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  1. Hello SMIPB!

    Yes, hello to SMIPB! It looks nice
  2. Morseville

    Morseville to get new shopping center in North Morseville Welland News Service - Morseville Division MEMPHIS LAKE, WELLAND and MORSEVILLE, MORSEVILLE - Memphis Lake-based Clark Properties announced on Friday that they would be building a new shopping center in the northern tip of Morseville Peninsula, called "Morseville Heights Shopping Center". The Morseville Parliament approved the construction on Tuesday, though plans had been in the works for the area since mid-2009. The mall's location is highlighted in red: Many North Morseville residents were happy to hear the news. "Now, I won't have to travel down to the Southside to get my groceries! This is a good thing." a citizen said to Welland News Service during the Territorial Update where the shopping center was announced. In addition to private funding, the Morseville Parliament will provide WL$3.5 million in taxpayer funding to assist in construction of the shopping center. Clark Properties has also owned the Morseville Shopping Center South since 1999, when Morseville government gave up control in a privatization effort.
  3. Morseville

    Morseville is an Overseas Territory of the (fictional) country of Welland. It's estimated population is around 4,500 and continues to grow with more industry establishing on the territory. Morseville is located on the Canary Island of Lanzarote. ========= The Morseville Shopping Center - South is a small shopping center on the southern tip of the territory, bringing such American shops such as Ashley Furniture, Burlington Coat Factory, Cracker Barrel, Family Dollar and so on. It was ran by the Morseville Parliament until recently when it was sold to a private investor. ========= Central Morseville exists of mostly residential and commercial areas and is home to Morseville College, Morseville Elementary, and the newly-opened Harbor Clinic. ========= Wells Park is Morseville's first park, established with the Wellandese law, the Territorial Act. It is named after Clark Wells, the (then) president of Welland who established the territory. ========= Soldier's Hospital was initially a military hospital when Morseville was home to some of the Wellandese military operations, but is now a general hospital, owned by the Territory of Morseville.
  4. What are you listening to? (OLD THREAD)

    The Taste of Ink by The Used
  5. Mariano City is a fictional city-reigon in the Philippines, with influences of British and American city planning. It is located in the Datu Odin Sinsuat municipality. Because of it's influence, many of the residents speak English due to the American influence, along with the fact that the Americans ran the town as it's own country until about 15 years ago, when it gave the city back to the Philippines, but still ran it as it's own, independent reigon. Today, Mariano City is a large financial district, with many banks and other corporations based there. Many have called the city the "Hong Kong of the Philippines". COMING SOON!
  6. What are you listening to? (OLD THREAD)

    How To Love - Lil Wayne The only time Lil Wayne does an acoustic song, from what I've seen.
  7. ModCen File Exchange

    Even though it's under designing construction, ModCen is up. It is a file exchange, not only for SimCity 4, but any game where it's possible and legal to modify the game. We currently have two lots posted, and need more. If you'd like to help, visit http://modcen.com/main/ and click on the Apply for Hosting link.
  8. Computer Specs

    New laptop. It's an ASUS K55N-DS81, and it works well so far. 1.9GHz AMD A8-4500M APU (CPU + GPU) Quad-Core 500GB 5400RPM SATA HDD 4GB DDR3 RAM AMD Radeon HD 7640G with 512MB graphics RAM Windows 8 (as long as the cloud apps don't get in the way, I'm OK with Win8)
  9. List of SC4 fansites created by Simmania members

    Can you remove SimCollab and replace it with this? Thanks. ModCen.com "maximize videogame fun" Run by: Suzaku ModCen.com is a new game modification database for games that offer a way to modify (in otherwords, it's legal to modify those games) the game. It hosts mostly mods for simulation games, but also will allow modifications for any non-simulation game by request. Uploading privileges are granted through application, and has a max file limit of 64MB with some exceptions. Website hosting is also offered for large modification projects.
  10. Explosion Near Waco, TX

    I've been through West before (my brother was stationed at Fort Hood a few years back). Not a huge town. Sad tragedy.
  11. Chat has moved to new server

    I reccomended the new host. You're welcome, SM. lol
  12. Leaving/ Returning Thread

    I'm leaving for a while to keep my sanity, as some users (I won't say who) just cause me to be so annoyed or ticked off I cannot stand it. No offense, anyone.
  13. How's the weather?

    Any weather junkies here? I love storms, especially when there's hail or a tornado. In fact, the first T-Storm Warning of this year was issued just now:
  14. SC4 on a laptop

    Copied from my CSGf post. Since I'm sure most laptops (especially AMD-powered CPU ones, and/or HP-branded ones *grumble*) may crash or overheat on SC4, I thought I'd give some tips. Use a cooling pad Not the cheap $5, 3-fan ones that break in 5 minutes, though. Use one that is a notable brand, and/or has more than 1 way of keeping your laptop cool. I'd reccomend the Cooler Master NotePal X2, as it has three features that keep your laptop cool: Huge 140mm fan - more air. Aluminum mesh absorbs heat - this is why MacBooks are made out of aluminum, but in my opinion, do not get a Mac. Small stands to lift your laptop an inch or two, for better circulation. Use on a desk or other non-heat-trapping surface I know, I've played SC4 while laying down on my bed before and having it overheat. Using on a wood or metal surface will obviously help as it does not trap the heat given off by your laptop (or at least very little heat). Add "-CPUCount:1" to your SC4 shortcut SimCity 4 was created in the ancient times of 2003, when multi-core CPUs were very rare. Adding this to your shortcut link will make SimCity 4 run on a single core, as SC4 does have a hard time running on that dual-core processor of yours! If all else fails, get a good reviewed laptop I would reccomend you'd stay away from the common brands (HP, Dell, Acer, etc) as they usually cut corners to make the computers a lot cheaper. Instead, go with a brand that is not as well known (ASUS, Lenovo, etc), they may be a bit more expensive but they are worth it! Also, make sure it has an Intel processor (most notably a "Core i3/i5/i7" processor), as Intel processors as of recent (aka based off a specification with the word "Bridge" in it) have been made more efficient than most AMD processors, so they run faster and a lot cooler. Now, that doesn't mean you should stay away from AMD, sure, the FX processors have been getting a lot better, but IMO, Intel runs a lot more effeciently. If there is anything I should add, feel free to say so.
  15. CloudyStatus

    i have been planning this more, last ones were cancelled due to impossible-tier coding by one person or a lack of planning/resources. in fact, here's the planned network (which is slowly being brought up, tommorow the italy server will go online): US1: Atlanta, Georgia, USA (the server we have now, RamNode.com) US2: Denver, Colorado, USA (server pending, FDCservers possible?) EU1: Jena, Germany, EU (server pending, fileMEDIA.de) EU2: Milan, Italy, EU (server pending, OVerZold aka Iperweb) COMING SOON (Pending on success of service): US3: Dallas, Texas, USA (server pending, host TBA)