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  1. Mega Drive - Osaka Sewers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-Ln59U99BA
  2. gw

    huh, I'm still not sure how it would work, I'd have to see it working, and the only time multi-player really sorta worked was way back in 2004 when EA had a special client for it which was turn based. but this does sound interesting to say the least
  3. gw

    I'd be down for that, but you'd either need a list of required mods or a central mods folder that each player downloads for their game save to ensure compatibility across the board, I do have a question though, how would you relegate turns, because as far as I understand it multiple instances of sc4 can't play the same region save at the same time without errors... but it's been a while for me so that could have changed.
  4. hey gd could you give us an up to date map render so we can see what the progress is since the last one?
  5. ah but see don't worry about messing up on your landings so much, you know the apollo 11 LEM actually overshot it's planned landing site? long as you kill most of your velocity you should be fine... I always design with redundancy in mind just in case.
  6. what it says on the tin, any music videos you find that you would consider tech noir or cyberpunk I'll start. Tomorrow people, a cyberpunk music video - Thomas McCaughley Use the format above, name - user who posted it. no embedding, that seems to slow up the forums too much for some users (need better boxen guys). other than that, link to what you like, and enjoy!
  7. banned for doubting the awesomeness that is smooth jazz
  8. this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvmPaffKXKU
  9. Totally Ridiculous Use of Mass Power Msoft
  10. banned for rocking too hard
  11. Grey Hornet Online Saves Tomorrow AMERICA
  12. Banned for loosing the intergalactic nascar race.
  13. I warp space to switch our places so you get hit anyway. My office!
  14. pitiful humans lol you will die from a bone spur in the lung
  15. C looks like G