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  1. Sid Meier's Game Night

    Well would everybody be okay with coming in tomorrow afternoon or evening? I'm very glad we have a new person to play with!
  2. Aldini's C:S Works

    The city is really starting to come into form and sprawl out a little. I wonder, how is the traffic? Have you planned any mass transit?
  3. Omni's Cities XXL/XL Showcase

    Nice update, the city is starting to come into form.. can't wait to see where you take it!
  4. Hey everyone!! Brian and I got to thinking that we should restart the age old tradition of playing a nice friendly game of Civ 5! If you would like to play, let us know! Also, what times would work best for you guys? Just drop a quick comment and we can get the ball rolling! May the odds be ever in your favor!
  5. Nilo7's Skylines (or lack thereof)

    Thank you very much; I'll try to include some more in the future. And, Skylines is addictive, better not get too close to it. But, in all honesty, it's gotten very far in terms of mods, and it's only been out one year. It lacks some of the quantitative-based data that we loved in SC4, but that may come in time. Thanks very much! I'll keep adding the commentary; I'm glad someone thinks it's funny and not too cheesy. We'll get Brian to play soon enough! That's a good question! Quite a few actually. I am using some various building assets, many of which are high rises. The high school featured in the update can be found here. The football field featured can be found here. Any other questions about specific assets you have, please ask! For some mods, I am using: Network Extensions Project for some more road options; the Terraform Tool; Random Tree Rotation, which is good for realistic forests; Prop and Tree Anarchy is useful for placing them almost anywhere; and Surface Painter can also add some realism on the terrain front. Traffic++ allows some advanced traffic options; Sharp Junction Angles allows some very tight interchanges; The Prop Line Tool allows you to place props in a line like a road (straight, curved) and is really great for items like fences and bushes. You can also change the interval between props! Lastly, Precision Engineering helps plan roads and networks. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask! Thanks much! They seem to be a big hit; I'll have to include more.
  6. The general discussion thread

    That's actually exactly what we were talking about in the Skylines Reddit page! I can't wait for Civ VI! My cousin and I are obsessed with playing Civ V right now.
  7. Aldini's C:S Works

    Very nice city, I like the layout. That's interesting about fires - the traffic definitely backed up in the fire in my update.
  8. transit mania- ville

    Ah, very nice, my friend! Your rail networks are almost all green and yellow now. On to 3 million! For the road that was circled as a part of number 1, have you considered upgrading it to an avenue?
  9. The general discussion thread

    I'm obsessed with it! There's some really creative stuff on there. It gives me a lot of ideas and plumps up my asset folder! To my knowledge, there's really only two or three sets of walls, right? One are these concrete ones, and there's another that are more grassy. Like I commented in your showcase, I'm still figuring out how to lower the ground. It seems like when I do, tiles end up going really high or low and then when I try to flatten it, it morphs to the height of that one tile that I raised rather than the rest of the flat ground. Maybe for the next update, though!
  10. Hey everyone! As many of you know, I am a fan of SC4 and Skylines! This time, I am hoping to showcase to you some of my most recent Skylines works. As some of you might know, I am a transit guy, so prepare for some transit-heavy cities! Oh, and also prepare for my commentary. I apologize in advance for the amount of grain in the pictures - I'm going to fiddle with the graphics settings for the next update. I thought it had a vintage feel, which I thought was alright for a smaller town. But.. some of the quality is not so good. Pointers are welcome for taking pictures as well as for city building! First off, let's get a feel for the city with an overview showing our first two bus lines. Route 2 (yellow) connects the western residential portion of the city to the eastern industrial district. Route 4 (green) connects the business district to the residential district and to Route 2 on the west side. From day one, our fire services were overworked! A fire in the industrial district.. maybe this is excusable! But at the high school?! It took a full 3 minutes in real-life time for the engines and pumpers to show up.. that's a lot of waiting for me. .... And they didn't exactly come in the nick of time.. Quick! Let's hop on the news helicopter... seems like they came even later than the fire trucks.. no more fire here, guys! How about a nice relaxing view from the football field before we draw this first update to a close. Ah, so tranquil... for the time being, right? But the hustle and bustle of city life can never be too far around the corner. (P.S. that sure is a nice high school! ) Until next time (and that's pretty soon), Nilo7
  11. The general discussion thread

    I'm salty you're going to the salty sea Oh, I saw something you posted in the Skylines Reddit that was really cool, but now I can't remember. It got a lot of ups
  12. transit mania- ville

    Wow, what an interchange!! My question is, what is that single track piece of GLR? Was it an old puzzle piece?
  13. Aldini's C:S Works

    Very nice, I'm liking the layout so far.. C:S allows you so much freedom Edit: The album looks great, too. I'll have to catch you in chat so we can talk about the terrain raise and lower lots - I can't figure them out.
  14. transit mania- ville

    Very nice planning my friend. Seems like you're in need of a transit hub or two
  15. god_donut's CS

    Great update.. love those highway shots .. so realistic!