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  1. We need some kind of community or group activity, I think that might help revitalize the forum (not the chat, the forum), and maybe give us something we can all be proud of, plus people who see it have an increased chance of being interested in simmania and might want to join themselves thoughts, ideas, comments? let's hear em!
  2. 4011
  3. gets Chicken Linguini Inserts Nitrogen Oxide
  4. Post links to any music here that you feel has a cyberpunk vibe to it, one video per post to keep load times down, I'll start.
  5. Since this topic fits into all 3 categories I'm just putting it in the general space. entertainment (books, movies, music, games, etc), PC's & tech (Cyberpunk need I say more?), politics, debates, etc, (see cyberpunk world vs real world). What is cyberpunk Examples of cyberpunk works now that that's all out of the way, let's begin... let's talk about cyberpunk media you are interested in, how does it affect your view of the world, or maybe just how close the cyberpunk and real worlds are?
  6. just something to think about, honestly I don't see why it couldn't be done, we could get a group together, work out the design ideas, and settle on a final design, with people taking different aspects of it. C'mon moderators, tell us what you think about this? are you willing to let a group of us redo the site?
  7. what if non staff designed the re-design? like give us a template we can modify as a group? That'd be a great community project we can all work on too with any form of computer. and if it passes approval as far as stability and functionality then it can be implemented? Takes most of the weight off your shoulders given the IRL stuff and gives the community something we can all work towards and benefit from since all you guys would have to do is maybe make minor stability tweaks and such.
  8. yes, it's currently still in early access but basically the non mmo portion can be played multiplayer with an island sized map (really huge), and basically you put in time and build a town/village the old fashioned way sorta.
  9. well i still like the idea of a community project, something we all work on. it's part of why i liked having a minecraft server for the site that everybody contributes to but that's lost a lot of interest as people started getting more involved in their personal lives... say, anyone heard of life is medieval?
  10. Mega Drive - Osaka Sewers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-Ln59U99BA
  11. gw

    huh, I'm still not sure how it would work, I'd have to see it working, and the only time multi-player really sorta worked was way back in 2004 when EA had a special client for it which was turn based. but this does sound interesting to say the least
  12. gw

    I'd be down for that, but you'd either need a list of required mods or a central mods folder that each player downloads for their game save to ensure compatibility across the board, I do have a question though, how would you relegate turns, because as far as I understand it multiple instances of sc4 can't play the same region save at the same time without errors... but it's been a while for me so that could have changed.
  13. ah but see don't worry about messing up on your landings so much, you know the apollo 11 LEM actually overshot it's planned landing site? long as you kill most of your velocity you should be fine... I always design with redundancy in mind just in case.
  14. what it says on the tin, any music videos you find that you would consider tech noir or cyberpunk I'll start. Tomorrow people, a cyberpunk music video - Thomas McCaughley Use the format above, name - user who posted it. no embedding, that seems to slow up the forums too much for some users (need better boxen guys). other than that, link to what you like, and enjoy!
  15. banned for doubting the awesomeness that is smooth jazz
  16. post something about the avatar of the user who posted before you. example for darth apple's avatar. Linux is power! you don't need to copy avatars, that one above is an example, and remember, have fun! and... START!
  17. this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvmPaffKXKU
  18. Totally Ridiculous Use of Mass Power Msoft
  19. banned for rocking too hard
  20. Grey Hornet Online Saves Tomorrow AMERICA
  21. Banned for loosing the intergalactic nascar race.
  22. I warp space to switch our places so you get hit anyway. My office!