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  1. Thanks for doing this, and adding TSE to the list. Soon we will expand to cover The Sims, Cities XL, Civ 5, Minecraft, other games, and sports.
  2. UPDATE (2/7/13): Just want to update everybody about The Sim Experience. Our exchange, known simply as The Exchange (or The X) debuted last night. It's up and running. We also have X Chat up, which is similar to Simmania Chat. The City Journals forum is also up, and I invite everybody to post your CJs there.
  3. thanks. For now, we are officially affiliated with cheese's site, and unofficially with Simlink's (I've sent him a PM). I would like to be affiliated with this site, along with SC4 Devotion, and SimPeg. Yeah it was recommended that I use forumotion to create my site. Now I'm looking for people who are experienced in setting up ajax chat and a file exchange. looks like nobody is interested in helping me out. And thanks to Frex and Simlink......
  4. Greetings to everybody, I would like to introduce you to the latest site devoted to SimCity, called The Sim Experience. The Sim Experience is owned and operated by kojak313. Currently we have no Co-Owners, but that will change soon. Our Administrators (so far) are Cheese and Simlink, and our Global Moderator (so far) is Titanicbuff. We just opened our doors last night, and we hope that you all will come on over, register, and visit often. We have forums devoted to SimCity 4, and SimCity 5, with more forums devoted to other simulators coming soon. We also have very fun forum games. We have a forum for you to share your City Journals. We also have areas for BAT teams to showcase their works, and use for meeting spaces. Soon we will have a more dedicated chat, known as X Chat, and an exchange for all your downloading and uploading needs (called The Exchange). The Exchange will have limitless file sizes and an infinite amount of storage space. Our site staff is very friendly, and are ready to help you. The Sim Experience is also the home of The SketchUp Institute, where enthusiasts who uses SketchUp to model their BATs and PROPs can showcase their works, and teach others how to use SketchUp. And starting in 2014, we will start holding an annual event called The X Awards. We are also affiliated with many of the popular fansites, and those you may not even know. We especially encourage members of the former Sim Kingdom site to come on over, and register here. So feel free to come on over, and join in on the fun. You'll be glad you did. Our link: The Sim Experience Sincerely, ~kojak313~ Owner and Webmaster, The Sim Experience
  5. Uh yeah. I showed you nothing but respect on The Kingdom (when it was up). Never was mean, never took a crap on you like you did on me here. As Lt. Costello said on Miami Vice, "Come to my face correct, or don't come at it at all."
  6. I'm leaving. Don't know when I'll be back. I sense people are tired of me being around here. Whatever.
  7. dynamite
  8. feces in them.
  9. Granted, but then you get permanently banned. I wish for....nevermind..... :x
  10. Get roaches. Inserts a new website.....
  11. I take my gold staff and smite you in the head with it! My Office!
  12. I call on a Higher Being to rebuke all of you and the nonsense you're spewing. My office!
  13. You get a plain Jane. I insert a Jane Doe......
  14. Granted, but you never win when playing it. I wish for an xbox and six games......
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