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  1. ok so I'm here to share my recently acquired minecraft server through GG hosting, when you spawn in there is a spawn town underway called Fitzgerald (after the edmond fitzgerald, the rules are thus. the main town has a 3K (3 thousand blocks) radius so that's allocated for the town and surrounding area from the town square, which I will be making shortly. you can build within that 3K radius but that's all part of fitzgerald. no griefing, no flaming, no being a jerk, and no reproductive organ shaped objects either. Survival only, (not sure how to get it set to creative and such yet, I'm still learning!) have fun! if you are interested, PM me and I will send you the IP for it, all users have to go through either me or my Co admin Roxter. staff Spooky_Zalost: (admin/owner) Roxter: (co-admin) MAP: Town: Edmond's Island Lighthouse
  2. Zalost Neo-technologies server (all players welcome!)

    yeah sorry those pictures are really old lol. from before drop box broke links that's what the server looks like atm
  3. Zalost Neo-technologies server (all players welcome!)

    alrighty, I've gone and re-opened my MC server to anyone interested in playing, PM me and I will send you the IP to access it.
  4. 1.12 - World Of Color Update

    maybe I will end up using it in my minecraft town I'm building
  5. Post your Desktop!

    Wanted to share one more, this is with music playback stuff running, in case anyone was wondering how I listened to stuff like that.
  6. Post your Desktop!

    been tweaking some more, here's my desktop currently, compiz FTW!
  7. Cyberpunk Thread

    Since this topic fits into all 3 categories I'm just putting it in the general space. entertainment (books, movies, music, games, etc), PC's & tech (Cyberpunk need I say more?), politics, debates, etc, (see cyberpunk world vs real world). What is cyberpunk Examples of cyberpunk works The Cyberpunk Database now that that's all out of the way, let's begin... let's talk about cyberpunk media you are interested in, how does it affect your view of the world, or maybe just how close the cyberpunk and real worlds are?
  8. Cyberpunk Thread

    of course brian, there's a lot there of all media types in the database, it's a great way to explore what cyberpunk is as far as a style both in storytelling and in reality.
  9. Cyberpunk Thread

    hey take a look at the opening post, I just linked in a viewable/Searchable database of cyberpunk media. there's a lot
  10. What are you listening to? v2

    Listening to Celldweller - Wish Upon A Black Star Album
  11. The Simmania "Counting" Thread (Part 4)

    4031 Hack the gibson, hack the planet, free your mind, because there is no spoon
  12. Cyberpunk music

    Post links to any music here that you feel has a cyberpunk vibe to it, one video per post to keep load times down, I'll start.
  13. Cyberpunk music

  14. SC4 car mods

    just a minor question, does anyone know of any futuristic car mods that change the car models used in the game?
  15. SC4 in linux how does it play for you?

    wasn't hard to get working, that's the steam version btw, but the DVD/CD version works better out of the box. so buyer beware. has anyone else gotten it working? and what settings/setup do you use if so?
  16. SC4 in linux how does it play for you?

    well the trick here is that you need to install steam in play on linux, then install sc4 in that. the boxed version generally works better though simply because of the steam limitations. mostly because play on linux steam runs slow as hell while linux native steam runs fast. you know that reminds me... why can't steam on linux recognize wine/play on linux as an untested/unsupported but available option for windows games in linux? I just find it weird that the steam games require steam to be running to run and thus hinders this. like for example, steam could see wine is installed and let you download your windows copy of a game with a little pop up about it being untested/unsupported, but come with say a specialized loader so that steam will start the .exe in wine or something.
  17. SC4 in linux how does it play for you?

    sadly no, such a thing does not nor will it ever exist this is simcity 4 in linux running with a compatibility layer which basically converts it's commands to ones that linux understands and vice versa
  18. Post your Rig

    what does your computer setup look like? what customizations have you made to make it your own? this is my setup, still in progress.
  19. Post your Rig

    added that peg board.
  20. what old pc's do you own?

    I collect a lot of old pc's so the idea behind the thread is obvious, do you have any old pc's that you still own and keep running? and if so what are they running? I have about a dozen or so and most of them run either dos or linux, though I've been slowly putting command line linux distros so I can build from the ground up and make them more compatible, it's fun to learn this way! so what do you guys do with your old pc's, and do you have any still around that you toy with from time to time?
  21. what old pc's do you own?

    you can always frankenstein that beast lol
  22. what old pc's do you own?

    do they still run? have you tried booting them lately? useful for playing old games lol
  23. Twin Lakes - A Dynamic C:S CJ

    looks nice, well detailed, everything I've come to expect from a simmania city journal
  24. Post your Desktop!

    I've tweaked the sound module a bit now so it looks less gaudy... especially given it's command line interface based lol. And the final result I was inspired by this interface from the game hacknet: had to add one more! that's the cyberpunk IRC... kinda quiet right now but I don't have to open chrome or firefox to run it.
  25. Post your Desktop!

    that's your opinion and you're welcome to it, I like eye candy