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  1. thanks! well, the city i was going to make the new airport is crashing :\ so ill have to find a new sopt
  2. yeah, thats my first airport evah , but thanks for the tip! I'll make a new one and bigger, and i'll do that
  3. im back with MAH VERY FIRST AIRPORT EVAH i didnt give up XD
  4. ok i wont give up
  5. nice airport, i gave up on mine
  6. oh i love these kind of pictures, good pictures guys
  7. thanks guys! ^^
  8. very nice region Brenn, great transit system Here is my new region, New Buckingham, pop 3.101.064
  9. i have no pacience to football
  10. 31/10/1990 or October 31, 1990 Halloween!!!!!!!
  11. Muse - Resistance
  12. thanks guys! i apreciate
  13. This is my old region, almost finished, it has 1.985.000 hab. The region im currently working i cant show right now, its a surprise, but it has 750.000 hab.
  14. Petropolis Fault Population: 79.000
  15. Muy Bueno!! Brenn and skimbo