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  1. IL's BAT Thread

    Ah, alright Just tell me when you do I'll also tell you if I installed sc4 and everything needed to export
  2. IL's BAT Thread

    Great Thanks, that would be great! I'm in no hurry. Btw, why do you need to install simcity4? Can't you just export it anywhere? No need for the lot.
  3. IL's BAT Thread

    Thanks The model is done. If anyone can export it that would be great. I made it into 6 parts easy to export. Anyone interrested? The BAT would be for the team effcorse Thanks in advance.
  4. IL's BAT Thread

  5. IL's BAT Thread

    Hey Brian, thanks for your comment, I didn't notice it for a while. Anyway I do have a new BAT: But sadly, I think I'm going to be unable to export it, I'm having problems with the memory (even when I cutted the whole model into smaller low-poly pieces, while I have a 6Go RAM and a 2.0GHz i7 CPU). If anyone from the team can help and try to export one of the models' pieces that would be great. Ah I got it now, nevermind about that last part that says that I can't export it, I just need to cut it into more pieces, lol
  6. Sam's Retexture Mods

    How do you mod the roads and streets textures? I'd like to make some retexturing mods myself
  7. Durham V2 - Whitewater Territory

    That looks like a heavinly flora
  8. Well, as for me, I beleive that God created the universe, and I don't know since when. The reason I'm saying God created the universe, is that in my beleif, God is outside our understanding or our imagination (since our imagination is only based on our surrounding), we cannot associate God to any physic laws (including time, time is just our prison), and it's not illogical or stupid to beleive in that, but it will be naiive indeed if one think that we know everything, and everything we don't know doesnt exist or is not possible, and science proved many times that we are wrong, and that there's alot we don't know, alot. One more thing is, out whole universe, is not unique, and I think that it is an illusion, it is not really the way we see it, we are unable to see everything or to see how things really are. I think that the universe functions as a video game, a program, where everything is programmed to function in an automatic way. As for evolution, yes I do beleive in evolution, but not as a random process, an illogical evolution of events (it is normal to think that something is random or illogical if we can't understand it), but rather a part of a program, that have a specific way to run, one result that leads to another, I think that you all see that evolution is making creatures adapt better to it's environement, to be stronger in that surrounding and take the best advandage, to survive, I think is totally not random, or as it is called, natural selection, as for me, I'd rather call it God's selection. After all, God calls us to walk on Earth, wonder, look, and try to know how life started and how things work, God created things in a logical way so we can understand it (an automated system), everything is there, or was there for a reason (even if we don't know what that reason is). So I think, that there is always a way to get to it and to understand it (maybe not everything at least, maybe because of a biological limitation, or a physical limitation (ie.: time).
  9. Post your Desktop!

  10. IL's BAT Thread

    yes sadly, but it will be back
  11. IL's BAT Thread

    Thank you very much everyone for your support, and for Lot_Creator for exporting the BAT: File uploaded: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28558-the-water-gate/
  12. Video games algorithmics & programing

    I downloaded unreal engine (but it didnt look like simple), so I tryed unity, wich looked much simpler (you can make 3d models and stuff inside, you can also take models that you made on 3dsmax to it (after exporting them from 3dsmax) ) & this is a turtorial for unity: This link introduce the interface and basic stuff, more links are included [url I found this helpfull and it started to come together in my mind after seeing these, and I thought to share with you.
  13. New Chandler III

    Great city indeed, I enjoyed the scenes and the environement very much