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  1. URGENT UPDATE: Huge meteor strike Murkenburg forest 100's of acres of woodland burned to the ground! Aerial pictures of the remains of the jackson national forest just south of fulham MS (Murken state) OMG! It's the crater! What a view we got of it!!! Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!
  2. Response to the comments: Titanicbuff: Thank you Blake: Thanks. I like to be as detailed as possible. Lotcreator: The ducks are all ok, so is the old man . I'm glad you enjoyed the update! K50: Thanks! I feel a great honor in my heart when I am compared to the shulm! Simlink: The ducks are all ok as I said! There will be more action in the coming update if I have the time! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  3. A PREVIEWUNITED MURKEN 5 Q103 FERX news channel brings you the best in programming whether it is silly comedy or happy soap drama's. WE got it all. Now to your local news! dah dah dah dah (music play's) Tonight's headlines Crazy old man complains about noisy women in the night. Sir sir please.. ARGg get off my property .. narggg. phoomp* Young man makes world headlines with amazing cat juggling act It is all in the hands... Breaking news! Just in! There is a standoff in a shopping area with a large police presence there. We will send a news crew there for the very latest. STAY TUNED We have sent a chopper over to the seen where a man in his 80's is holding up a group of ducks and is armed and dangerous. The view from the chopper: .......... This broadcast was brought to you by Lotsa lumber liquidators. Where we liquify your lumber. Next chapter. a tour of Kensington
  4. So long all and see you in simania 3.0!
  5. VCTP Project thread update #2 Hello community. I have compiled a list of tree's that will be in the alpha version of this pack. I have included the full list in this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c4m7as4fBPuEwHG0ArxeHGUwNH94iVW0TVimsiyPOM0/edit?usp=sharing More updates when they come available! May the force be with you
  6. Great. I will post a update or two tomorrow. But I must hit the sack. May the night be with you
  7. Welcome to the VCTP (abbrevation in description). I hope someday this project will encompass the entire range of forest's that exist naturally in the state of VA Maryland and southern PA. Now some species are more complex than others. They range from flowering tree's to large coniferous tree's so the plan is that I will divide the designation to each and every post as a "flower" , "desidious" or "coniferous" to simplify post's and to keep everybody on track as to what is in that picture! I hope for success in the future and hope everyone has as much fun (or not ) as I hope I will with this project Regards Josh halen Side note: As this is not a SBT group prject this will be designated as the "team thread" for VCTP and not my own thread.
  8. Awesome stuff here towncrafter.
  9. Funded by the National TV channel funding corp. We the people! FULHAM IN DEPTH Exherts from the documentary Logging people of Fulham on RLM (real life misery channel) (2009 copyright) And a message brought to you by clear springs drinking water! Liven you day up with some fresh brisk water from the Rhineland vapol glaciers . Deep in the mountains of Napolia! Enough commercials get on with the show already geez! Quote from Chief boobun of the nongor tribe that settled around modern Fulham around 3 A.D For most of the nations history we have been chopping down trees to make way fro things such as farms , towns and things of the sort. Today they are known as the last pioneers. The last "true" settlers of the land. They are "THE LUMBERJACKS" Jumberjack Bob: EHH where going to chop down some big redwoods today.. not much to say really. Really just what our job is. Hope there ain't no forest fires HAHA! Narrator: The men enter the forest , full of wild animals and grumbling old men. WE approach a decent cutting location and start to hack away at the big tree's Lumberjack Bob: As you can see. Were cutting down these logs with the ARX 5000 Supreme cutter. Best on the market! top o the grade machinery. Don't wanna mess that cut up. The tree might fall on yah HAHA! TIMBER!!! PHOOM! BOOM! Lumberjack Tom: OHHH there she goes Her her her! Lumber jack Bob :That is quite the tree there. Great job team Lumberjack team : Woot! Narrator: The lumberjacks live there day to day lives in the the urban part of the region most of the time. They set up camps early in April and pack up in mid November. The normally pleasant climate with expansive growing season's boost tree growth and makes it easier for the lumberjacks to work cutting them down. Brought to you by the National Lumber and agriculture association We feed you and build your homes Overview of Fulham Let's start off with the dump. Not the most fun place to look at! But it works. So meh Some industrial going up by the island bridge headed to the seaport where we will head next . Fulham seaport. Many good are shipped out of this port everyday to the consumer market's in the world! Seaport bridge. Connects the main-land with the seaport of fulham. Some new homes going up in the city. Prime real estate close to lumber job's! And finally some of the nature you can find if you look good enough. Some nice aspens and conifers co-exist in the forest's around fulham. It is currently autumn there! Next chapter: Closer look at Murkenburg! May the force be with you!
  10. You bring up a good point. Not everything goes in hand like bread and butter (even in videogames). It looks nice thought regardless, it has it's own unique style that is interesting but it's not's everybody's cup of tea! Great updates man. I really looking forward to the next update of this CJ!! May the force be with you!
  11. To answer K50's question. I use the in game screenshot thing for my photo's. And then touch them up a bit in MS paint! Not much to it really. I just have a general outline of what I want to take a screen of and do it ! And if you guys want to use the tree's i'm using in this CJ they can be found in this GM tree mod on ST here: http://community.simtropolis.com/files/file/28296-pacific-northwest-tree-controller/ May the force be with you all
  12. In this update. I am going to explain the economic system of the Untied Murkan as it stands today and what specific city's (and regions) rely on what for monetary gain! The way deh system works The nation of United Murkan for it's history has relied heavily on manufactured products and the shipping buisness. As an example , The western most community with a seaport is Fulham (pop. 1.152) and relies heavily on it's dense mixed forest's for it's mainly lumber tied economy. Lumber cutting party outside Fulham Lumber in Fulham accounts for more than 1/3 of it's GDP and employ's 90% of the town living within the town limit. Additionally, the lumber industry employ's 45% of the workforce and is the 2nd largest market in the world for the resource . The big three (Fulham estates lumber, Plymouth company, and smith and lee lumber industry's) are the leading manufacturers and cutters of quality wood goods for the consumer market. Capitalism is the general consensus when describing the polti-economical system. We run mainly on free enterprise and basic corporate right's in the government. Each company that exist's is charged a flat tax rate of 20% for what they earn and a 10% handout when there is a budget surplus each year that this happens. The small buisness tax rate is rock bottom at 2% for each retail outlet you own on top of eco-fee's and state sales tax. The tax system is run by a state run bank that is primarily influenced by the public sector and not the private. Although there are private banks everywhere, they cannot issue federal taxes or anything like that. But certain lobby group's can influence the votes for a specific bill, they cannot vote for it themselves. Each senate member votes on a bill and is represented by one vote for the lobby each time. Each vote the lobby get's they move up by one until there is a majority. When a certain side win's, the bill is reviewed by the President and the PM and his put into a motion in the congress and is passed in most cases. Economic bill's have to go through a different house and then has to be passed AND get the Presidents approval with the National reserve's ok. This happens every year with the yearly budget. 2012/2013 Resource VS Communication chart Job 2012 resource and communication chart POM% grth Mining 11% 10% 11.50% 10.50% 10% 2% forestry 40% 40.50% 40.50% 40% 45% 5% communi 10% 15% 17% 19% 20% 9% manufact 11% 11.5 25% 13.50% 10% 1% service 2% 3.50% 3.50% 4.50% 5% 3% governm 3% 3% 3% 3% 3% 0% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013% POM: Part of market % Grth : growth in market United Murkan is the 2nd biggest market for consumer goods in the world. United Murkan also loans the least money to other nations and borrows the least. The Economy is mixed between demoestic and foreign buisnesses. The UM is highest in company output for any nation overall, making 11 billion+ revenue in 2012 and an additional 1.5 million in January (projected 18.5 billion for the year) Next update: I was sworn to secrecy by the UM government agents so I cannot tell yet! May the force be with you ..
  13. Thanks man glad you enjoyed it ! You can view the other side of things on ST http://community.simtropolis.com/journal/4151/entry-19664-just-a-introduction/
  14. Hey fellow Simanians. This is a thread devoted to the modern era of the ever famous CJ on ST "Murkenburg" ! Here are a couple pictures of what I have started out with so far. One of the new upcoming communites along the woodsy western part of the state of Franconia (Named after the Franconia highlands in Rhineland) The major source of power. The new hydrogen electric technology is astonishing to some and they have free tours around the plant! That is all for now. G'day all! May the force be with you
  15. mah desktop enjoy