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  1. you have air conditioning
  2. Gets eight rat babies. Inserts a jar of paramecium.
  3. T
  4. L for uLysses
  5. The game has now started. Anyone may claim one new province.
  6. One more day to join! No one has joined in southern Europe.
  7. No, it will be Darv the great. Will it be Aldini the great next?
  8. Mineshafts can now appear above ground in mesas, and they have gold in them there hills too!
  9. Nope, it is the resident spammer. Next will be god_pupper
  10. Anyone else want to join? Game starts July 2.
  11. No, I am not a 54yo who talks about metaphysics all the time Ceafus is next
  12. E as in elephant!
  13. I'm gonna be daring and guess V
  14. Well, I haven't known any of the last words before someone guessed them, so
  15. Foiled your plans! After so long of waiting for me to appear, I finally do! TC will be next this time, I sware.