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  1. Holt: Night In The City

    Â Welcome Back! Skyline Rising Ahead... Former parkland redeveloped to house more development. Provincial Parliament parks receiving complete makeovers. Â Â Â gouda/cheese Well, that's what tends to happen in sprawl areas. I wonder if the sims who live there think so too. xD Aldini10 Thanks! I try to inject humour into my update once in a while. I suspect we'll be meeting up with this guy sometime soon... AcoG000 Haha, it certainly is. Until the sprawl catches up to you there, that is. bben Thanks, Brian! Glad you liked it. Â Â Â Thanks For Visiting! Also, sorry about being slow to update here lately. Have been lagging across certain publications recently. Almost caught up! Though I'll admit the next update after this one will be slightly out of place. Should be back on track for Jan-Feb update cycle! Â Â Happy Holidays! Â
  2. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3645 @Darth: I have no idea why I have 2 retired badges. I'm not retired from being retired (am I, cheese? I don't think I am. )
  3. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3633 A wild simlink appears...
  4. Holt: Night In The City

    Welcome Back! Today's Update: A Sprawling Maze I'm getting dizzy just about now... you? Smaller update today to fill the gap. Driving around, looking for my friend's house. It didn't quite look like these... ...more like these. Except I don't remember the streets looking like this... ...oh no... this is like being lost in a corn maze... ...I don't remember this school. Am I even in the right town?! CapTon Haha, not here anymore either. Though some days it's cold, and then the next day quite nice. Weather... so unpredictable. Aldini10 Thanks! I love how the colours worked out, they really pop with a little bit of tweaking from standard in-game colouring. Thanks For Visiting! Happy Holidays!
  5. Holt: Night In The City

    Welcome Back! Autumn has arrived. Let's go check out the colours. Tweaking the update design slightly and experimenting with fewer captions. Stay tuned for more potential "tweaks" and where captioning will head. Small intensification projects in quiet neighbourhoods. Breaks up the landscape nicely, and these condos certainly have a nice view of the fall colours. A few houses being rebuilt in this neighbourhood. Plenty of good colour here. Lots of open parkland, large lots makes this area very desirable. bben Going to try, we'll see where things go. Â mayorm I'm going to try and keep it around as much as possible where it is now. I have an idea after going over the feedback where I'm going to go, which likely won't occur until after the spring hiatus (May/June 2015 I'm looking at) but we'll see. At the very least a single photo linking to full updates will be posted under my current plans, but more on those later. Â Aco They certainly are. When Holt started in July 2012 the population was about 400 000... so yea. Crazy growth. I have a feeling that would definitely slow the growth, yea. Â Thanks For Visiting!
  6. Leaving/ Returning Thread

    Good to hear from you, glad to hear things are going fine. See you around.
  7. Holt: Night In The City

    HOLT READERSHIP SURVEY Sorry, folks, not an update today. I have a few in the works, but some annoying kinks in SC4 combined with the slowness of some city tiles has slowed those down a bit. Anyways, I've been thinking about some potential changes to the way Holt is served up for a while now, since around the time it was announced that Holt would be eliminating formal storylines from updates and the current update format was adopted. In the "change" announcement I made mention to some potential future changes, but to not worry as they were a while out. That is true, it has been a while. So I thought I would reach out to you, those who follow Holt, to try and get a feel for some possible ideas and changes in the way Holt is presented. Holt is now published on 4 sites, encompassing 6 publications. This is a whole heck of a lot of work on my end. So I have been looking for ways to lighten the load when updating, so to speak, when I publish updates. I have been looking at ways to try and either keep all 6 publications going in some form, cut certain publications or launch new ways of doing updates. Based on the feedback I receive from all sites in general, it'll somewhat guide me in the decision making of where to go. Note that a potential outcome is the status quo, and that nothing really changes in terms of the number of publications and so on. Below, I list out several hypothetical/potential ways Holt could change. Your comments on what you like best about each, or which one you like the most and so on is greatly appreciated. If you like a combination of several of the scenarios below, please feel free to let my know. All feedback is appreciated. These changes, even when I get a sense for where I'll be going, won't be instant. They may happen this fall, or they could happen next summer. It all depends. So, let's get on. SCENARIO #1: How likely would you be to continue reading and/or commenting if Holt ceased publication on your SimCity fansite of choice? Would you continue to follow it on another site? Explanation: This one is semi-self explanatory. Certain Holt publications (likely 1-3) would be cut, while others are maintained. None would be deleted, those chosen for publication ending would no longer be updated. There would, of course, be the potential for it to one day begin publication again. SCENARIO #2: How likely are you to continue reading and/or commenting on Holt is full updates were no longer published on your SimCity fansite of choice, but instead teaser images linking to another publication of Holt. This being either on another SimCity community, or a new Holt website? Explanation: Certain publications would likely receive a short description on the full update along with one of the images from the update, and it would in turn be directed towards the full update on another site. Replies on these versions would be done on a rolling basis (ie. monthly) and teasers (1-2 image updates) would be published in full on these sites. Large updates are what would be reduced. SCENARIO #3: How likely would you be to continue reading/commenting on Holt if updates were moved to its dedicated site, with update teasers posted on the current publication on your community of choice? If no teasers were posted? [Would you consistently check the new Holt website for updates and/or follow @HoltDistrict for information on new updates?] Explanation: This combined potentially either scenario 1 or scenario 2 for some publications, while others would maintain full updates. The big change is full updates (and more) would be published on an all-new Holt website. This would likely be powered by WordPress, and would have the ability for comments to each update, similar to the ST CJ Blog Section and SMP Player Albums Section. This option would also mean I would begin using Twitter more again to promote updates on this new site and so on. It isn't likely all versions would be cut, but more likely 2-3 options would receive the treatment in option 1-2, or even 4. SCENARIO #4: What would your thoughts be if Holt on your favourite SimCity community was not regularly updates like other publications, but instead received "combined" updates on a semi-regular basis (ie every 1-3 months, all updates from those months would be combined into one huge update)? Explanation: In this scenario, certain publications would receive updates on a semi-monthly basis, or perhaps based on a number of updates basis, whichever at any point in time results in a "fair" amount of updates. For example, if over 2 months 5 updates each with 5 pictures are posted, after 2 months these versions would receive all 25 pictures in one go, with the potential for a couple of bonus pictures to make up for the delay in posting. This option has the potential to be combined with scenario #3, in that a new site with updates is launched with several publications going to the format described here. Whew! I know that's a lot, and I'm sure I have been rambling a bit. So, if you have any questions on the above, do not hesitate to ask! I have in mind already which route I'd prefer to go, but I am interested in seeing what others are thinking to see if that means a possible change in plans. This, combined with a planned format change to updates could make for huge change in how Holt is published, the biggest since it was published really. Again, as mentioned earlier there are no plans to immediately put any of these ideas into action, though it could happen sooner rather than later, or not. Once I have an idea of where things will be going, I will at that point make an announcement in each Holt publication on what those plans are, and how/if it will change that specific publication. I want to thank all of you for being awesome supportive over the past 2+ years, and I look forward to many more! Change can be scary, but working this out with everyone will hopefully make it less so for both you and I! I look forward to reading your thoughts, -simlink
  8. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3561 I finally had time to pick up TS3 today and mess around a bit. Not going to upgrade to TS4 just yet, may wait a few months.
  9. Milestone Thread

    Nice work, Aco!
  10. Holt: Night In The City

    IT'S THAT TIME! So, after about a month or 2, I'm finally back again. For a bit.. maybe longer? Who knows. Either way, today after being a month late I'm happy to present Holt's anniversary update! It has been over 2 years since I began publishing Holt back at the end of July, 2012. A lot has changed since then, in both the region and in terms of the journal itself. It is now published on 4 sites across 6 versions surpassing 1000 comments and 100 000 views. And it's not going anywhere yet. I figured that since I always seem to have less time on my hands, one of the reasons for changes to Holt this past year, I would reshape census updates to occur annually instrad of quarterly. And I figured, what better time to do them, than at the anniversary updates? It's a great way to recap what has been each year of this journal's life. So from here on, census updates will be the anniversary updates. So, enough talking, let's get on with it! HOLT: THIS YEAR'S RECAP + WHAT'S AHEAD Today's update covers the period from the end of July 2013 to end of July 2014. Note that since the last census figured were gathered in June 2013 that this year's span is a little bit longer than would be normally. From here on census updates should be published in/around July 27 of each year. My my, what a year it has been! It's hard to believe it has been over a year since the last census here in Holt. Things have certainly changed, as you will get a picture for below. It has been a year filled with building both up and out throughout the region, with Sherkston and Manatee growing taller, and Dofino and the like growing outward at a great clip. Growth has not slowed down here in Holt through now, and the order of most populous municipalities continues to rapidly change. There's been lots developed, Highway 40 is being widened to 6 lanes, the LRT system continues to expand, and the entire road network is as well as the region sprawls out. Some interesting projects I have started to take on this year (2014-2015) include replacing the planted trees in Holt with season trees that are more realistic in appearance. This is a big job, particularly along the shoreline. Should be a fun challenge. As you will see later in the region view, I also abandoned the Kuhan CBD project. I didn't like where it was going, so it is being replace with what else, but sprawlburbs! And some other interesting development. I know this goes against my general rule of I show it off, it`s here to stay, but you know the saying... rules are meant to be broken. Other than that, expect some more awesome new developments in the year ahead! HOLT 2014 CENSUS The moment you have been waiting for! This is the actual census portion of the update. Let's get into it. As previously mentioned, this has been a busy year in Holt. Holt's population continues to soar, increase by about 1 000 000 since last year! In a rapidly changing landscape, Sherkston holds on to the top spot in the population podium. But second and third place are certainly catching up. Growth has been fuelled by ongoing intensification zone developments. Kuhan's population soared this past year, as development continues to sprawl through it at a rapid pace. Residential and industrial development are sprawling faster than developers can cope. The town has had its humble 3000 population from the days of 2012 skyrocket to closing in on 500 000, a number it could easily exceed in the coming year. Flynn was leapfrogged over this year by Kuhan, dropping Flynn to third in the population podium. However, its growth too has been stellar, more than doubling from the previous year. Flynn, like Kuhan, is experiencing rapid sprawl as you will see from the regional view. And it is only getting faster these days. It too is expected to pop-over 500 000 in population in the next year. Dofino's close proximity to Kuhan, Flynn and Sherkston are propelling it forward. Industrial development has taken hold, a second highway exit was added on highway 40 in the north section of town and more development in the residential sector has propelled Dofino this year. Dofino essentially doubled in size, closing in on 300 000, leading to overtake Manatee in population. Manatee was once the second most populous city in the region, but has dropped to 5th recently. However, development here too has been accellerating. It could be the first of the core municipalities to be built out, something that could occur this upcoming year. Time will tell. Joining the six-digit club this year is Shorecoast, who experienced extremely modest growth compared to the rest of the region. Shorecoast is looking at ways to maximize development of land it has left on the coast, while not alienating tourists and existing residents. Expect modest growth again this upcoming year. Norecount continues to plug away! Its main highway 40 interchange was completely rebuilt, while the highway 40/23 interchange is currently undergoing a complete rebuild. Southward, highway 40 will become a divided 6 lane highway, instead of the super-2 it is currently. That, plus a large planned industrial park and expanded LRT service could greatly increase growth in the town this year. Midport experience the mildest growth of any municipality this past year, increasing in size only 1.2%. The growth was attributed solely to some new condominiums developed in the town. Planners are finalizing a waterfront master-plan for the community, one that could see a mixture of new development, waterfront parks and trails and more. This is something that could start coming to light this upcoming year, though it could get mired in red tape. Time will tell! Old Port is finally starting to see accelerated growth, increasing in size a whopping 57.9% this past year. It too could see increased waterfront development this upcoming year, as this picture shows the breadth of waterfront land left... but time will tell: Was this year a fluke for Old Port? As you can see, it has been a busy year in Holt! It's extremely fast-paced development continued, and probably won't let up this upcoming year. HOLT REGION VIEWS This is always a fun part. Below are the region view for the past 3 years here in Holt. Oldest to newest, you can see the progress each year. This past year's changes have been huge, as you could imagine from the above numbers. July/August 2012 June/July 2013 JULY/AUGUST 2014 (CURRENT REGION VIEW) "SATELLITE VIEW" TEST. July/August 2014 (Current) This one's for fun. And that wraps up this year's Holt Anniversary update and Annual Census, 2014 Edition! I hope you'll continue to follow Holt to its third birthday, and stay tuned for another exciting recap of the year that was (or, for now, that will be. ) It'll be a fun one, that's for sure! So thanks again, everyone, for sticking with Holt through lulls in activity and the like through the 2 years it has been so far. I'm excited for the next year, and I hope you are too! Replies to previous update(s) and this will be done together. Thanks again for the support!
  11. Holt: Night In The City

    Welcome Back! Industrial Revolution of sorts ahead. But first, an important announcement... THANK YOU! 4 websites, 6 publications, 100 000 views. This is a HUGE milestone, so thank you for continuing to support and follow Holt! It's much appreciated. Now on to regularly scheduled programming... At one time, there was zero industrial development in Holt. Even when industrial development began to arrive, Dofino was long a hold-out. It was one of the last non-waterfront communities in Holt to permit industrial developments like this one. Now, though, it sprawls through the area much like houses and condos. There isn't much heavy industry, largely clean industries save for the occasional factory. Most are clean manufacturing and tech-industry related. Pharmaceuticals, as well. Shipping & distribution is also very common, as the number of warehouses shows. In some places, the layout of the industrial park is very neat and organized, much like mid-density residential sprawl in the area. Now it's night time. Far fewer lights still on compared to the offices we toured last update. Still a charming look, though. Nilo7 Thanks! I was really hesitant about this area at first, but it eventually turned out. Glad you like it too! CapTon Thanks, nice to be back! And Holt isn't only published on SM, it's also on SMP, ST and SC4D! And modern and realistic is just how I like it, too. Thanks For Visiting!
  12. Nilo7's BAT thread thingy

    Binoculars and lawn chair ready!
  13. Holt: Night In The City

    Welcome Back! Today we're taking a look at Manatee office buildings. Nice to see everyone again! A lot has changed in Manatee. This large office park has popped up, part of the intensification zone in the central portion of the region. Lots of parking and large spaces between buildings help transition to nearby low-density. Those baseball diamonds are surprisingly popular both at lunch and after work hours. The tallest building in the development. It's pretty tall, and on an angle. An angle! How cool, eh? Best thing since sliced bread. Lots of building. Lots of parking. And some trees. More buildings! These one house TD Canada Trust (Holt), Inc. And a bunch more just next to them. Hey look, a power substation, too! And now it's night time. Time for most to be home for sure. Those still working help light up the night sky. Gugu3 Glad you think so! vortex Thanks. ;D I'm a sucker for night pics... Gugu3 Thanks! 976 Thank You! Thanks For Visiting! Join Simopsis today!
  14. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    3545 Be enthusiastic or else!
  15. transit mania- ville

    I would say you have a bit of traffic, there!