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  1. Thanks I'm liking that MSI. Seems like the way to go.
  2. Do you guys know of any laptops with the same specs that are cheaper?
  3. Microsoft is working on a new browser for Windows 10, but thank God they're dropping IE.
  4. Loving the idea go for it.
  5. So if I ask for a couple thousand to buy a new computer, I shall receive?
  6. It's warming up here, too. Was sixty yesterday but only thirty today. Tomorrow, they're saying it'll be in the fifties. Liking the changes for the better .
  7. As the title says. I can't go after a desktop so a laptop is in order. I'm looking at this one: So let me know what you think and I don't care about the price, so you can suggest any laptop that you think is better.
  8. Gah forgot to change it. Thanks.
  9. Congrats to both of you guys .
  10. This ain't Cities: Skylines, but ya know [] ...
  11. I really do hate those boney guys.
  12. Although, technically speaking, the anniversary was yesterday, I felt that it deserved to be honored anyways.
  13. Thank you for the fun times, Maxis.
  14. Another quick update video. Yay...yay...YAY!!!