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  1. Thanks you two for the kind words! In other news, this should give the plaza-area of the retaining wall lots some more visual interest... ...Especially at night. Enjoy!
  2. I find it quite odd that only the foundation is showing. I've never encountered this error, nor have other testers. Regarding the odd angles, you'll just have to bulldoze and regrow to achieve the correct one. I've talked to several others on the matter and they agree. However, I've now made orthogonal houses more prevalent in the latest version: βAT DOWNLOAD ~ The time to test is here! ~ This beta version of my houses provides a chance for you; the end user, to give my BAT's a test run independently. It also provides me with a chance to gather data on the BAT/lot performance in scenarios mimicking their real use once released. I strongly encourage you to try out this content, for this test is integral to me ​continuing the project. If major errors are to be found and not addressed at this stage, some substantial time delays will occur. No one wants that so give them a try: Large files, I know. However, I assure you the download is certainly worth it!
  3. I believe I've figured out the issue. In the download, I neglected to add the buildings for the lots. The absence of buildings is characteristic of this kind of error. You may download the required buildings here: Enjoy!
  4. Thanks Ceafus! Yes, you should skip every other tile.
  5. Sorry, neglected to mention they are 1x1, but overhang towards the left (when the arrow is facing you, in that orientation).
  6. I'll try and figure this out when time permits; that's tomorrow as I must go to bed now. In the meantime, let me know how well you can grow my current houses. Just something to note; I've experienced success in growing these with around the stage in which a lot of rowhouses seem to develop. Speaking of these houses, here's a preview of what's to come: It's a Simmania-exclusive image, so enjoy! :cool:
  7. ~ βAT DOWNLOAD ~ Please keep in mind that this is a trial version of Bipin's Suburban House BATs. The included files are not wholly representative of the final product as it is likely, due the nature of this release, that subsequent changes will be made. Furthermore, only a limited number of the total BATs are in this trial release. By downloading, you agree not to redistribute the contents included therein. It is strongly recommended that you give meaningful feedback regarding the download contents and how they perform in-game, as this is a test release.
  8. Simlink, you can use the lotplop function and place them over lots already grown. To all, thanks for the kind words guys; you provide the fuel for the BIPIN BAT machine! Speaking of which... Enjoy!
  9. Remember those houses from way back? Well, those houses from way back are making a comeback! I'll be doing them in HD since the details really come out at that level and furthermore, some major (e.g. brick and shingles) textures look to smooth and frankly, just textureless, when in SD at zoom 5. Enjoy!
  10. I'll start this topic off with a "thank you". Perhaps a bit odd given it's the first post in this BAT thread, but certainly, it isn't the first one anywhere else on the web amongst my other threads. I want to say thanks for supporting me in the community; to all of you who've done so by commenting or giving encouraging/constructive feedback. As a thank you of sorts to the support members here have given me, I've got a gift just for you: Enjoy!