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  1. Josh, do you think this is worth being Stickied for those who want to try it out? @bben you're welcome
  2. Here's a program for 3d modeling that's free as for now I've seen people using it to make things for Cities: Skylines and Cities XL/XXL And assume someone could even use it to make BAT's for Simcity 4 It does support import/export of .3ds format so you can put your models into 3ds max Enjoy!
  3. Bunch of Alice in Chains Metallica and Trevor Something
  4. Thanks... I'm trying to make it look similar to Las Cruses, NM
  5. This is true At the same time I feel the modders (though there isn't as big of a modding community for CXL) can add the missing pieces. The same way they do/did for Simcity 4 and Cities: Skylines But i guess I'm just grateful there's a modding community for the game at all If there wasn't those pics wouldn't be taken lol Anyways thanks for the feedback mate
  6. A southwest desert town And a Marina style city
  7. A marina/caribbean style city i'm working on


    1. bben


      Man !! ,  the water in this game has such a fantastic look really,

      this is a real stunner of  a pic here..

      One of the best I have seen from you omni, thanks man !

  8. really another stunner of a great dusk/ night pic from your cities XL stash my friend..

  9. That's actually my first time doing anything photoshopped I'm not that happy with the turnout but I guess it could of came out worse Not bad for a noob though haha
  10. Photoshopped Creation of Farfin
  11. Thank you Frex Did you guys miss or not see my photoshopped creation in the status update section? If so I can post it here lol
  12. The Church - Under The Milky Way
  13. Photoshop Creation