets a televangelist Inserts a police officer
  7. 4042 We had another big rain with lots of thunder and lightning this afternoon.
  8. 4039 We had heavy rain after 6:30 Friday Night. There was thunder and lightning too. Power went off for a minute a few times.
  9. 4036 PLU for the same sort of nectarine, but for the large one.
  10. 4033 The number after 4032
  11. Fantastic as always. Love the curvy streets in the neighborhoods.
  12. 4028 Sunday Sunday
  13. 4023 Oh but I will... just not this century
  14. 4020 My monthly post.
  15. Neat simple interchange there. I like all the different road textures you use.