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  1. Building a Casino City

  2. transit mania- ville

    bye bye snake
  3. transit mania- ville

    always found the color paths annoying- otherwise it looks cool
  4. transit mania- ville

    looks like a snake mated with a highway- kind of cool looking though
  5. Teddy City- Royal Crown of the Nation

    Wellsby: City on the Plains I'm sure people are getting dizzy going round roundabouts, so I thought I'd introduce a nw city instead- The city of Wellsby. But first how about a look at the region: You can now see where we've been and where we are now. Anyway now for a look at the city. First- The entry to downtown- Knox Rd at Elston Rd. Knox Road is the downtown areas main road. normally on a weekday theres a lot of cars, but today is a holiday. The Kings birthday , which is a national holiday. so hardly anyone is on the road today. Every city has a 5 point intersection- well heres the 5 points for Wellsby. A bit scary, it was designed before the big city traffic took over in the 1960s. typical design of the city's residential areas. The city tend to stray from the grid. Good hing theres maps right? Anyway hoping to show you part 4 of roundabouts the next round. So long for now.
  6. Greg's City

    boy- lots of hills
  7. Teddy City- Royal Crown of the Nation

    Roundabouts part 3 We now look south west. Theres more to the south then in the northern part. Including some that are in residential areas. A small 2 lane round about. Its not as well traveled here but the city planned for the future. Ward Roundabout. Built in 1990, this roundabout was built when residents complained of being blinded at night by cars at the stop lights. The solution was this roundabout. Since then theres been no complaints. Bradbury and Redmon Roundabout- designed due in part to its proximity to the highway, it prevents the traffic that developed during red lights in the 1970's- Completed in 1988, its a main interchange that prevents problems nearby. A good design and a better idea. Hope to see you in Roundabouts part 4.
  8. transit mania- ville

    While it looks great try getting rid of the toolbar in the future. Thats my only criticism
  9. Teddy City- Royal Crown of the Nation

    Roundabouts- Part 2 We now look west: Traffic built up around the school in the 80s' thois endangered peoples lives- today a round about takes its place making crossing the street easy. A few blocks away- this time another intersection- traffic built up so bad in the 90s that the road became a 3 lane and a roundabout was added. the Adler College roundabout- full beauty. Built for the purpose of looks and not function- works well doesn't it? Hope to see you in Part 3.
  10. Teddy City- Royal Crown of the Nation

    Roundabouts Part 1 Teddy City is a city of many roundabouts- designed to ease congestion the roundabouts are in some of the more crowded areas. Here is the first batch: One of the busiest- Coming near City Hall at Stockholm Ave in a medium density zone, this roundabout appeared in 1990 after traffic jams began appearing around 1985. Its center statue is of a knight ready for battle. a double round about converges on 2 streets near the highway- once one of the worst intersections in town. The first round about appeared in 2000 and the 2nd 2 years later. another double roundabout- this time in the historic district- The 1st appeared in 1935 while the 2nd southern roundabout in 2013 The very first roundabout- built in 1290. The Kings royal roundabout was its name. And here it appears. Its signature curve to the north is a hold over from the original town site. see you for roundabouts part 2.
  11. Morseville

    looks good- finally my computer is semi cooperating
  12. Teddy City- Royal Crown of the Nation

    Teddy city at Night Welcome to Teddy City- Here is the city in all its glory at night: South River- A few new skyscrapers have appeared over the years, adding the glory and beauty of the city. The latest is the Franks Tower. Its got a beautiful plaza, and lies next to "Point Tower"- a Triangular topped tower on the waterfront completed in 2009. Capital Hts at night- not much to look at due to the woods- but still we see it here. Embassy Row and the Schulmania Embassy. Bonus- Embassy Row Park and Parliament-
  13. Letaysa

    nice story idea.
  14. Teddy City- Royal Crown of the Nation

    City of Tedsville- Part 2- Sotsby Village Neighborhood Revisited Remember this: Well now its time to see how it looks now. Food Lion and Best western are now open in Sotsby Village.The neighborhood is growing and expanding at a phenomenal rate. When construction began both were built at the same time- both completed just weeks apart- now the newly constructed buildings do business on a daily basis. They open in mid February- and do quite well in there new location- With the road now complete more high dollar homes go up- and up and up- Many are panned but so far only 1 in underway- By law rather then wood framed housing- those in earthquake zones like the entire metro area are steel framed. This helps them stay anchored to the ground- And thus make it easier to stay in your home during a quake- The area is also tornado prone and at least once a year hurricanes pass through this area just 50 miles from the ocean. No wonder steel is used.
  15. the tale of Plymouth: a Banished Town Journal

    winter in Banished