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  1. You are the transit master.
  2. Impressive transit network, particularly your amount of bus traffic.
  3. Until a newer game that is accepted by the community is released there will be a sizeable SC4 crowd for many years yet. I wouldn't be surprised if some SC2013 people come over to SC4 once they release how superior it is as a game.
  4. Replies: bben: Rivit's water mods are always top class. Republicmaster: I like mosaics. 111222333444: The trixie was quite the reward for my work. forthwall: Thanks! A couple of mosaics today which prominently display the National Sports Complex which contains basketball and tennis courts, football training fields, and the National Cricket Stadium. Cricket is a rapidly growing sport in the Mahibadhoos, despite being one of the lowest ranked national teams. And finally, a mosaic which shows the entire island of Dhiraagu; I think this shot shows just how crowded the capital city is. The small size of the island is popular with tourists as they can walk the entire city and experience centuries of Mahibadhian culture in one afternoon before heading off to the resort islands (Please treat the following image as unofficial as I don't consider its appearance to be up to the standards I wish to set in this Developer Diary - unfortunately the sea walls I use do not look great at this zoom level and some of the buildings have a strange appearance also).
  5. Replies: Logginin: I try my best to make the Developer Diary interesting Blake: Thanks! Today we continue our tour of Dhiraagu, the capital city of the Mahibadhoos. Dhiraagu is an extremely crowded city but as you can see, there are a few areas reserved for recreation - these basketball and football courts being a good example of this. Dhiraagu has a sizeable commercial port that is the second biggest in the country. Banidhoo, which we saw in an earlier update has the nations biggest port. Another spot of recreation, Henveiru Stadium (capacity 500) which is home to local soccer club Eagles FC and acts as a training ground for the Mahibadhian national team when the National Stadium is unavailable. For now, another Mahibadhian day comes to a close under the glow of the National Islamic Centre.
  6. Dhiraagu is the capital and most populous city in the Mahibadhoos. With a 103,000 people crammed into 6 square kilometres (2 square miles), Dhiraagu contains a third of the Mahibadhian population and almost every Mahibadhian at some point either lives in or visits the city as it is the center of all administration and bureaucracy. The population has increased 80,000 in the last 25 years. The city of Dhiraagu is the only ordinary Mahibadhian city that tourists are permitted to visit and experience the traditional Islamic culture of the nation. In the mosaic below you can see the bustling port on the northern shore of the island and the marina where tourists enter the city. Tourists can immediately immerse themselves in the main business district of the city and Jumhoree Maidhaan - the central square which is bordered by the National Islamic Centre, the National Military Headquarters, and the National Police Headquarters. Just behind the National Islamic Centre is the Sultan Park - the national garden of the Mahibadhoos. Jumhoree Maidhaan has been the center of much protest lately as the Mahibadhian people have been fighting against government corruption and poor living standards. Also near Jumhoree Maidhaan is the ancient Friday Mosque - the oldest structure in the country with its historic graveyard. Across the street from the Friday Mosque is Muliaage - the Presidential Palace which is also a historic building. Contrasting both the Friday Mosque and Muliaage is the Velaanaage Office Building, the largest and most modern office structure in the nation. In a bid to improve living standards and happiness on the island the government decided to construct a man-made beach to offer a small escape from the hustle and bustle of the cramped capital. The man-made beach was built on reclaimed land and is a hit with the locals - most tourists leave their beach-going until they reach the resort islands. By night, Dhiraagu continues to bustle with the entertainment tonight being an international football match at the National Stadium between the Mahibadhoos and Cape Verde. Over at Jumhoree Maidhaan, the green glow of the Presidential Palce illuminates the night sky. Please join me next time as we continue our tour of Dhiraagu.
  7. Replies Thank you everyone for your comments! Just a hint of what is to come when we visit the capital of the Mahibadhoos, Dhiraagu.
  8. Thanks for the texture frex, I don't however understand where in the process I should enter the UVW Map values.
  9. Hello all, Thank you for your comments, the link to the tutorial is here: I have been playing around with some texturing, mostly just learning the tools and methods. So far I have this which I realise looks crap but at least I have figured out a few things. As always, I appreciate comments and help.
  10. Hello all, I have been spending a lot of time with 3dsmax 2013 this week and I have been following tutorials on youtube. Even though this is a very early step I though I would show the very simple house that I have modeled. Any feedback and advice is welcome.
  11. Replies: k50: Yes, I am a bit behind. I will catch up eventually. 111222333444: Cars are uncommon on the other islands, even Dhiraagu the capital city doesn't have an abundance of cars. Hulhulé has the most cars of any island in the Mahibadhoos. Today we visit Dhiraagu International Airport on the island of Hulhulé for the second and final time. Today you will see the cargo terminal... ...the Hulhulé Airport Hotel, the Domestic terminal, and the International terminal. Here you can see the newly-built Control Tower on the Eastern side of the island. And finally, another mosaic. (I am not sure if this website supports this horizontal mosaic. I can only see one end of it on my computer)
  12. Replies: mayorm: I am not familiar with tropico. Frex_Ceafus: Thanks for visiting. Republicmaster: Thanks! 111222333444: A bit nicer than the rubbish island eh? Dhiraagu International Airport is located on the island of Hulhulé, just 1.4 kilometres from the capital, Dhiraagu. The island is largely reclaimed and in considered an administrative ward of Dhiraagu. The airport is served by multiple airlines regularly and then many charter airlines on a more sporadic basis. Emirates Airlines offers flights once a week to fellow Zouérat Islamic Federation members Gharbiyya and Dhahran and also to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabian Airlines offers flights once a week to Jeddah and Riyadh. Monarch Airlines offers charter flights from Luton, Birmingham, and Manchester in the United Kingdom. Etihad offers flights once every two weeks from Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Qatar Airways offers flights once a week to Doha. While Dhiraagu International Airport may not be the busiest airport around it is a vital link between the Mahibadhoos and the rest of the world and enables the tourist industry to flourish. Tourists can catch a boat directly from the island of Hulhulé to their resort island, most of which can be reached in an hour at most. In the next update we will continue our look at the island of Hulhulé and the International Airport.
  13. Replies: k50: I will do my best to try and post here more regularly. Republicmaster: I am glad you liked the garbage island! 111222333444: Indeed it is dirty. Our journey through the Mahibadhoos towards the capital of Dhiraagu continues with the island of Hithadhoo, about 2 kilometres (1.2 miles) west of the capital. Hithadhoo is one of the larger settlements in the Mahibadhoos with about 8000 people living on the island. Due to its proximity to the capital, Hithadhoo is relatively developed, particularly compared to the island of Maeenboodhoo which we visited a few weeks ago. Due to soaring land values in crowded Dhiraagu, some companies have decided to relocate to Hithadhoo. This gleaming new office building was built to accommodate these companies. Hithadhoo also has the best football stadium in the Mahibadhoos outside of Dhiraagu. Victory SC, the most succesful Mahibadhian club outside of the capital play at this stadium. Hithadhoo, despite being densely populated, still however retains some great beaches and places to escape the hustle and bustle. Until next time, farewell from the Mahibadhoos.
  14. Replies: 111222333444: I understand craving the warmth, it is very cold here in Pennsylvania at the moment too. Blake: Sounds like a good idea! Banidhoo is an artificial island in the Dhiraagu Atoll, about 6.5 kilometres from the capital of Dhiraagu. It was created in 1991 to be the municipal landfill for the capital city which was becoming overwhelmed with garbage. Banidhoo has since grown to become the major industrial hub for the Mahibadhoos. While Banidhoo has succesfully relieved Dhiraagu of its waste predicament, the process of dumping garbage indiscriminately has become an ecological hazard. Much of the garbage dumped here contains asbestos and other harmful toxic metals such as mercury and lead and threatens to leach into the sea. In light of this, the Mahibadhian government has restricted the types of waste that can be dumped on Mahibadhoo and resort islands have been encouraged to limit their non-recyclable garbage. About 1000 workers live on Banidhoo to sort the garbage, work at the port, and in industrial warehouses. Most of the workers are poor immigrants from Gharbiyya and Mauritania and live in a rather drab housing block. A mosque was recently built on the island to provide the workforce some spiritual motivation. Banidhoo is the only major container port in the Mahibadhoos and most imports and exports go through the Banidhoo cargo terminal. By night, the workers of Banidhoo are still hard at work in the factories and warehouses, particularly in the Pepsi Bottling Plant that has recently opened.