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  1. Association of Worldwide Nations

  2. um sorry, AOWN website moved to and UCOS already inactive.. Nova Project is active
  3. Simmania Picture Competition - v2

    submit the second one. i dont like the first one... my rival will be 111222333444
  4. Simmania Picture Competition - v2

    i think im lost i will try another pic: wait wait.. or this
  5. adjiebrotot introduction

    why you always say you are Thestrategist...??? tell me who are you??
  6. Simmania Picture Competition - v2

    oh jesus. you have a nice picture... btw, i vote for titanicbuff bcoz there's no vote for him.
  7. How did you find The site?

    I dont know
  8. Republic of Great Brotany (AOWN)

    reserved for second important update
  9. Simmania Picture Competition - v2

    overall this is my pic sorry but the 7 days warning is annoying..
  10. member of AOWN, lenorian kingdom and others excluded. i will make a new one... Association of Worldwide Nations or the AOWN. is a CJ Union.. begin in End of March 2012, near April. with the website forum: and wiki: AOWN will continue to be developed. One of our Mega Project is the Worldwide Game and True AOWN Olympiad Games, which the members will actually match with flash-game based competition game. like football, tennis, badminton, swimming, etc. We don't have any roleplaying planet, but we accept any planet to be the AOWN Planetary Relationship. by the way, AOWN is much simpler than other union. just fill your nations proposal with Proposal Bot, here:, then fell free to share anything and cooperate with another AOWN members. like Bridges from Central Logawa (Great Brotany) to Amsterbit (Fabit Country) or Fiber optic project from Fragrandse - UK - Lenorian Kingdom. List of AOWN Members: - Amnef - Agroe Titania - Fabit Country - Honorable Sun - Fisherman Federation - Great Brotany - Gugucul - Lenora - Fragrandse - Ingdarida - Simnation - Unindad - Matryoshka - Al Baits - Alviantov Federation - Yogyakarta - Your Nation(s) That's only some about AOWN, more information, just visit the website!! JOIN AOWN NOW, you will not regret it! thank you!
  11. Republic of Great Brotany (AOWN)

    Name: Republic Of Great Brotany / Republica Alle Grote Brotannien Nick Name: Great Brotany Capital: Brotania Capitol National Anthem: Our Great Brotany Motto: Glanz und Machting Grote Brotannien (Glory and Mighty Great Brotany) Major Languages: Indonesian, English, Dutch, and Germany Major Religion: Islam (48%) Christ (35%) Buddhist (15%) Others (2%) Number of Province: 18 Number of Cities: 275 Largest Province: Jaya Baya Biggest Province (Area): Logawa Tengah (Central Logawa) Smallest Province: Ujung Negeri Tiniest Province (Area): Citile Largest City: Bandar Raya (capital of Jaya Baya) Second Largest City: Brotania Capitol (capital of Brotania) Third Largest City: Sukapadi (capital of Sukapadi) Location North: Vietnam East: Malaysia (Serawak), Brunei Darusallam South: Karasem West: Malaysia, Thailand National Fact Population: 45,738,300 (2011 census) Population Growth: 2,5% / year GDP: US$.1,136,394,922,384 (2012 est.) GDP per capita: US$.24,845 (2012 est.) HDI: 0,869 (very high) EI: 0,800 (very high) Unemployment Rate: 6% Currency: Brotanian Dollar (BR$) Convertion Rate: 1 US$ = 5000 BR $ Invlasion Rate: 1,4 % Import(s): Rice, Fish, Automotive and Cow Export(s): Oil, Coal, Gold, Train, and Planes Timezone: Major Brotanian Time (GMT + 7) Current Union: AOWN (association of worldwide nation) Historical History of Great Brotany in game pics: Shinkansen as BCST (Brotania Capitol Superspeed Train) Tram intersection goes underground to prevent the traffic jam and traffic danger. Cikani Raya Blvd. a Boulevard with 4 lanes and Classic Condominium Panorama. BCST running on the street.. Trans Brotanian Toll Road and some Road Pics of Gomeh Regency Intersection between Jl. Raya Pantai Timur, Jl. Raya Gomeh Utara, Jl. Raya Pegangsan. The Gomeh Island, major tourism places in Gomeh Regency
  12. NAM El-Rail-over-Road Station.

    Im looking for it. i know there's some.. but when i use it in my city, always CTD. i want the official from RTMT's one.
  13. adjiebrotot introduction

    thank you Edge!
  14. adjiebrotot introduction

    hello my name is Adjiebrotot from Jakarta, Indonesia but i prefer Purworejo, Central Java, Indonesia. i'm a javanese so sorry for my bad english. i can speak indonesian, javanese, holland, and boso suroboyo. i am the administrator from AOWN (association of worldwide nation) and Sim City 4 Player who sometimes try CitiesXL then get lag and CTDs. for my nick, call me adjie. thank you! dank u! arrigato! terima kasih!