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  1. Unexpected riiga that expects TC
  2. Somewhere in former Yugoslavia?
  3. Correct! The hat is yours!
  4. Bingo!
  5. No, but not far off either...
  6. Not there either.
  7. Not in Europe.
  8. It is not in Poland.
  9. E45 north of Jokkmokk?
  10. I guess I should give the clue "This road leads to a McDonalds" for all my future American roads then.
  11. Sweden indeed. I would guess Rv 99 going down towards Haparanda where the norternmost Ikea in the world is located.
  12. It's too fucking hot. 28 degrees in my apartment and the same outside. In the shade.
  13. My laptop.
  14. Yes, it's Norway. TC correctly identified the road and location, he's up next.