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  1. god_donut's CS

    I am glad we can finally do something decent with highways
  2. Cities: Skylines Let's Play Cities: Skylines Gameplay from a players perspective Warning - Not My videos
  3. Where do you live in the world?

    Springfield, Massachusetts USA
  4. RollerCoaster Tycoon 3

    I have a coaster that I built using the Extended Coaster, called Winds of Darkness. I have also been working with custom scenery on that one to build my own support structures, since the ones in the game are crap and a lot of the custom supports don't work with this coaster types' potentials. I will have to dig it up and provide some screenshots. I was at one time into this game as heavily as I am into SimCity 4! I even tried my hand at making my own CS, which did not work out too well (lack of knowledge of 3DS)